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for A New Beginning

3/7/2021 c45 5plums
Why does it seem like there are no outward plans being made for Diadora's obvious upcoming betrayal?

I mean, he's pretty much shouting to all who know "Hey look, me and my peerage all have ophis' snakes so we can kick everyone's ass now".

and really? the kid passed out from 1 scene? that's not adorable, that's actually kinda pathetic.
3/7/2021 c45 Mugen-Muse
With the way Diodora acts, I'm surprised that he doesn't get punched in the face more often. Never mind those that might feel insulted enough to consider the use of assassins.
3/7/2021 c45 2ahmeddmotazz
Happy belated birthday, it seems.
3/7/2021 c45 23Remzal Von Enili
Cyber sleuth is great. It tickle any of the story centers of your brain?
3/7/2021 c45 ZarcEternal
Great chapter, but please continue this after S4. It would be really disappointing ending it at such a moment. Hope to read more soon
3/6/2021 c44 Ddraig3652
Please don't ever go for the harem my opinion harem is unfair for must share her beloved with girls she merely accepts because of mc and he doesn't even likes after mc telling them that he doesn't want harem and even the idea of harem clashes with his ethics they are still annoyingly trying to steal him from Miho. İ think akeno and rias are very forcefull and pushing their luck and they must leave mc alone with his mate goddammit i would die from blueball because of them and mc must put a stop to this situation sooner or is fic is one of my favorite fics and i really want to continue reading this but if mc goes for harem route i think it will ruin this story you perfectly built up so far so please take my opinion in consideration i really pity for Miho at this point. She deserves better
3/5/2021 c4 4kdakmmt
Didn't take long for rias to break a sworn promise to give them their desires... refusing a desire to help Asia... tsk tsk.
3/2/2021 c44 Guest
My bday today I was saving a chapter for today, hopefully one comes
2/22/2021 c44 Guest
If you ever end this, hope you don't, give us a brief summary of where it would of went please.
2/8/2021 c39 Guest
This book is amazing but the pairings suck. Dating a familiar is just weird.
2/8/2021 c37 Guest
Exactly! It is weird that he likes his familiar!
2/8/2021 c35 Guest
I like this story but don't really like Miho. Rias and Akeno are way better. Dating your familiar is weird!
2/8/2021 c30 Guest
Honestly just accept Rias and Akeno already. Dating your familiar is very weird
2/8/2021 c29 Guest
Liking his own familiar is really weird
2/8/2021 c27 Guest
Ug, his connection with his familiar is weird.
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