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for A New Beginning

12/9/2022 c59 Cboylan
10/10 chapter. grats on the finals as well!
12/8/2022 c59 3JAUNE117
YES! YES! YES! YES! YEEEEEEESSSSS! It finally fucking happened! The harem dream has come true! After 58 chapters it finally happened! And I am so god damn happy. Also the fight scenes we amazingly well done like I got goosebumps from ready Daisuke’s absolute beat down of Fenrir. And I hope that Rossweisse will be apart of the harem in the making since to me he would be her ideal choice a strong wealthy young man who’s not a pervert like her old boss Odin. Also will Daisuke learn any more elemental Magic’s since a devils element magic is not restricted by things like element affinity rather it’s just a mages preference for a specific element. And Daisuke being the training addict would be someone to learn more than just fire and wind especially since he’s also a battle shounen anime admirer which means there are numerous elemental abilities he could recreate or improve on.
12/8/2022 c59 Ryan Bellamy

In all seriousness, season's greetings and welcome back! Great chapter as always!

Loved the lemon, look forward for moar horni. As for those who dislike the idea of a harem... what are you doing in the DxD section to begin with?
12/8/2022 c59 Monotant
Wait, someone want "DXD" fanfic of all thing not to be a harem? What?
12/6/2022 c28 5C3nterF0ld
I got your pm lol and saw your Kakashi line in this one right after seeing your pm. also. if I don't see my man's Daisuke kiss a honey in the next 2 chapters I'm gonna lose my shit lmao.
12/6/2022 c23 C3nterF0ld
really. the warmonger said "wake up to reality?" I guess Daisuke isn't the only one taking stuff from Naruto lmao
11/2/2022 c58 Bane61
I going to need a new chapter update ASAP.
So gar I'm loving this, but really I hate cliff hangers
11/1/2022 c10 Guest
”sigh”… Why would you do this?
10/15/2022 c1 Simianpower
First sentence has a typo and talks to the readers. Second sentence mixes past and present tenses. Second and third paragraphs have similar verb tense problems.

Yeah, skip!
10/8/2022 c58 djoshuaclark
Caught up keep up the good work
9/29/2022 c27 Guest
Ok. Skipping this chapter also. You’re making the main character into a weak bitch. This is not entertaining even as an anime.
9/29/2022 c26 Guest
These relationship chapters are almost painful to read, and are breaking up an otherwise enjoyable story.
9/29/2022 c58 3OechsnerC
Awesome update.
9/28/2022 c58 6Ochsee
This fight is awesome! Especially the final moment. I cannot wait for the next chapter, I hope it comes soon but of course I understand that it will take some time.

I hope that you will not have to much problem with university and your assignments. I wish you a good day.
9/25/2022 c58 OfficialDavidDough
yoooo dude that cliffhanger is evil man!

and man welcome back hope your doing well
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