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for like the grass catches the rain

11/27 c3 3angelaneahwalker
I'm glad you updated. I adore this fic.
11/24 c3 Guest
I miss you, I sincerely hope you finish this because I would like to know how you turn this into their love story.

11/20 c3 7Maxennce
Great chapter
11/18 c3 starrat
I liked it looking forward to the next chapter
11/18 c3 shirozi
this is so good, literally just going through all your works right now. can't wait to see how this goes
11/2 c3 nerdalertwarning
Love the chapter and looking forward to the reunion
10/29 c3 Adonisx
Amazing update! Can't wait to see what you bring next!
10/27 c3 FyreDraagyn12
10/27 c3 NotSureHowToMingle
You know what I really like about this fic, that the girl is the one going after the guy and actively "gunning for a relationship" as you put it instead of the other way around. It's different than the ones where it "just happens" or where the guy keeps pursuing the girl and finally gets her. Sure yours is not the first of its kind, but I like it, its a change of pace from the outpouring chick-lits rn.
10/27 c3 22Slytherin Studios
nicely done..
10/26 c3 C.A.Q
yay! an update! awesome job. keep up the great work!
10/26 c3 9Stuck.in.Wonderland.8510
I'm glad this story was updated. I personally hope that Erik and T'Challa will come to some arrangement. Rather than the fight ending in Erik's death. I don't know if Harrie could live well if her soulmate died. Also since Bucky is in Wakanda and Everett Ross has been to and helped Wakanda and T'Challa, there is a precedent for a colonizer to be in Wakanda. Part of me also would love to see the aftermath of Erik's death and what would happen to Harrie. Yes Erik and Harrie have known each other for a long time, but as Harrie commented on, he has made his feelings pretty clear that she wasn't what he wanted. Plus the fact that Harrie is helping get T'Challa back to Wakanda seems like it would go against Erik's wants and needs. Also how does the Mistress of Death come in to play? I can't wait to read more. This is a great story. Please update soon!
10/26 c3 Chica90
I just love you fem harry pairings ️
10/26 c3 1Sakihinata
Great ~~
10/26 c2 1kanukai
The desbelif that ran through the very core of squishy being when I saw the notification that Tsume Yuki had updated, was come-inducing. Which is why I am a day too late to read the update and I an feeling a multitude of powerful emotions at the moment.

For my ire to subside. I request another story to he updated within a very timely manner, or I shall continue to be upset.

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