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for like the grass catches the rain

19h c4 Jdkem
I have been hoping for this to continue for a long time and now that I check back and see the new chapters is great! Can’t wait for more!
11/12 c4 imnotahorcrux
Good fic! Hope you find the motivation, inspiration, and time to update this gem.
10/22 c4 1Lyra Cassiopeia black
can't wait for an update
10/9 c4 Happyxzoro
Vivement la suite
10/6 c4 killermemester
Nah this shit gas hopefully you update soon
10/6 c4 David12leca
Fantastic work im so geared up for this.
now to binge the rest of your works
10/6 c2 David12leca
WOOOHOOO i found another of your stories and then saw your pen name and remembered it and then to find this story had a sequel im so happy.
8/30 c4 Wanderer13
Thank you for sharing! Harrie has already stuck her lily white nose into things cuz Erik unknowingly sent her his problem (T'Challa). Wakanda is just going to have to roll with the chaos.
8/8 c4 4MythNephthys
I can't wait for her to go off on him. I wonder if M'Baku would flirt with her just to be rude, thinking she... like ... a side peace. will she get clothes from the Jabari because it's cold up there d she can't keep casting warming charms because then that's just suspicious.
7/3 c4 Guest
I really love this story and the one previous. I feel like it’s going to be this grand story due to Harri’s position. She needs someone strong to help her rule of the world and beat all the off worlders that come because obviously you have something mysterious going on with the unknown change of the hallow mark. Hehe.
6/29 c1 Aidarayyyyy
Yasss girl treat yaself just as much as you're treating the world you're helping! I luv it. Self love and care
6/29 c4 Isahh
Looking forward to the next chapter!
6/11 c4 Jamie-lea McDonald
I need to see were this goes

Please update please please
5/1 c4 7Maxennce
Love his attitude. Such a bad ass
4/21 c4 angela340278
Want wait for the reunion and Shuri meeting potter.
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