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5/28/2020 c25 Tdog Smith
I really like this story I hope you make more chapters of it.
5/20/2020 c25 Sazi94
Nice work. Feels nice to see Naruto and the team get some downtime. Looking forward to how you handle the season finale
5/11/2020 c25 JapanHeroFics
Thanks so much for doing another O.C. chapter. One, because it's been awhile and wanted to see another and two, cause it's the perfect break for me to get my thoughts together to PM you before we get to the last half of Season 3. That said, my review on this chapter
- Can't tell you how much I loved the time spent on each of Naruto wives individually (especially if they didn't get as much time canonically in this season)
- Love when you cover Naruto's financial earnings and Day to Day job whether threw writing Icha books, winning the lottery or being Bruce's bodyguard.
- The talk about Damian and Athanasia and the Side Harem Joke was great
- Love the training and intimacy with Naruto and Dinah
- The crime fighting/team up between Kage,.Cheshire and Artemis was the best part of the chapter, love having Artemis get back in the superhero temporarily
- Really love having Crystal get featured again since she canonically gets less screentime obviously than any of the other girls

All in all great job, and awesome having another great writer Kuronodono12 come into help. Keep it up Lonewolf-01
5/8/2020 c25 kakaroto1997
Good Chapter
5/6/2020 c16 Controlchaos
Is talia alive or dead confuse?
5/6/2020 c24 N2
I love your stories please continue the great work.
4/26/2020 c24 7ortizale317
Still hoping for my ideas to occur
4/24/2020 c24 JapanHeroFics
Heck YES this chapter was golden Lonewolf ! Got exactly what I hoped too see in it. "Quiet Conversations" was easily one of the best episodes in terms of fanservice with the debut of Metron, the Mobius Chair,Gog and the Source Wall. Having that really touching Connor and Clark moment was so rewarding. But while all that was good, it doesn't take from the best part of the chapter of having the Naruto and Diana FINALLY interact in person ! Something I've been so hoping we would get and hopefully not at the season 3 finale. I was holding in my anticipation having Naruto going with the trio to the Minisyss Ring where they meet up superman not wanting to get my hopes up since canoically only Clark was there but the minute a blur slammed into Naruto I was grinning up a storm and almost cheered. Love that Naruto/Diana moment!, loved having Naruto finally use his chakra cloak in this season and especially loved that you gave us Artemis hero costume return considering she's semi-retired. Easily 10/10 chapter. Thanks so much LoneWolf !
4/24/2020 c24 8Power of Magic
Good chapter, and I look forward to when you do the next one
4/19/2020 c21 JapanHeroFics
Lastly "Elder Wisdom"

Loved the chapter, admittedly though kinda bummed that the Megera and Wonder Woman video chat was so brief. Really was hoping you make it more familial considering thier mother and daughter rather than Donna and Diana being just sisters in the show. Great job including Naruto with Flash as the league members to arrive at Bwunda. Nice how you handle Naruto dealing with Beast Boy carelessness and the Outsiders issues with thier parents. Lastly really loved you including that comic reference with Naruto being familiar with Bruce's alter ego "Matthew Malone" and Talia bringing up ppl reactions to Naruto taking the we are all outsiders picture shirtless. Good job
4/19/2020 c22 JapanHeroFics
Next "Early Warning"

I think it's unanimously agreeable to say that we all, especially the big Zatanna fans we're waiting on this chapter. Loved that you started off with a dinner date between Naruto and Zatanna. Out of all his wives minus M'gann I think you've given them the most screentime. Nice job referencing from the comics of Bethany Lee being Snapper Carr's ex-wife. Lmao the side harem joke never loses it touch, love that you even had Red Torpedo and Red Inferno comment on it. One question, did only the outsiders attend Miss. Garrett's funeral ? No league or the Team members, especially Barry Allen out of all people ?
Lastly perfectly understandable not including the Halo/Harper scene cause of the controversy.
4/19/2020 c23 JapanHeroFics
I deeply apologize for being 3 chapters late on my reviews Lonewolf. Dealing with work, and being completely disorganized and all. As for the review:

"First Impressions"
Despite the fact you claimed to have writers block you continuously give out quailty each chapter we gotten. For this chapter "First Impressions" Just like I commented last chapter I was wondering how you were going to handle Naruto's response to the creation of the outsiders. I had a worry because while I had no ssue with the outsiders canonically wise considering this is a story about Naruto how he basically created/influences the "Young Justice" teams and universe, would the outsiders take away from that. But you handled it splendidly by having Naruto more or less once again lead them just like he did with The Team in season 1 and 2. Also loved you including the secret team leaders mentioning Naruto again since one of my two most anticapted things this season is how your going to tackle Naruto reaction to the secret team going behind his back.
4/18/2020 c23 11chm01
Great chapter
4/13/2020 c23 Shadow
loved it!
3/28/2020 c22 1XLR8wuzhere
And we never saw Klarion again.
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