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1/13/2020 c17 JapanHeroFics
Thanks for finally giving us this chapter since I was surely hoping you would give us something with Tuppance and Naruto and it was spectacular. She's an underrated character so it's really fun seeing her like Copperhead have flirtation moments with Naruto. Also great start of the chapter with Naruto coming home to family after stop crime. Awesome job Lonewolf-01
1/11/2020 c17 kakaroto1997
good chapter,What about zatanna and naruto?
1/10/2020 c17 8Power of Magic
Looking forward to what you do in the next chapter
1/10/2020 c17 1XLR8wuzhere
I honestly think Talia and Naruto should go and kill Slade on infinity island and Naruto takes Ra’s position if that does happen…
1/10/2020 c17 Chaos-PSD
Well done!
1/5/2020 c11 Guest
Not sure if you were referring to Terra or not in that author's note a couple chapters back about the Judas Contract. and not sure how much you know about the Teen Titans comics (which MOST members of the YJ show ere actually part of).

But Tara Markov was WAY worse in the comics. In the movie and cartoons, she's always portrayed as a tragic villain whom in the last minute sacrifices her life for the greater good...

Not so much in the comics.

Tara in the comics is an irredeemable psychopath, a complete sociopath. She's practically pure evil. Though a part of this is because she's been mentally and spiritually broken as unlike the show, she and Brion were abused by their parents, and their parents forced them into the experiments that granted them powers, ultimately to be Markovia's ultimate weapons.

In other words, Geo-Force and Terra in the comics are like Jinchuriki.

However I DO like the idea of Terra being redeemed. Just because something's canon, doesn't mean it's perfect or shouldn't be changed. Just thought I'd point out, the cartoons make her more likeable than the comics did.
1/1/2020 c16 7ortizale317
Aww this season is running out of episodes

I hope my suggested character appears?
1/1/2020 c16 8Power of Magic
Its understandable that all those fanfics you updated where late, I'm the same with the one that I'm writing at the moment (for it being Christmas, writers block at times and work)
12/31/2019 c16 Chaos-PSD
Nice work, Wolf.
12/29/2019 c8 Guest
Oh FYI, they also need a reboot because I am NOT looking forward to Black Lightning leading the League in Season 4. I mean for fucks sake if they needed to be all political and put a black man in the lead, why not Icon or John Stewart. Hell, they could have used Cyborg, he's a better strategist than Black Lightning who doesn't even have qualifications of a leader. Too idealistic, too hot-headed, too incompetent, and no strategic mindset whatsoever, and he's going to lead them against Vandal Savage and Lex Luthor?!
12/29/2019 c8 Guest
Personally, I think they need to reboot the whole series. I liked the series a lot, better animation and acting than old DC Cartoons, but there were too many flaws to be hashed out. One, the story moved too fast, Apokalips involvement shouldn't have been revealed until near the end of the series, instead, they rushed through season 2 and now there's little left for a plot, hence why season 3 was filled with more fillers about their personal lives.

The Team was also too large, Young Justice was never a large team, instead it retained mostly the same core members, the size of the Team in the show was too much like the Titans which grew to the point it fractured like the Avengers of Marvel. Although I do like the additions of Artemis and Miss Martian, seeing as how the original Young Justice team was too much of a sausage fest. There was also a problem with the mixture of the member's backgrounds and the story jumping between New Earth continuity and Prime Earth.

Aside from mixing New Earth and Prime Earth in the plot, Miss Martian was a mixture of New Earth and Prime Earth in her appearance as well as her mannerisms. Also didn't like the fact in season 3 she used a humanoid White Martian form, as much as I can remember, Miss Martian always avoided ANYTHING to do with her White Martian form unless absolutely necessary. Also the story line of the Martians is twisted in the show, in the comics the Whites oppressed the Greens which is part of what made Miss Martian such an interesting character, because she WASN'T like her kind. while the show twisted it around.

Artemis uses her New Earth identity as Tigress but seems to be much more like her Prime Earth counterpart, and no offense, but making her and Cheshire sisters was completely unnecessary.

Replacing Tempest with Kaldur was also a deviation while the 'Bat Kids' was relatively real, although if I remember correctly, Jason Todd worked for Young Justice both as Robin in New Earth and Red Hood in Prime Earth. Also think they should have focused on some of the characters who came and went during the time-skip instead of rushing into getting rid of them to replace them with members whom are normally 'Teen Titans', (Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Cassie, etc).

I do however disagree about your overall assessment of season 3. While I think the animators did get lazy in using Miss Martian's white form (which they obviously used to not have to focus on drawing her different facial expressions) and the overall flow of the plot. I think the animation was far more accurate, especially for Prime Earth characters. This was particularly true for Beast Boy, I mean what the fuck was up with him being in monkey form all through season 2 and acting like a dumbass?! Yeah, Beast Boy's a clown and a joker, but he's FAR from stupid, Hell, he LED the Titans longer than Dick Grayson did, but he's not as stupid as season 2 portrayed him, that's a fucking cartoon cliche from that abominable Teen Titans cartoon show (which along with every other 90's cartoon should be DESTROYED!)

I think with DC Universe up and running their streaming services, they should reboot Young Justice, add a few characters if they want but keep it small, and then reboot both Justice League and Teen Titans, and then maybe have some crossover episodes, instead of trying to fit it all in one series.

A path I think SHOULD have been taken with this story. No offense, but I noticed in all your crossover fics, you simply write out the story itself verbatum instead of REALLY making it your own. In the end, your fics read more like written scripts to the show, which is disappointing. I think you should try writing your own story with your own plots and storylines, and use some of the advice I posted above.
12/23/2019 c1 Guest
I think having Diana, Dinah, and Talia in the harem is a bit overused and cliche, especially Talia.

While I agree Talia gets the short-straw in the comics being in love with a man who only sees her as evil, it's still very overused in Naruto crossovers. Honestly, I don't see her with Naruto, she's too absorbed with Batman, and I think if Naruto could knock some sense into the Dark Knight, Batman and Talia would make a better couple than Batman and Selena, who could then be paired with Naruto which is a VERY rare pairing. Selena is not only paired with Batman in every Naruto x Batman crossover, but EVERY Naruto x DC Crossover, despite the fact personality wise, she and Naruto are a better fit for one another than him and Talia or her and Bruce.

I think Donna would also makie a better pairing than Diana, one, Diana is too devoted as an Amazon, while Donna is only part Amazon depending on which continuity you follow. Not sure about the show continuity, but in one comic continuity, she's a clone, like Superboy, only she's the clone of Diana (though neither are 'Genomorphs' in the comics), and in another she was half-Amazonian and half-Outsider, either way, personality wise she's only an Amazon where it matters, in battle... she's not a man-hater like her fellow Amazons.

Killer Frost is also overused, personally, I would recommend Batgirl, who is also quite rare, there's some stories with her in them, but they are abandoned before the relationship ever happens and instead she's only listed in the pairing filter.

Starfire is another I recommend. Especially if you're using the continuity where she was sold by her sister as a slave, I can't see that version of Starfire ending up with Dick Grayson, because she didn't in that continuity, Dick was too much of a goody good. Going by what I've seen in the show, it's based off Prime Earth mostly which is where slave Starfire comes from, in that continuity, the only Robin she was ever involved wiith was a fling with Jason Todd (former Robin turned Red Hood), she also was never a Titan in that continuity but one of Red Hood's Outlaws. Really the only idea Starfire and Robin are a couple is from the Teen Titans cartoon show, even in New Earth, her relationship with him was short (although they did almost marry), but in the end, he ended up with Barbara.

Tula would be another good addition, but I'm going to guess based on how your stories work, she's already dead. Still would have made a great pairing as a rarity.

Megan, Zatanna, and Artemis I agree with though.
12/16/2019 c15 Shadow
Loved it!
12/14/2019 c15 JapanHeroFics
Good job as usual lone wolf-01 real smart combining both episode 12 and 13 into one chapter as i felt as if the Beast Boy episode was the weakest episode of this season 3. It wasn't bad at all but kinda abit all over the place bringing in different tv shows for Garfield to get to the point. Really love you having Donna to be Harbor High Guidence counselor instead of Megan (canoncally). Great job
12/13/2019 c15 Power of Magic
Good chapter, looking forward to what happen next
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