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for Wandering of a Sword Hero

23h c50 25The Jingo
This really is excellent.
7/6 c13 Zakara
...I can’t BELIEVE I only just figured out that Azu is a smol Kiyohime. Her description is EXACTLY like her, two-probed horns, white-scaled dragon-hybrid, and aqua blue hair.
7/5 c50 SadReaderLeon
Soo I’m close to depression once more- sigh Hello depression my one true visitor.
Anyway even though you won’t read this comment I would like to thank you for the everything that You have written in this site-
Your one of my favourite writer in this cruel and jumbled mess we call fanfiction.
Once again thanks for this story and existing in general I hope you have a healthy life
Leon lonehart out
I’m in incognito and too lazy to enter my account so call incognito-
Sounds cool but is mostly used to hide despicable things
7/1 c44 Meddlesome Guy
Story starts going down hill after making the "Sword Hero Demon" act. No wonder this is now discontinued. You should have let the conflict between Melomarc and the Shield Hero run it's course instead of trying to make shit like making the Sword Hero the demon one.
This does not resolve the issue of inherent hate and bias to the Shield hero, you just merely transferred it to the next generation Sword Hero.

If you want an anti hero or scapegoat for the hatred and bias if the people, it should have been Shiro's mercenary identity, not the Sword hero one.
6/24 c1 43Allen Blaster
Hey, just want to say since I've had this problem before. If you have bad guest reviews constantly, it's okay to delete them. You don't have to take crap from pricks that are too scared to come out of anonymity. You have a lot of potential as a writer. This story has a lot of potential. Your other stories have a lot of potential.

I hope, whether it's this story or others, you'll be able to find the courage and motivation to keep writing. Regardless of guest pricks or haters galore. Godspeed, Dyslexic Writer.
6/23 c50 Dusk and Fall
sad to hear that this story would be retiring. Definitely much better than what seems to be pumped out nowadays. I hope one day you would continue this story, if ever... it just seems a waste for this much development to be stopped, I mean the character development of the original characters are just a joy to read. Jian's development is just so funny and endearing. sad thst this have to go but your wishes will be respected.

thank you for this wonderful read
6/23 c50 Guest
6/23 c1 Ricknn
its so sad this story will not be finished jian and her development as a character was possibly the most unique thing ive seen on anything isekai fanfic related i absolutely loved it so many other things were great too though shirou doing a oh you killed a few monsters? 100000 swords oh i just killed a wave was one of my favorite fanfic moments in 2019
6/18 c50 Bones is AFK
So after reading this through, I have to say this is within my top stories I have ever read. Keep going like you are, this is phenomenal. Screw anyone who says otherwise.
6/15 c50 timothychin90
Sad to see this thing discontinued. It was such a nice story too!
6/15 c32 timothychin90

I cant stop laughing. This is beautiful!
6/15 c50 dsbboo
Well I know this story is marked retiring but I just found it and I love it. I hope you find the inspiration to continue someday.
6/14 c33 1Not-Quite-Old Man
I mean... Jian becoming self aware doesn't seem like it would be too far fetched. I'm not quite sure about canon but I know that quire a few stories mention how some of the swords in Shirou/Emiya's collection have some form of awareness so to speak. A sword that basically absored the knowledge and abilities of thousands of swords should have a fairly strong sense of awareness.
6/13 c33 TheBookFrog
The story is good. As far as fanfiction goes, top 20% easy, maybe 10%.

The author's notes seem to be 50/50 on exposition and spite, and I'd rank them top 10% no sweat. Specifically because of the spite.
6/5 c50 recline
Ubw time
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