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for Wandering of a Sword Hero

3/30 c50 E'llo
Pls I dying here pls update Mr. Author.
3/30 c1 E'llo
Pls Mr. Author update this story. I'm dying to know what will happen. Pls pls pls pls
3/30 c50 RocketFourze
Loved it.
3/27 c50 Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch
Loved the fic, thanks for writing it.
3/26 c26 Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch
Have you read the fight scenes in Man off the Moon? They're around 20k words each. The parts in between are great, but the fights make the story an absolute slog to read.

I much prefer this story, as characters actually do things rather than being stuck in long drawn out wastes of time.
3/25 c9 Tali'Zorah vas Rannoch
"Can pretty much mate with anything"

He's going to mate with a sword, isn't he?
3/19 c1 Joseph Jose Jimnez
please update it is very cool
3/17 c1 Guest
I hope that one day you will pull this out of retirement you have a gift for writing this enjoyable story and I have loved just about all the stories you have wrote but I know you have your reasons so I hope you will continue writing amazing stories like this
3/17 c50 MrAracn
Argh, its probably the most interesting fight since the start, you cant just let us hang in there xD
Otherwise, loved the story, the interaction, and the bullshit Shirou was able to spew out
3/9 c19 4XXxxxadisxxxXX
It’s still readable but it feels like the level of effort dropped significantly. There a verb tense and suffix errors all throughout this story now. As of now I’m putting this in my pile of read later fics for if I get bored. It was fun while it lasted.
3/9 c12 XXxxxadisxxxXX
What happened with this chapter? There are grammar and spelling errors galore. Also your tone is consistent all throughout when compared to the previous ones.
3/5 c1 fareales
the story is great and I look forward to the first part
3/3 c50 AsTheGlassMelts
If he takes Jian, Shirou becomes way stronger, since at this point she's still just holding him back from using UBW and literally infinite weapons all at once in a tidal wave where individual weapons can destroy whole cities no problem. Shirou then gets Jian back pretty quickly.
3/2 c34 AsTheGlassMelts
If she's a trap that wants to be thought of as a girl, using 'she' would be correct, rather than 'he'. Using 'he' would just hurt her feelings, so it's the wrong one to use.
3/2 c15 AsTheGlassMelts
Wait doesn't she never transform until wayyy later?
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