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for Things the staff of DS9 are no longer allowed to do

3/20 c7 Teresa
Don't spike Worf's prune juice.
3/20 c2 Terri S
Has there been a rule about being naked somewhere with bells hanging singing "Jingle Bells"?
3/15 c7 Sayla
If you need prompts here's one I can suggest from an unfinished story:

Doing something and saying the voices in your head made you do it doesn’t work stop trying to pull that stunt.
Oh come on – Jadzia
It wasn’t that bad – Ezri
Who is going to fixed my wrecked bar? – Quark
8/15/2019 c5 Sayla0079
Cute story have you thought about doing the incarnation joke since apparently both daxes are in here.
8/15/2019 c5 Albionia
LOL! Kira is not allowed to sneak up behind new ensigns and shout ‘BOO!”. O’Brien’s fed up with repairing the ceiling, and in the runabouts it’s darn dangerous ;) .
8/14/2019 c4 Eclectic Me
Oh my, this is just what I needed! I'm not usually into crackfic, but the last time I read DS9 fanfic it got really depressing, so this time I wanted to stick with humor, at least for now. Are you still taking prompts? I have nothing specific in mind really, but here are my favorite characters in case that inspires you. Garak, (and yes, I do ship him and Bashir, so glad you included that), Odo, the main ferengi trio, Jadzia… Ooh, how about something involving Q? Or maybe see what sweet, innocent Ziyal gets up to all that time she's not on screen?
2/13/2019 c1 30Iniki Melset
You just helped me learn a valuable lesson: Always check the genre of a story BEFORE reading it in the staff room.

Thank you for best laugh I've had in a long time. I love your rules.
2/9/2019 c1 JEREMY
You think Political Correctness is out of control NOW?
Be glad you won't be around in the 23rd Century.

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