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for The Shield's Dragon

3/22 c12 Come To Jesus
that one guy from that one game from that one company on that one planet

God bless
2/28 c12 Kiryu-chan
Can't wait for more! Honestly i really Realy REALLY don't want this to be drop, this was the first fic I read here and it's ONE of the best here ngl.
And is the reason I jumped into the Yakuza games bizarre world.

And we haven't seen majim with them yet! wonder when... May be when the church attack.. But that will be quite a mile away.
Cant wait for the fight.

Any way can' t wait for a return and till chapter 13 I release shall be sit in the corner till then. Bye~

:) o'/'
11/21/2022 c9 TheCarlo95
8/29/2022 c1 Expecto Patro
c me
8/15/2022 c1 2Cardinal Snowflame
That's rad
8/4/2022 c1 Lul
It is forbidden to enjoy something not like i do 1!11! XD
7/19/2022 c12 blueassassin996
nice stuff so far hope to see more in the future
7/18/2022 c12 DJman248
Whoa. Didn't expect this story to update after so long! No worries, i can definitely enjoy whatever updates come my way, regardless of pauses in updates!

It could be like enjoying some vignettes of Naofumi's and Kiryu's adventures.
7/16/2022 c12 Guest
I actually thought of a way for the other heroes to learn from their mistakes with the help of other yakuza MCs. Ichiban teaching Ren how important it is to bond with others, yagami or date helping itsuki develop a more nuanced sense of justice (he would more willing to listen to advice from actual ‘heroes of justice’) and motoyasu would learn to be less trusting and a better fighter after going through the ‘majima everywhere’ system.
7/17/2022 c12 9Asianpotter1
I'm glad you've returned to this story nonetheless. Keep up the good work, and do what you enjoy!
7/15/2022 c12 8willtofish
I know nothing of the yakuza games, but I love this
7/13/2022 c12 15Vanessa Masters
Oh, I can see nugget and Filo being a ton of trouble.


"Yeesh. I figured you had an exciting life at least, but it sounds a lot more complicated than that," Naofumi raised a brow, curious. "So you've had no plans on going back?"

"No. There's nothing left for me back there. That's why I decided to make protecting Lute my priority." Kiryu explained, his eyes trailing to Naofumi and smirking. "Well, that was one goal. I suppose now it's changed a bit."

"It has?"

"Yeah. I figured I might as well help others see that the Shield Hero isn't what they think." Naofumi blinked, scratching his cheek sheepishly as he looked away. Raphtalia giggled next to him as she gave Kiryu a look of appreciation.


Awww Kitty, such a great guy.
7/13/2022 c12 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
7/13/2022 c12 1setokayba2n
Well, it's funny, I was not really sure about the genre of Nugget and was a little surprised, I wonder if Fitoria is going to manage to put sense in them, or if she will be more friendly with Nugget.

Also, what happened with Melty, I re-checked the last chapter, they did not manage to get her talk with the father, after that they decided to go shopping and she just... What? Decided to try again?
7/13/2022 c12 DeathCrawler
look forward the next chapter
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