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for Codename Kids Next Door: Operation Resistance

9/9/2019 c1 6Sorcerer SMC
Forget about the review I posted asking for help, I’ve got everything under control now
5/25/2019 c2 3One Earth
Your story has a lot of potential. Your previous chapters were good and I believe that you have some really good ideas. In fact, it could be one of the few stories that can compete with Operation GALACSIA. I really hope you bring it to end. Would you like to join us on KND Fanfiction Wiki? I will read your story until the end. And sorry for my english. I am German.
5/21/2019 c3 6Sorcerer SMC
I know you guys are expecting more chapters of this story, however some of the plot is still in development and I might need some help.

Since you've read the first two chapters (with the second one being the introduction) you know some of the beginning of the plot. After the events of Operation I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S., Father is finally decommissioned for good, however this angers The DCFDTL and Cree Lincoln who, with the help of a new supernatural apprentice named Phantom, decide to take revenge by starting an intergalactic empire in order to find and capture every single KND Operative and rule the world with no one/nothing standing in their way.

I'm not gonna spoil much for the next few bits, but here's some more info about what happens next

It then shows the voice of a new character named Toby Ostril narrating a little bit and talking about the KND, most specifically, Sector V, their skills/personalities, and some of their past missions before Numbuh 1 left. He also talks about his older brother, Jack Ostril (voiced by Tobey Maguire) and how he always used to draw comics about the KND and show them to Toby. He also mentions that After Jack's 13th birthday, he mysteriously disappeared without saying where he'd go (but it's not because he became a Teen Ninja, you'll find out what happens to him later on). And even though Jack was gone, Toby would still receive comics about Sector V's many adventures (a.k.a all the past episodes of the TV series) and he always thought the KND was just fiction and made pretend. But that was until the day when Cree and the DCFDTL's new empire began invading cities and towns around the globe.

With Phantom's help, the Teen Ninjas, along with some newly upgraded Knight Mechs built by the DCFDTL, the intergalactic empire was able to hunt down every single KND Sector all around the world and capture the operatives who were in those sectors, all except for Sector V who were able to take out the teens and knights, and escape the Treehouse. They are then told by Numbuhs 362 and 86 to meet up with them in a secret refugee base in the city where they won't be found or seen. And this turned out to be the exact city that Toby and his mother are currently living in.

Meanwhile, Toby begins feeling scared after seeing that all the ships in the sky were now around the globe. You see even though he has those comics to keep him happy and some good friends he usually meets at both school and the city park, he sometimes feels alone and scared. Fortunately his mother is always there to help him regain confidence.

Meanwhile in the dark reaches of Outer Space, Numbuh 1 finally arrives at the base of the Galactic Kids Next Door after many days of traveling. Once he enters though and gets his new space shades (from the GKND Teaser) one of the GKND Operatives is then notified that Nigel must speak with the leader immediately. So they take Nigel to the leader's room/office and after the leader's voice says that he wishes to speak with him alone, Nigel makes a shocking discovery. He's not the first human to join the GKND, the leader is a human as well and turns out to be Jack Ostril, Toby's older brother. Numbuh 1 then questions him why he's the leader, Jack then explains that he became leader because he knows something that not a lot of operatives know, especially Numbuh 362.

It turns out there are two sides of Adulthood, good and evil; there are many who have chosen the side of good such as Numbuh Zero, Numbuh 999, and Maurice, but there are also those who have chosen the dark side. Numbuh 1 understands his statement, but also wonders why Jack is telling him this. Jack then tells Numbuh 1 what happened back on Earth while he was gone. He was shocked and scared to find out that his friends are currently in danger, which is why Jack wants him to return to earth and help his friends one last time to save the world. Numbuh 1 agrees to the plan before he boards a better spaceship which will help get him there faster since it runs on a hyperdrive (a bit of a Star Wars reference)

While that was happening Toby decided to visit the city's local junk store to stay confident and not focus on the invasion. He usually likes going there because his mom is good friends with the kind store keeper (voiced by Tommy Wiseau). Outside the store, Sector V were on a mission to retrieve a weapon that belonged to them that was in the store, but before they could go in they see that Toby finds it. When Toby sees this weapon he feels like he wants to try his best to stop the empire, so he decides to buy it. Sector V sees this from the window and decide to carefully follow him

After buying the laser gun, some Knight Mechs then spot him. They then go after him to retrieve the weapon and capture him, but not before Sector V comes out of nowhere and saves his life. After the fight, they tell Toby to come with him back to base and even though his mom was an adult she wishes him good luck. Later on Numbuh 1 finally returns and reunited with his friends

I know some of it sounds a little lame and weak, but some of these parts are still in development. And because some of it is weak, that's where you guys come in, you can help by giving good suggestions about what else should happen in the rest of the movie middle to end. And it could be for anything such as further development for the new characters, fight scenes, funny scenes, emotional scenes, or even songs (yes there will be singing in this movie). However even though Father is decommissioned, he won't be around for the rest of the movie so don't expect or suggest for him to return or appear out of nowhere.

Anyways if you guys have any good suggestions feel free to share, and don't worry I still got some ideas for the climax/ending but I won't spoil anything else anyways, suggest away!
3/28/2019 c2 Guest
Thanks for this story.
3/27/2019 c2 catspats31
I read this story so far and I can see this happening immediately after the events of the show. It's great to see the villain torch get passed to Phantom, the DCFDTL, and Cree after Father, Numbuh 0, and Numbuh 999 is decommissioned once and for all. I can't wait to see what happens next as I will follow this story that acts like a movie.
3/24/2019 c2 Guest
Wonderful work on grammar and spelling. Establishing the main antagonists was definitely a good call.
However, creating an inexplicable magic jewel with an OC involved is like walking a tightrope. It can work if handled very carefully, yet is incredibly easy to fall off of. The idea of allowing the delightfulization chamber to have a significance to the plot is inventive, especially if it has purpose later on. For example, explaining the use of it to the Delightful Children and/or showing off it’s ability to inspire fear in the KND. OCs are hard to handle due to the need to make an in depth character without allowing it to take over. Give it flaws and a personality or one could make a point of its use as tool, with which someone can go mad with power fairly easily.
Watch for motivation in all characters. Why did the Delightful Children want to mess with the delightfulization chamber? To take over the world. Why take over the world? Revenge? Legacy? What happened to Benedict? Does he figure in? Has he matured? Why is Cree willing to listen to those at an age she considers inferior? Has she developed an attachment to her life as a teen ninja? Is she retaining loyalty to someone who doesn’t even remember being a villain? Does this affect her ability to grow up and become a true adult? And so on.
I liked the cake reference, adding occasional nods to the show and staying on canon will definitely give the story a good reputation. Nice overall structure. Please continue to explore this idea, it has potential. Good luck and inspired writing.

Best wishes,
- Amateur Critic
3/26/2019 c2 14dancingdeaky
Great so far!
2/3/2019 c1 dancingdeaky
Wow, this is a really good idea overall! I love the concept of a movie, yet I would prefer the series for further development and not so much of a rush due to all there is needed for the series. Yet I am looking forward for the update for this concept!

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