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6/24/2020 c74 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) Was pretty good. was entertained throughout.

Q2) i think just making it a straight up slug fest was a REALLY good idea

Q3) Good, didnt rly see much of it tho

Q4) Sure!

Q5) Good aa always!

Q6) The STUPIDEST kh character has finally made his return!

Q7) Sure. never liked the wayfinder trio but maybe this story wil change that

Q8) I can only imagine

Q9shifty eyes intensifies*
6/16/2020 c73 VashTheStampede0409
aha forsooth i am alive and have returned!

Q1) Was very good. i enjoyed the fighting and action in this one a lot.

Q2) the seasalt trio was great! loved seeing them again.

Q3) I think its a rly cool ability. it'll be interesting to see more of it!

Q4) you did a rly good job making prompto feel like he MATTERED in the fight. sometimes in fights prompto feels insignificant but you handled his role very well.

Q5) Gladio meeting terra for sure. they're so gonna bro out and be gym rats i can already see it

Q6) Nah i didnt rly have a problem with it. theyve gotten the most shine in the story so far, they can take a back seat for some other characters.

Q7) Indeed!

ill try and read chapter 74 tmr. if i dont get around to it tmr it'll for sure be sometime this week before chapter 75.
6/15/2020 c74 1keybladelight
Q1: love it and happy to see terra back.

Q2: love their rematch.

Q3: kinda cool.

Q4: maybe against the 13 xehanort replicas.

Q5: love it.

Q6: happy to have him back.

Q7: yeah in the sora retrieve arc.

Q8: ardyn the battle of kings round 2.

Q9: huh yes i think?
6/14/2020 c74 5jikker jack
Q1: I think my brain exploded again from the shear intensity and awesomeness of this fight. It’s easily one of my favorites.

Also I thought Sora needed the power of waking in the game to bring back Terra. I’m not saying it was a bad move to put Noctis there instead, I’m just curious.

Q2: Epic.

Q3: liked it. Good to see him getting some diversity in his weapons.

Q4: Is that even possible?…if it is then yes.

Q5: With how affectionate they usually are I kinda forget they don’t really use the L word that often.

Q6: Yes and now Rikku has two crazed Keyblade wielders to worry about.

Q7: Yes.

Q8: Sora and Noct vs Xemnes and Arden?

Q9: Yes
6/14/2020 c74 Guest
Kairi better NOT be killed in this fic.
6/7/2020 c73 1keybladelight
Q1: the story was different but love it to the end of it. Hope to see ardyn vs noctis with the chocobros.

Q2 yes do more of roxas x xion i ship those two.

Q3: i like it a little.

Q4: love it.

Q5: noctis helping aqua and terra and gladio.

Q6: no I'm ok with it.

Q7: yes best joke.
6/7/2020 c73 5jikker jack
Q1: Wow this was a long one. I still enjoyed it but wow, I don’t blame you for wanting to take a brake.

Q2: Nice to see them getting some screen time in and kicking some butt.

Question though, since Roxas was technically with Sora during the year of training he had, would he technically be a little bit stronger too, even if not physically?

Q3: Nice to see someone mix it up a little.

Q4: I thing him flipping the bird like that is now my second favorite scene with him, right behind all the times he walked in on people and Aqua going strait to him for the dirt when she found out about Rikku.

Q5: Still Terra vs Gladio.

Q6: Maybe a little, bit everyone has an off fight and they’ve been going at it for a while now so I’m not that upset, plus it gave the others time to shine.

Q7: So far yes.
5/31/2020 c72 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) Was good. i was thoroughly entertained throughout

Q2) Luxord was prolly my favorite fight


Q4) prolly seasalt trio vs Saïx and Xemnas


Q6) I swear i know but cant think of it off the top of my head... was it the goofy movies?
5/31/2020 c72 1keybladelight
Q1) i love it just love it that were almost at in the endgame.

Q2) neither their were are perfection all of this chapter was my favorite.

Q3) finally there were useful in the keyblade war.

Q4) both fight i just can wait for roxas return and terra return and vanitas face reveal to noctis and gladio and hope to see noctis and his royal brother vs ardyn to end him once and for all.

Q5) yes i want to see yozora BUT you need to make kairi he taken by xemans to make sora vs master xehanort final battle but you need only the kingdom trio sora donald and goofy vs master xehanort so that sora use the power of waking to save her and he vanish like in kh3 but hope you make sora vanish like in kh3 so that sora meet yozora and they have the best fight fight.

Q6) i don't know.
5/31/2020 c72 5jikker jack
Q1: Not sure what to say beside good job.

Q2: Luxord. His fighting style is just so much more unique then the others and I enjoyed his character.

Q3: Really nice to see them pulling their own weight. Not that they didn’t before but I’m glad that they are able to keep up with the others.

Q4: Still Gladio vs Terra.

Q5: I do like the idea but as interesting as that sound, we don’t really know enough about him right now and it might just muddy things up so I’m gonna say no for now, unless more info comes out about him.

Q6: I know I’ve seen that horseshoe reference somewhere but for the life of me I can’t remember where.

P.S. I wright nearly every idea I come up with somewhere so I can flush it out and post it later and that has lead to an ungodly amount of stories left on the back burner, so yes, it happens.
5/24/2020 c53 Frostboi88
loved it until u brought aryden back, story was fine before oh well

oh well great chapter
5/19/2020 c71 1Michael Chen
Q2:Very Good
skip to to Q5: Ardyn and Xehanort
and skip to Q7: Yozora, it will be clusterfuck if you add him in this story XD.
5/18/2020 c71 5jikker jack
Q1: Almost sad to see Xigbar go, he was an interesting character, but on the other hand it was nice to see him get what was coming to him, especially after what he did to Sora.

Q2: Loved it.

Q3: That moment when Ignis’ glasses get sliced in half…that’s when you know that pain is coming, and man was his attack awesome.

Q4: Gladiolus’ rematch with Terra.

Q5: Not really sure beyond what’s already happening, to be honest. I’m content to just enjoy the ride for now.

Q6: I found it easy to fallow and enjoyed it.

Q7: Luxord

P.S. I typically listen to instrumental soundtrack music, depending on the mood I’m trying to set. Anything with lyrics and I get too caught up in the music.

The Lord of the Rings soundtrack in particular is a favorite of mine.

P.S.S. Sorry if this post appears twice. I originally posted it last night but it wasn’t their when I checked this morning.
5/17/2020 c71 jikker jack
Q1: Almost sad to see Xigbar go. He was an interesting character, but on the other hand it’s nice to see him finally get what’s coming to him, especially after torturing Sora.

Q2: loved it.

Q3: I really loved when Dark Riku broke his glasses, because from that moment on you know there’s going to be pain, and his attack after that was awesome.

Q4: I’m actually excited to see Gladiolus’ rematch with Terra.

Q5: Honestly, I’m not sure and I’m content to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Q6: I found it easy to fallow and enjoyed it.

Q7: Luxord.

P.S. Typically, I listen to instrument soundtrack music. Anything with lyrics and I get too caught up in the music.

The Lord of the Rings soundtrack is a particular favorite of mine, among others.
5/17/2020 c71 1keybladelight
Q1: love the fight it was amazing i don't have the words.

Q2: love it.

Q3: i like it especially his teamwork with king noctis.

Q4: all of them mostly ardyn maybe you should make the old kings appear one last time and see ardyn dead and maybe give a lucian crown like his father but in a different shape to blessing him has the true 114th king of lucis.

Q5: maybe kairi dead like in the kh3 Canon so that sora use the power of waking.

Q6: easy to follow.

Q7: my boi roxas was my favorite in remind dlc.
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