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5/17/2020 c71 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) Was good. It wasnt on par with the previous one, but it was still entertaining. Plus the previous ones is one of the best chapters in the whole story.

Q2) entertaining. The Xigbar fight was pretty good, however... When he shot the arrow in the air he didnt scream "Start dancin'!" And at the beginning didnt say "Alright! The hero thinks hes ready now!" So im contractually obligated to take points off lol

Q3) CRAZY strong! Did not expect him to unlock his 8 inner gates on em!(naruto reference when i dont even like the show)

Q4) Seasalt Trio vs Saïx and Xemnas

Q5) the big secret endgame... You know the one...

Q6) Kinda hit or miss, not bad by any means. Just kinda hard to read 2 of the same character duking it out lol. Was still entertained tho!

Q7) Yozora fight all the way. Loved Yozora, Data Xemnas and Data Terranort. Xion was okay but i mainly like hers for that insane Vector to The Heavens remix.

Well i aint much of a writer. But when i used to just kinda write stories for myself to enjoy about a year and a half ago i mainly listened to classical music. And some of the softer video game soundtracks i like. Plus the whole rdr 2 soundtrack lol

If you cant get it then don't sweat it! IRL stuff is way more important than the story. It can totally wait!
5/12/2020 c70 4jikker jack
Q1: I was kinda thinking from about halfway though that it’d be nice if Noct and the gang had their own army of friends the fight off the Heartless while they pushed though, and then boom.

Nice to see them getting a little help and for Yin Sid to FINALLY get of his butt and actually lend a hand.

Q2: I really like how everyone fought in sync with each other.

Q3: No, I mean that’s kinda the point of fanfiction anyway.

Q4: Really liking it so far.

Q5: Really liking it.

Also I’m starting the see fan art in my head of Prompto as Mega Man.

Q6: So far so good.

Q7: Kinda looking forward the Roxas getting back in the fight.

P.S. I’d like to see Noctis’ fight first.
5/10/2020 c70 KakeruPB
Q1) I thought it would be similar to canon to be honest and I'm kind of sad we didn't get to see Ephemera give Sora a helping hand.
Q2) Not bad.
Q3) A bit.
Q4) Dude was a strong heartless it make no sense if he didn't have a Nobody.
Q5) You can do whatever u want him.
Q6) Ugh, to many questions ask you since I've played Canon.
Q7) Considering the last Arc is after the war? Most likely the Nort fight's with Sora going ape shit busting out everything he learned on his journey's showing why he is deem the Hero of the Keyblade. I think? I forgot what his actual title was.
Q8) There fine as is.
5/10/2020 c70 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) one of the most badass fight chapters so far! THIS is how to write horde encounters! Absolutely amazing job, well done!

Q2) yes! These were so dope bro! Nothing pumped me up more than Cloud coming out to deal with the dark inferno! Im thinking up a rly cool idea with the RC... Will tell ya more in the DMs!

Q3) Nope! The original still exists so if i wanna sew those story hits ill play the game for it. This is new and unique!

Q4) i think it was so ingenious. Jikker gets full marks for that!

Q5) Yes! Also... Was he using Cerberus?(Vincents weapon from Dirge of Cerberus)

Q6) Amazing so far!

Q7) to see how you emulate some of their data battle abilities into these fights!

Q8) considering theres just so much in the graveyard... Keep em long!

Also my pick is Noct and co vs Ansem, Xiggy and Dark Riku.
5/10/2020 c70 1keybladelight
Q1: the keyblade war has finally begun your are now the second author that i respect for arriving in the final arc.

Q2: love it.

Q3: a little but you know what i love it especially that Easter egg avengers endgame i love it.

Q4: no words but i hope he become a human again since when a heartless and nobody dies the somebody return i hope ravus return to a somebody.

Q5: me like new arm.

Q6: we finally at the endgame of the final arc.

Q7: roxas, xion and terra returns with a little remind dlc moments.

Q8: no don't make it short you already in the final arc don't make it short.
5/10/2020 c70 FanReader29
Funny thing is that the first time travel moment was more Kairi's moment than Sora's. Yeah he saved everyone but only after Kairi saved him.

Overall a solid chapter, I look forward to seeing how this plays out.
5/10/2020 c70 II
I really hope that in this fic that Kairi doesn't get kidnapped and killed. I never liked the fact that they did that, especially when Sora then had to sacrifice himself to bring her back. I want the two of them to have a happy ending along with the other heroes.
5/4/2020 c69 1Michael Chen
I just need to see Ardyn add a keyblade to his armiger just to mocking them. that would be great if he's doing it.
5/3/2020 c69 4jikker jack
Q1: The calm before the storm.

Now it’s time to kick royal ass.

Q2: I liked the camping trip the best. It really puts in perspective how much things have changed for them while kicking in the nostalgia.

Q3: Dude…how do you keep pumping out awesome fight scenes like that!? I can barely get one that’s longer then thirty seconds out at the moment.

Q4: I think both side are going to be very surprised by each other.

Q5: Is she gonna upgrade the Regalia and send it out.

Q6: The runts of the Organization and the looks on their faces when they’re getting curb-stomped by the gang.

Q7: Nope.

P.S. I didn’t see what you originally had them wearing but I really like the Kong’s Glave uniforms anyway and it seams fitting. I bet Ardyn will hate seeing those.
5/3/2020 c69 1keybladelight
Q1: i will said that right now you are the second author that i read that has finally arrived in the keyblade war arc.

Q2: all of them.

Q3: love it especially young Xehanort interact with ardyn.

Q4: like the kh3 canon make master Xehanort speech like in the game but make the guardian of light be separated like in the game and each fight the seeker of darkness and sora travel in the labyrinth to find them and help them in the fight and make the chocobros fight ardyn and sora arrive.

Q5: i don't know tell me.

Q6: i prefers that they had wear their ffxv 10 years clothes for the keyblade war.

Q7: roxas, xion and terra return.

Q8: no i like to read long chapter.
5/3/2020 c69 KakeruPB
Q1) A bit different from the Original so not to bad.
Q2) All of them
Q3) I'll be honest, I skimmed that for so I can prepare myself for the real thing.
Q4) Similar to Canon. *Crying* After all how will Sora meet his other half?
Q5) Something to do with Roxas Replica most likely.
Q6) Should've went with there Post Game Outfits
Q7) It's really hard but really mostly Sora strutting his stuff as he practically steam rolls most of the Organization. Oh yeah, on that point don't forget to use the DLC team attacks. They are Awesome!
Q8) Not really seems just bout right.
5/3/2020 c69 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) Nice and chill. the real calm before the storm

Q2) the chocobros

Q3) was pretty good.

Q4) I think people will be a little shocked at how things go...

Q5) i really dunno lol..

Q6) they seem pretty cool. was content with the old ones but the new ones are a welcome change!

Q7) Ardyn revealing he has THAT, and the big special scene(you know the one)

Q8) was fine to me
4/26/2020 c68 4jikker jack
Q1: I think we’ve established by now that your fight scenes are epic, and if you somehow manage to out do the fight from this chapter, then I might just die from shear awesomeness.

Q2: Like.

And about F-ing time! What more does that kid got to go through before getting some recognition.

(this is not so much criticism on you and more on cannon)

Q3: Dear god, she’s even more badass now.

I’m pretty sure the first one was supposed to be similar to Gladiolus’ sword but I’m not sure about the others.

Q4:I really liked it and would be sad to see it end if we weren’t getting into the grand finally.

Q5: Rikku running for her life from a certain blue haired ball of overpowered rage and overprotectiveness.

Q6: Yes, very much. I think this may be my favorite Keyblade.

Also, I imagine Noctis will be a tad bit jealous of this one.

Q7: I would like that but I wouldn’t be upset if you couldn’t fit it in.
4/26/2020 c68 1keybladelight
Q1: no word except did not see aqua fighting master aqua i did not see that coming it was a keyblade mark of mastery.

Q2: love it i did not see that coming Sora and Kairi be keyblade masters sora really deserves it after everything he did he really need to be call "Master Sora" but Kairi yeah she also deserved the title.

Q3: birth by sleep reference final mix of master eraqus boss fight in the arena.

Q4: love it all.

Q5: the war and make Xehanort have the kh3 dialogue in the keyblade graveyards with his dark seeker.

Q6: yes.

Q7: yes tell it how did they get the ultima weapon.
4/26/2020 c68 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) Was good. very action heavy.

Q2) was pretty cool

Q3) oh that was really good! her using summon level magic was crazy!

Q4) the training arc was so cool! but we're in the endgame now...

Q5) the parties reflections

Q6) of course! unlimited blade works sora is always great!

Q7) that depends... do you have an explanation in mind?
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