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4/26/2020 c68 KakeruPB
Q1: Sora, has a lot of form for different situations and considering what Aqua did with her armor? It's only right that Sora does the same when it comes between him and the 13 darkness. After all this is the final fight no need to hold back like he usually does.
Q2: Not bad and definitely higher level compared to Aqua old initiation. Still lower in tier to the dream worlds but come on who would expect that one!?
Q3: Pretty cool sadly I don't know where they are from though.
Q4: It was needed in all honesty considering half of the team was either green or been out for more than a decade.
Q5: hmm, there's a few but I will keep those to myself since the entire KG is awesome. Now that I think bout it will Sora have to rescue everyone again?
Q6: I felt like you didn't exploit everything Ultima gives out just yet.
Q7: Up to u but it's probably Sora's old one that they manage to upgrade for him.

Lol! That would be awesome! In fact why not bring them all in for the final clash? It's only fair since there out numbered.
4/19/2020 c67 5jikker jack
Q1: Nice and smooth.

It was a good brake from the training and fighting to get some fluff and antics in.

Q2: Honestly, I’m not that surprised.

The man can cook.

The man’s a badass who can shoot lightly, fire and ice out of his fingertips.

He’s responsible and considerate and practically raised Noct.

I’m not a girl or attracted to men in any way, but he kinda seams like the total package.

Q3: This one Ignis actually did surprise me. I didn’t expect him to get into the food fight so much but I loved the scene. It was nice to see them all cut loose and have fun.

Q4: I didn’t think he was.

Q5: Maybe a peek at what’s happening back on Eos.

Q6: More trining and antics? Sorry I’m not really that sure, it’s actually kinda hard for me to predict where this story goes sometimes. At least when it’s so mild and random like it is right now.

Q7: How I stand on three-way relationships aside, I actually think they could be a good ship and this scene was touching and more then a bit romantic.
4/19/2020 c67 KakeruPB
Q1) Interesting, and very light hearted just what we needed.
Q2) Well considering he doesn't have to look after Noctis anymore I guess he's looking to settle down after everything.
Q3) Not bad.
Q4) He's still new so of course.
Q5) Ultima Weapon.
Q6) Who Knows.
Q7) Not sure how to feel bout this. It was nice at the beginning but after... I wasn't sure how to feel bout the way he tries to get with Namine. It wasn't bad, it's just that we need more scenes with them to build it up which is much easier than anybody else surprisingly.

By the way for Roxas and Namine shouldn't they be like siblings with there other? After all they do feel like that from time to time.
4/19/2020 c67 1keybladelight
Q1: love it especially aqua screaming the word husband and having some food fight with ignis, aqua and sora.

Q2: well with his gentlemen personality and his cooking skill girl will want him (if you know what i mean) but tifa really... you know he she has cloud strife or you maybe make cloud be with aerith.

Q3: love it because you have use the idea so it's 10/10.

Q4: yes.

Q5: maybe what his happening in radiant garden with the other ff characters or maybe having sephiroth appear fighting cloud having the ff7 remake fight the one winged angel.

Q6: i don't know.

Q7: well it was ok i think but maybe having xion and roxas I'm ok or you could make these 3 be in a relationship with roxas.

P.s curious have you play or watch xenoblade chronicles 2 and can you make it a crossover with kh if you want to make another crossover story with kh that his not related to FF X KH story.
4/19/2020 c67 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) Really liked having another chill chapter, a very wholesome and fun chapter.

Q2) I mean... it makes complete sense!

Q3) was pretty good! one of my favorite parts from the chapter.

Q4) Nah. hes a guy who has never had a gf before trying to figure out how it all works. made total sense the way he was acting.

Q5) Ardyn throwing hands with Young Xehanort

Q6) Hmmm... im actually not sure lol

Q7) more Roxas is always a good thing!
4/12/2020 c66 VashTheStampede0409
ff7r is AMAZING! im about 31 and a half hours in and havent even finished it yet!(albeit i just started chapter 16 of 18)

preciate the shout out! i may have an idea for Riku too... bringing back a dark power that even the games themselves have forgotten about...

Q1) Pretty good. seeing the chocobros growth was really cool. man... theyve grown wo much since the beginning i remember in the beginning gladio was struggling to tank hits from shadows of all things. now look at em!

Q2) I guess. was never overly fond of that, or soul eaters design. im one of the few that prefers kh3 Rikus outfit AND braveheart keyblade lol.

Q3) Definitely like! gladios steel skin is like barrets move from ff7r which is cool. iggy getting more acquainted with spells and darkness and learning to be more tactical is really good because it sticks to the OG! Promptos is really fitting as well seeing as hes the gadget man! and of course noct is great borrowing from Regis! maybe as a way of showing his growth he can learn to use his Armiger like Gilgamesh does the Gate of Babylon(look up clips on youtube for reference lol. just look up things such as Gilgamesh vs Shirou, Gilgamesh vs Berserker and some of his moves from the game Fate Extella Link)

Q4) Was pretty great but i still feel sora and riku DO in fact outclass Kairi a little. sora because, well hes sora and Riku because he has never ONCE lost strength. in CoM he keeps all the strength the gained from kh1, in kh2 he has his CoM and kh1 strength, in DDD he got reset but only in dream world. when he got back out of the dream world he had total his kh1, CoM, kh2, AND DDD strength. now in this story he has all that plus kh3 strength and the power he has gained in this story.

Q5) Heartfelt and long awaited, really glad to see em!

Q6) So is it something like Darth Mauls weapon? cause thats what im picturing lol

Q7) hmmmm not sure. but im sure we'll come up with something in the DMs

Q8) i think they're all pretty good. promptos really hard to come up with an idea for so you did great on those choices!
4/12/2020 c66 5jikker jack
Q1: I was curious if Noctis would have a connection to his ancestors through the Royal Arms, kinda like in Avatar but never thought to ask. Nice to see that little fan theory was at least partially correct. Also it was a very nice and heartwarming scene.

Q2: Yes, I always thought it symbolized Riku’s nature better.

Q3: Like, very much like!

Nice to see Noct getting some of his lost power back, with that Driver Form like ability.

Q4: I think I might have dislocated my jaw when it dropped from reading that part.

Q5: Sorry but I honestly don’t remember Noct and Axel haveling a deep conversation of any kind.

Q6: Like but I felt like it lost a bit too much of it angelic aspect initially. I still love the weapon though.

Q7: I think you mentioned Goofy potentially talking about his son way back in an earlier chapter and the idea’s just kinda stuck with me since, so I wouldn’t mind that and the shocked reactions I imagine the others would have at learning he has a son.

Q8: First I was standing in a puddle from drooling over them, then I was laughing like a mad man after the biscuit gun…What is this story doing to me?

Anyway, I loved them and look forward to seeing the greater variety of weapons Cindy develops for him.
4/12/2020 c66 1keybladelight
Q1: i love how you have made noctis and regis meeting and regis has finally put the crown on his son head long live king noctis lucis caelum.

Q2: well happy to see it but that belong to riku replica now.

Q3: like.

Q4: now it was epic and better that i except.

Q5: both good and axel see his best friend i was happy i hope to see them remember xion in the keyblade war.

Q6: can you describe it please riku new weapon.

Q7: make the cook battle sora vs ignis ffxv cooking vs kh3 cooking who shall have the belt of best chef in all worlds.

Q8: love how cindy prank prompto a cookie cannon if ruby rose from rwby series was there she will praised cindy and call her the goddess of canon cookie(laughs)
4/5/2020 c65 5jikker jack
Q1: Nice to see things on the other side of the field for a little while.

Also, didn’t Ardyn have a scythe in the DLC.

Q2: I think you did them pretty well.

Q3: I assume it’s cause she has a connection to Kairi in some way.

Q4: Good but slightly unexpected.

Q5: … … …

Uh, Casanova anyone?

I totally did not see that coming if and especially not from Sora, but loved it and it’s defiantly my favorite part of the chapter.

Q6: Maybe Prompto going over his photo album. I feel like it’s been a while since we saw him taking pictures of anything.

Q7: Nope.

P.S. I’m just going to come out and say it. I don’t like three way relationships, it just feels too awkward and just…well wrong, to me.

I won’t outright drop the story if you go that way, I like this story too much, but that’s just how I feel about it.
4/5/2020 c65 1keybladelight
Q1: I love the organization interaction see what the villains and i hope to see more of it and love how you have made ardyn call young Xehanort "young master".

Q2: there were all good but were his ansem, young Xehanort and master Xehanort, marluxia and luxord there were the last 3 we did not see appear.

Q3: it was xion she went berserk but you should have give her yellow eye she also bear Xehanort heart until roxas make her remember who she his and axel.

Q4: good.

Q5: love it.

Q6: please make the idea of my last review make sora vs ignis cooking battle and make them please.
4/5/2020 c65 KakeruPB
Q1: Xion, Keyblade was unexpected since her main just like Sora and Roxas used to be was Kingdom Key. As for the fight, I can tell they were holding back Larxene can do some BS combos with her clones and while I haven't fought Xion yet I don't think you think you did her true strength justice.
Q2: To be expected.
Q3: Seem's like Xion still has her connection to Sora even though she was recreated.
Q4: It's Ok
Q5: It felt more like a tease.
Q6: After what you have next, I'm still waiting for Sora new master's test so he can get Ultima and wreck house.
Q7: Not really, if it's just for progress.
As for the three way for Roxas that will be interesting. I wonder how you will pull this one off.
4/5/2020 c65 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) Pretty good! i enjoyed the interaction between the Org and Ardyn.

Q2) They were all pretty good and id love to see more of them! Maybe Luxord making a passing comment saying Ardyns abilities reminds him of someone.

Q3) Kairi hates him and Sora hates him, Xion is technically part or BOTH of them so yeah. shes a puppet who suddenly just got OVERLOADED with emotions of disdain and rage towards him and she snapped

Q4) It was really good. wasnt rly odd, i really liked seeing more of Dozencrants

Q5) I like that they're getting more intimate now. best they get it all out before doomsday lol

Q6) Everything Ardyns got against Young Xehanort. im talkin the big laser he uses, Rising Phantom, Royal Retribution, the thing where he charges up Violet/Red energy around him and just explodes it saying "Let it be done!", the HUGE Scythe, the thing where he charges the Rakshasa blade up with the same red/violet energy, time stopping the whole works!

Q7) The time chamber chapters are still entertaining to me.
3/31/2020 c64 Guest
Love the story; everything about it is equal parts epic and wholesome. Kairi screwing with noctis was probably one of the funniest sequence of events I’ve read in a story. But I also have a question:

You gonna finish the dark souls fic?
3/29/2020 c64 KakeruPB
Q1: Progress on the newbies not bad. Still I thought there would be more fight's considering the rest of the gang. Then again Sora and Aqua just got done with a spar the day before.
Q2: Not bad, really good to be honest.
Q3: Considering Ardyn fighting, I want to see his ego broken and his ass handed to him by the real Organization showing that he isn't even close to top of the food chain compared to them. Of course by Xion to test her combat after being made a Replica once more.
Q4: Can't think of one at the moment.
Q5: Yes!
Q6: Stick with the robes, since they do have meaning for his fight.
Q7: Unexpected but works.
Q8: Me!
Q9: Still MVP!
3/29/2020 c64 5jikker jack
Q1: Felt a little shorter then usual but it was still very enjoyable. Plus I know from personal experience what it’s like to struggle with getting a chapter out, and I can tell you the content of this chapter didn’t suffer from it.

Also, did Ven just pull a Deku?

Q2: I realize this is still kinda early in their training and you didn’t want to diversify Noct’s powers, which I totally understand, but he’s starting to feel a bit like a one trick pony in comparison to the others. I’m just saying you might want to start tweeting his existing powers a little bit or ramping them up.

Other then that it was a good fight and surprisingly funny.

Q3: Gladiolus vs Goofy.

Q4: Movie night?

Sorry but I’m really not sure so I’m just kinda spitballing.

Q5: Considering how much stronger Sora and co. seam to be in this story then the games, I would say yes.

Q6: Normally I would say yes, but it would depend on if he’s finally gotten over being a Nobody and everything.

Q7: The only way I could drool over it more is if it somehow doubled as a gun.

Q8: I knew something else was up but I think I was too shocked by the sudden…risqué-ness, of it all to figure it out.

Q9: I must confess that I was never a huge fan of Mickey as a kid so I can’t really say if you did his character justice in relation to the show or not. I’m not saying he’s a bad character or anything, I just never watched his show that much.

I will say I’ve enjoyed your portrayal of him so far.
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