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3/29/2020 c64 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) Pretty good! Action heavy but given that its actual characters fighting its great! cant wait to see Ven do some of the stronger things Fire Raid can do in DDD! like making copies of the kingdom key made of fire.

Q2) their fight was REALLY good! and the silence and "Nya" was hilarious!

Q3shifty eyes intensifies*

Q4) Hmm... i cant think of anythin at the moment

Q5) Yes. i mean, the guardians are gonna be way stronger than they originally were, why shouldn't the org?

Q6) I prefer the org cloak personally

Q7) seemed pretty cool. excited to see more of what it can do in the future!

Q8) I did NOT think Noct was gonna do THAT... judging by the situation he put Luna in i was expecting something a bit more... well im not even gonna finish that thought lol

Q9) the corporate entity that is mickey mouse was great! did a really good job showing how strong he TRULY is!
3/29/2020 c64 1keybladelight
Q1:love it the training.

Q2:like the fight training and that you have make kairi use her kh3 remind dlc battle skill.

Q3:the legendary rival battle Sora vs Riku make it epic.

Q4:maybe a cook competition sora vs ignis who his the best chef cuisine sora has learn for little chef i think a cook battle would be good to see and sora use the kh cuisine and ignis use the ffxv cuisine and their friends are the judges who cook his better.

Q5: yeah let them use the ability data of organization 13.

Q6:no don't need to wear his kh3 outfit the black coat his still ok maybe like in the end of story like in kh3 he put his kh3 outfit.

Q7:he don't need a new weapon his keyblade transforms to his chakram are ok.

Q8:do what?

Q9:like a keyblade master/king.
3/22/2020 c63 5jikker jack
Q1: A little disappointed that we didn’t get to see Noctis fight but it was more then worth it for everything else that happened in this chapter.

Q2: Any more humor and I won’t be able to afford the doctor who keeps reviving me when I die of laughter.

Q3: Perfect. Though I almost expected the place to look like a nuke went off after she found out.

Q4: Almost, but after seeing pictures of them older, I think I’ve finally gotten over just seeing them perpetually as kids and it was pretty hilarious.

Q5: I would like to see how Noctis is progressing.

Also, I would like to see Noct develops some sleep spells and the horror it would most likely induce in Ignis, since sleeping in, is kind of Noctis’ thing.

Q6: Yes.

Q7: I actually almost forgot I suggested that way back, but I’m glad my input is useful. Of corse I feel that it would be inappropriate of me to say anymore one way or the other, as that feels kinda like voting twice for the same thing, but thanks for remembering.
3/22/2020 c63 KakeruPB
Q1: Ah, Namine I didn't think you would fall into gossip. Anyways Kairi really needs to work something out with Namine. Speaking of said Red Head I know she's innocent but damn lol! Although, I'm surprised Sora didn't win most of his fights. Was he holding back? Or did situation didn't call for it and is just fighting with Pro Codes on Critical? Cause that's the only way I can see him get his ass handed so hard. Cause I sure do!
Q2: Not bad, entertaining.
Q3: On point!
Q4: It's the hot spring's what you expect? Definitely, not the girls entering the Men's bath that's for sure.
Q5: Still, waiting on the quips from Riku and Sora to Aqua MoM Test.
Q6: Nah, I'm good. I already have a good idea.
Q7: Why? It's already to late for something like that.
3/22/2020 c63 1keybladelight
Q1: it was a funny chapter.

Q2: yes it was very humor.

Q3: good and finally her reaction the moment i wait.

Q4: yeah it was to much but it was worthy and fun like a manga/anime moment.

Q5: maybe axel try to remember xion but still in vain and maybe the organization 13 meeting on the rocks pillars all 13 members plus ardyn.

Q6: yeah.

Q7: ravus has a nobody yeah go for it and he could also regain his heart.
3/22/2020 c63 1VashTheStampede0409
I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! This one WAS NOT BAD AT ALL! Oh i laughed so much. i know you struggled with the banter between the girls but bro you REALLY nailed it! you pulled it off perfectly!

Q1) IT WAS SO GOOD! Id been waitin all day for it and it delivered! Amazing work as usual!

Q2) Best humor in the series so far! i was legitimately laughing my ass at so many moments!

Q3) Spot on! She wasnt to the point of violence but was indeed tempted. it was perfect! Even I was intimidated by her and i was just reading!

Q4) Nah i think it was really funny! I was laughing my ass off at that!

Q5) Ven using the Gull Wing keyblade and Mickey kicking everyone's ass!

Q6) I think i know what, she got her original keyblade and armor back.

Q7) i concur lol

3/22/2020 c63 VashTheStampede0409
OKAY THIRD TIMES RHE CHARM. FANFIC KEEPS DELETING MY REVIEW BEFORE I POST IT FOR SOME REASON BUT LETS TRY THIS AGAIN. TAKE THREE! If all 3 of these end up going up then i guess im just a clown lol As the spider people said 5 times in the spider verse movie *clears throat*"Aaalllllright people lets do this one last time!"

THIS CHAPTER WAS GREAT! I was laughing my ass off at it bro it was so funny! One of my favorites! I was laughing my ass off at so many moments!

Q1) THIS WAS SOOOO GOOD! Amazing work as usual bro. By the way, you said you struggled some with the girl talk banter? You KILLED IT! You did so good with that and made it seem so natural! Great job as usual! The quality of these chapters is consistently top notch! I just CANNOT get enough of this story!

Q2) The best in the whole story! I was laughing my ass off at so many moments! Great work!

Q3) THEY. WERE. PERFECT. Shes not angry to the point of violence but is very pissed, hurt, and disappointed and she shows it all. Hell even i was intimidated by her and im just a reader! I can only imagine what poor ven mustve felt.

Q4) Nah i think it was fine! It was SO funny! I was laughing my ass off at that!

Q5) Ven using the Gull Wing keyblade during his training and him getting stronger. Also Mickey kickin ass!

Q6) I think i know, got her old armor and keyblade back?

Q7) i concur lol.

3/16/2020 c38 Guest 3
Like the interaction between Riku and Ignis,imagine using their Japanese voices it would sound like Miyano Mamoru talking to himself.
3/15/2020 c62 5jikker jack
Q1: My goodness, the power difference between the games and this story is getting STEEP! And I love it. The part with Gladiolus in particular, kinda drove that home.

Q2: I really liked it and I’m kinda formed between Sora and Aqua and Ignis and Axel. Probably leaning more towards the latter.

Q3: Prompto and Noctis.

Q4: yes, absolutely.

Q5: yes and yes.

Q6: again, I want to see how Noctis is developing.

P.S. Yes I would like to see everyone age a little but no, not while they’re in the forest, what with the time dilation thing.

P.S.S. Could Noctis technically still give others the power to warp and such, since he’s technically the king, or is that gone now, along with the Astrals.

It’s just that I’ve always been curious how the others would fare with warping like the Kings’s Glaive and Prompto kind of got that power during the end of the game.
3/15/2020 c62 1keybladelight
Q1: love all the training and they talk each their past.

Q2: moslty kairi and luna and naminé like i said naminé and luna could be long lost sisters with the same hair color make a joke of these two.

Q3: everyone his ok no need to see more of it.

Q4: maybe but make sure someone or prompto tell ventus kiss mark in his neck so that aqua hear it and she go blue mama protect mode when they return their training.

Q5: yeah both will be cool to see before the war.

Q6: please make aqua be blue mom protect mode when she heard what ventus did with rikku like i said it was about time he did it he his thousands years old and it was about time the boy could congratulate ventus but aqua his not happy what rikku did with ventus.

No don't make the party age there his no need to make them older the same who they are youngs his ok when war his coming.
3/15/2020 c62 KakeruPB
Q1: So, Aqua is just smoothing out the edges better with Sora? Also, Sora you are way to humble it's the other way around. Fifth tier? I count four including the new Za tier in KH3.
Q2: I am! Makes sense with Ventus and Gladio, dude needs more power in his hit's. Loving the girl time lol. Namine is so cheeky with her other half while Luna has to play mediator. It's funny how scary she thinks of Sora though but I guess that's fair after seeing his Anti-form.
Q3: The girl team.
Q4: Oh Yes! Hands down yes!
Q5: Don't really care for Regis but definitely Roxas since we haven't seen him yet.
Q6: Up to you since this is going to take a few chapter's.

No, no point. After all it's only been a year there won't be much if any change.
3/15/2020 c62 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) pretty good. a lot more tame than usual but still pretty good

Q2) I like gladio bonding with Ven a little. I like the idea of Gladio getting to be close with the Wayfinder trio

Q3) More Ven and more Noct

Q4) Yes!

Q5) Yes, Yes but im not sure how you could pull that off with Regis.

Q6) More Ven and Axel or more Ven and Gladio(my least favorite member of the team and i wanna see more of him, how odd lol)
3/15/2020 c62 Guest
I would like to see more of roxas
3/8/2020 c61 5jikker jack
Q1: Kinda going to miss the other characters but it’s a necessary evil to keep the plot flowing, plus it give us plenty of time to focus on the main cast.

Q2: Yes and O.M.G. Sora is so overpowered, it’s amazing. My only criticism is that Ven seamed a little underpowered. Not by a whole lot but just tiny bit.

Q3: The not-so-divine wrath of Aqua, once she finds out about Ven and Rikku.

Q4: Yes.

Q5: Not bad. Curious to see how she continues to handle it after a few weeks have passed.

Q6: YES!

Q7: Have you considered the Eidolons from “FFXIII”. I know they might be a bit outa left felid but I’ve always liked them. Stiria and Nix in particular or Alexander, come to mind.

Q8: I thought it was pretty well balanced, though if she had used her armor, that probably would have tipped it in her favor.
3/8/2020 c61 1keybladelight
Q1: i love that ven was trying to hide the kiss mark but he has still failed all that left his aqua to know it and the fun part begin when they return from their training, i like how you made each of the guardian separated in the training they only have 3 keyblade masters to finish and begin keyblade wielders training.

Q2: love it.

Q3: about the limit of their abilities and they need to break the barriers to surpass themselves.

Q4: yes very deeply you are the second author that will soon make the keyblade war the other author his call LoveDarkPit his story his call "Kingdom Hearts 3: The Fairy Tail" which i recommend to read if you are a fairy tail fan. You should make kh and ff xv song battle when the keyblade war begin.

Q5: she finally acting has a master like her predecessor.

Q6: no.

Q7: no she don't need one.

Q8: it was balance because their are childhood friends.

A: hey there his a story i that maybe if you want to adopted a author has cancelled his story which his sad this story was prefect the characters the drama and the scenes and the romance the song battles, i want to know if you could make the story by adoption the story his call "Remnant's 5th Kingdom by EvaShinobiKaiserKnight" his a final fantasy xv/rwby crossover it will be cool to know how it's gonna end there his also some fan drawing on devianart I'm not lieying but...it will be very deeply to finish it and know how it's gonna end i recommend to read his story and maybe message EvaShinobiKaiserKnight to adopted his story to continue it.

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