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3/8/2020 c61 KakeruPB
1) Not bad, however i'm with Mickey and Sora of why Aqua didn't continue the fight. Seriously, what the heck! The clash was awesome and I wanted to see everyone reaction and how Aqua would handle Sora when he serious.
2) Surprising but not bad.
3) Sora and Riku reaction to Aqua Mark of Mastery Exam with everybody watching lol.
4) Depends, u plan to use there Data version?
5) To be expected considering Riku and Sora are to young and Mickey doesn't really lead much now that I think bout it lol
6) Me!
7) Nope, wouldn't make sense unless you want her to share Stitch with Sora.
8) I wouldn't say balanced since Riku was taking it a little easy on them. After all he can just bull rush them from the get go. They wouldn't know where to improve if he did that.
3/8/2020 c61 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) it was great! prolly my favorite fighty chapter! i would be totally cool with it being a five parter lol


Q3) The characters evolve and get stronger and ultimately go toe to toe with the 3 masters... and to see aqua find out about Ven and Rikku lol

Q4) Yes but this training is hype right now.

Q5) Aqua being a leader, stern instructor, and a badass all at once is awesome!

Q6) Eh kinda. never rly cared for attractions in the game and as for summons, i feel like theyre kinda pointless given that theres already gonna be 14 people in the graveyard.

Q8) That was VERY well done. Riku is a master after all and seeing him go to town on those 2 was awesome! also riku doing that weird dodge roll he has from CoM to dodge kairis move was cool

I may have a couple ideas to make Noct stronger and upgrade his armiger... I'll tell ya more in the DMs!
3/2/2020 c60 Guest
They got 7 day before the big fight with Xehanort and 3 days has pass. And yet they still have time to relax and have fun. Which probably take 2-3 days of that. What the point of this anyway huh? Even if the training have magically take one day into one year, they still not enough.
3/1/2020 c60 Guest
Q1: Sora and Kairi for life. Namine will find someone greater than Sora. :)

Q2: Love it!

Q3: Cameos were a blast!

Q4: Their date was fun and memorable :)

Q5: I can see where her personality is coming from. Still, she can find someone greater than Sora.

Q6: Oh yeah! :)

Q7: A little more relaxing chapters and the training sessions.

Q8: Luna on her first fight :)
3/1/2020 c60 5jikker jack
Q1: How are the Dalmatians still puppies if so much time has passed?

Q2: Cute.

Despite being one of the biggest couples is “FFXV” they don’t get nearly enough screen time together.

Q3: It was nice to see some of the old characters and have Sora reminisce on old time. Also nice to see Pinocchio finally got his wish.

And as for the Dalmatians…I’m pretty sure I vomited rainbows and glitter as I read that part. Is that a bad sign?

Q4: Yaaaaah, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna die of cuteness if this keeps up. It was really nice to see them together more.

Q5: Really nice, it was a really touching moment and I loved it.

On a side note though, thank GOD you did not go with the three-way relationship thing. No offense intended but that would have been my biggest criticism of the story, both for personal preference and the overall tone of the story and really anything Disney.

Sora x Kairi for life!

Q6: Yes.

Q7: Fluff, comedy, romance and fighting with giant magical swords and/or gun swords. Not necessarily in that order. Basic anime stuff really.

Q8: Luna.

Not so much because I think she can fight better but because I don’t think anyone with a heart could so much as raise a finger against her.

P.S. Thanks for the awesome story. It’s one of my favorites on this sight and I really enjoy reading it.
3/1/2020 c60 1keybladelight
Q1: well the 3 way romance with namine kairi and sora huh a big NO I'm more of kairi x sora which you doing great.

Q2: it was good romantic.

Q3: love the cameos all that left was stan lee and it's Excelsior!

Q4: love it.

Q5: was ok and when she became real prompto could make a joke and he see that luna and naminé could be long lost sisters.

Q6: yes but make it a little short the training arc i want to see the full keyblade war with the remind dlc event of course.

Q7: noctis and lunafreya wedding and maybe sora vanish and the yozora vs sora maybe?

Q8: huh axel oblivious lunafreya know just little fight.
3/1/2020 c60 KakeruPB
To be honest 50-50, depends if Sora somehow picks up chains and remember's the memories of the castle. I wouldn't really mind the three way considering Namine is Kairi in a sense but you said Kairi has Sora heart and he has her's. So it really depends how you want to go with it I'm fine with either.
Q1: Cute chapter loving the moments between my favorite couples and the hint of the world tour. Just like how ReMind ended.
Q2: Not bad, I like how Noctis pretty much see's Sora as a bro though. Dragging him into his shenanigans.
Q3: Hey it's only natural.
Q4: Very cute and loving it. I didn't know Traverse Town would be your favorite though.
Q5: I feel so sad for her, I just hope they can do something to make it work. Or you can do something with her promise with Roxas before the final fight in KH2.
Q6: About time! Let the showcase to begin lol!
Q7: The training and world tour.
Q8: ... Axel, sorry I love you Luna but you aren't ment for battle unlike him. That and his more experience.
3/1/2020 c60 1VashTheStampede0409
this was wholesome. wholesome as possible. cute moments with noct and luna, kairi and sora dating and even naminés confession. was wholesome to say the least. i rly like the expanding on lunas personality you do. she's not "Generic anime robot heroine" like in XV.

Q1) as i said, wholesomeQ2) That was great. i love the expansions on their relationship and characters.

Q3) Those were really good too! ANOTHER thing about this chapter that just felt wholesome

Q4) a rly cool trip down memory lane. i liked it a lot

Q5) Ive never rly liked Naminé as a character but i rly feel bad for her. she doesnt deserve all the bad thats happened

Q6) YES!

Q7) more awesome character interaction for sure

Q8) We'll see~

So ive got a cool idea about what they could do after they get out of the time chamber to test their newfound strength... ill tell ya more in the DMs!
3/1/2020 c60 ObsidianUnknown66
In regards to the ending, I think that the three-way relationship could have worked.
2/23/2020 c59 1keybladelight
Q1: It's was a cute chapter before the keyblade war begin but i hope you make noctis and luna wedding before the keyblade war begin the king of lucis need her queen.

Q2: love the shield but how to name the shield the "lingering sentiment shield"

Q3: well about time he finally lose his VCard after thousands of years but i really want aqua to know it and she go to big sis/blueberries mom protect rage mode not even the guardian of light or the luciants cannot stop it the shield will have to shut his mouth a woman's wrath that will always be scare please make aqua know what happens and she get that rage/fun moment.

Q4: yes it his time for him to stop using the power of darkness i think a moogle elixir would heal his wounds.

Q5: no it was good.

Q6: yes.
2/23/2020 c59 5jikker jack
Q1: Was a little surprise to to see the mini fight scene between Gladiolus and Terra, but I enjoyed it.

Q2: I like it and I’m curious what Aqua will think of the whole encounter.

Q3reader dies of laughter and cuteness)

Can’t wait to see Aqua’s rampage once she figures it out.

Q4: No, I think it’s better with them.

Q5: No, I think it was a good length. Also, I’m glad someone finally thought to lock the door. That’ll save them and poor Prompto, from further embarrassment.

Q6: Yes and I’m kinda curious how that will work out, seems as the only training we’ve actually seen so far was at the beginning with Kairi and Sora, and Episode Gladiolus.

P.S. Are you gonna use the Ultimate Weapon, Keyblade at any point, because that thing not only scrams Final Fantasy, but if I’m thinking of the right one, then it functions like the Armiger on steroids.
2/23/2020 c59 KakeruPB
Q1: Hilarious, with Ventus! Lol, Damn.
Q2: ... I skimmed over it sorry. That pairing still feels weird to me.
Q3: Lol!
Q4: Nah!
Q5: it's good enough.
Q6: Yes! Lol, can't wait for everyone to show case there skills so they know what to work on. Sora is going to be pretty tough for Aqua considering everything he can do. In fact she probably be scratching her head wondering what is there even to teach him. In fact she probably discuss wondering how they work and how he came up with them.

By the way just finished ReMind and wanted to tell you how Kairi fight's in game you mind? It might help with the Training.
2/23/2020 c59 1VashTheStampede0409
i loved this chapter! one of my favorite yet! oddly enough my favorite moment MAY have been the former organization members talking. something about that felt so organic. it was done REALLY well!

Q1) as i said. AWESOME!

Q2) Really cool, maybe he can do that hella OP drill punch LW does with it

Q3) Ventus' reaction was done REALLY well. the panic, embarrassment and frustration in his mannerisms and what he said was perfect, i speak as someone who ended up in a somewhat similar situation(ill tell ya more in the DMs). Ventus being freaked out and Rikku being cool as a cucumber was HILARIOUS. also... AXEL WALKING IN ON EM WAS TOO FUNNY

Q4) thats totally up to you i can go either way

Q5) it was fine i think.

Q6) Actually, yes oddly enough.
2/16/2020 c58 5jikker jack
Q1: It’s nice to see them just take a moment to relax.

Q2: Kinda dark but I like that we get some back story and it was interesting.

Q3: Nor should you be! Even she deserves an adorable moment every now and then and I hope she keeps the plushie.

Q4: The Order of The White Lotus welcomes you brother.

Sorry but I had to get that out. Anyway, I found the whole interaction interesting and enjoyable.


Q6: Noctis and Luna?

Q7: Prompto and Cindy, but I’m bias on that because (A: Prompto’s my favorite character and (B: Prompto and Cindy are my favorite ship of the game.

P.S. On Ignis, I’m not really sure who he’d be paired with. I honestly thought he and Aqua might get together if anything at first but…yah I think her and Gladiolus work a bit better so I’m sorry to say I have little input on this.
2/16/2020 c58 KakeruPB
1: The interaction with Luxord was interesting but I wonder who the fifth Ignis is hinting at?
3: To each there own.
4: Interesting.
5: Eh, haven't played the game so can't really say.
6: nope
7: The Poker Game! Lol!

Yes it does thank u!
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