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2/16/2020 c58 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) pretty good! lot of character interaction, back story and our favorite photographer FINALLY getting his moment with Cindy(low key annoyed ff15 never actually gave him a moment with her lol)

Q2) Kinda tragic man... all but stolen from her home... it was good but damn... feels bad bro...

Q3) that shit was cute lol

Q4) It was awesome! the best member of the organization meeting Iggy? how could it not be?!

Q5) LONG OVERDUE. Although i dont think Prompto is as ready as he thinks for a woman like Cindy lol

Q6) Sworn to secrecy...

Q7) every time luxord spoke lol
2/16/2020 c58 1keybladelight
Q1: nothing to say the chapter was good.

Q2: hum like it a little.

Q3: not it was cute.

Q4: it was good the butler meet advisor hope you make the sora vs yozora and meet moment.

Q5: i was hoping for terra but it's ok noctis and gladio need to see this and congrats him by making fun of prompto.

Q6: huh nope?

Q7: prompto running like a happy dog in heat.
2/10/2020 c57 Guest-Questioner
Question-1, A little more wild then i thought.

Question-2, Hopefully Luna will be able to acquire training that she can be just as combat effective.
(just look at Yuna, a former priestess turned dual SMG wielding kickA$$ girl)

Question-3, partially answered with question one, but, too be more specific here,
Sora & Kairi are underage, I wonder how that discovery will down!

Question-4, Hoh boy, that was something alright, ah, funny indeed.

Question-5, ಠ_ಠ At least it ended in a friendly manner, but the HEADACHE'S that'll ensue, OUCH!

Question-6, I have no honesty idea, and i remember that episode (TT) so sad with Iroh,
Mr. Mako was the voice of many, most notably Aku, of Samurai Jack..

Question-7, The Hyperbolic Time Chamber, a place where one gets a years' worth of training,
in just one day, thank DBZ for that, although now, it'll be a miniature forest, i guess?

End Review.
2/10/2020 c56 Guest-Questioner
Firstly, In quick reply,

Have you heard of certain meme's, game joke's around the internet,
one of them was from an old Star fox game way back when, Do-A-Barrel-Roll, is the term,
among some other's as well out there, and this, "light" is steadily becoming one such "joke"...

Ahem, the, Shota, is basically the, young male that, multiple "older" female's, become enamored with,
its a little comedy routine, where the female's "sisterly" instinct's overpower there regular mindset.

Basically, its like that old I will name GEORGE, joke, in looney-tunes.
(just type in looney tunes george, and the video's will pop easily)

In anime, the young male's, are considered teddy bear like to the preteen & teenage girl's...and that
is the shota...

Now onto the Review,

Question-1, ಠ_ಠ INTENSE, enough said.

Question-2, too much\_(ʘʘ)_/ BEYOND too much ಠ_ಠ
i was kinda hoping Prompto would get a gun-BLADE, like Leon, but i suppose gun-ARM
is a STRONG enough secondary, if possible.

Question-3, Noctis losing his personal, original, weapon, that is just cold, VERY cold,
Something to replace it i hope, although, not many can be as particularly strong,
as a keyblade, but still, his personal weapon, i spent hour's grinding for level-3 myself.

Question-4, Sora(solo) VS. Genesis, or, Sora & (unknown team) VS. Genesis?

Question-5, About average, personally, maybe not fight-fight's, with lives on the line at least,
training fight's are okay, because your not losing anyone.

Question-6, fairly well, for the most part.

Question-7, There are, a-lot, of "ULTIMA" move's out there, why not use, FINAL,
in place of ultima, for finishing move's down the line, at least as, a TRUE finisher move?

End Review...
2/9/2020 c57 KakeruPB
Q1: It was nice unwider but seriously, Noct shouldn't compare the Organization to Sephiroth and Genesis. Those guys are monster's, unless you are going to use there ReMind version's who are ridiculous.
Q2: Yep!
Q3: What I expected to be honest and I find it funny how Yuna has such clothes. Then again this is her X-2 self which has quite the appeal if I'm being honest.
Q4: Lol! Totally, believable.
Q5: Yep!
Q6: Not sure but I'm really hoping for the exhibition of all the experienced keyblader's skill set's though. Love how you brought back the Tea-cups and Simba though. Seriously, though Aqua needs to talk to Sora about his skill's for real.
Q7: Me!
2/9/2020 c57 5jikker jack
Q1: Very nice. It feels like a smooth wind down from the fighting.

Q2: Yes, I didn’t expect to see her again for a while, but who the heck is taking care of Lucius.

Q3: Yes, though it did feel focused more an Aqua and Gladio then anyone else.

Q4: Pretty funny, I do hope he and Gladio can get all on though.

Q5: Yes and I do love the moments Sora and Kairi share but you honestly scared me a little bit there towards the end. I mean there’s nothing wrong with it, it was funny and cute and normally I wouldn’t have a problem with it at all but I’m more familiar with the younger Sora and Kairi and still tend to picture them that way.

Regardless, it was a good scene, I just need to get up to date with the games.

Q6: Honestly, I want to see the Chocaobo chick. If Momo (sorry if I spelled it wrong) can get his own short story in Avatar, then so can the adorable little bird.

But, failing that, Prompto, is my favorite character so he’d pull in second place.

Q7: Yes but man, I did not expect a whole year. I imagine Xehanort will be regretting giving them a week to get ready. I look forward to seeing their progress and the shenanigans they get into.
2/9/2020 c57 1VashTheStampede0409
Hell of a chapter! maybe the funniest to date man. FINALLY moving away from action for a few chapters... Tales of Ba-Sing-Se is suuuuch a good episode. maybe the best in the series if it werent for Zuko Alone, The Storm, Sozens Comet Avatar Aang or The Siege of the North. but i digress.

Q1) As i said, AWESOME! it was absolutely hilarious man.

Q2) of course! she actually has character in this story(unlike ff15) so its cool to see

Q3) yes it worked really well for this chapter

Q4) PERFECT! the sheer PANICK she felt was perfect. Zack shouldn't he top discouraged. hes got Aerith lol

Q5) I honestly was unsure how youd do with that seeing as you hasnt written any fluff that intimate and passionate in this story before, but you did really well with it!

Q6) Ventus and Axel for sure

Q7) of course! the hyperbolic time chamber is now in RG lol
2/9/2020 c57 1keybladelight
A1: the chapter was good and more of it a star wars joke and lunafreya don't know star wars ok prompto need to get his star wars collection to show to luna the amazing franchise.

A2:very happy.

A3: yeah it was ok.

A4: funny good ol birth by sleep reference.

A5: oh yeah.

A6: hmm I'm hoping you could make cindy episode she could meet terra in a dream as the form of the lingering will sentiment and terranort attack cindy and terra protect her.

A7: yes vey hype.

Q: his there gonna be remind dlc moment when the keyblade war begin.
1/29/2020 c56 KakeruPB
Q1: It was awesome!
Q2: Honestly, I'm surprised no one lost a limb yet with all this close fighting.
Q3: It had to be done.
Q4: Fantastic! By the way his clothes was his Duel wielding form right? Cause that's how I imagined it.
Q5: We need a break before the final fight so yeah.
Q6: Yea, most of his skills were on spot if you used it often enough.
Q7: Really, really nice! Like that it call's back to his old signature to.
1/29/2020 c56 keybladelight
A1: the chapter was good and finally ardyn has appear but he his no longer immortal that his good but he has now Xehanort's darkness which i love it and now in seven days the keyblade war will begin finally just seven day and war begin hope to see the keyblade war can wait for sora tell the eos lucians that ardyn his alive and hope to see round two of noctis vs ardyn.

A2: yeah to much but i hope that he get a new mechanic limb or ine of the keyblade use curaza or mega elixir from a moogle to make it return.

A3: it was ok.

A4: love it and finally use light form and double form even use the phrase my friend are my power that his sora great line and genesis accept his defeat was good.

A5: yup and hope to see more in the keyblade war.

A6: it's call double form but done well but the dual wielding roxas should be the one to use it.

A7: love the name attack ultima ragnarok.
1/29/2020 c56 5jikker jack
Q1: Nice conclusion to this little mini-arch. Also, WHAT THE HECK DID ARDYN DO TO KAIRI! I just know he did something that will pop up in the finale battle!

Q2: maybe a little, but it opens up room for character development. I mean, Cindy and Cid are gonna make him a robot arm right…right?…

Seriously though, Prompto better start scoring points with Cindy or something to make up for all the tragic stuff he’s gone through.

Q3: A bit sad but also another chance for character development and a good chance to make the upgrade to the Ultima Blade, maybe even reforged from the Engine Blade.

Q4: Very satisfying. I actually think the short length of this arc and how fast him and the Horned King were beaten, made Sora and Kairi look even more bad ass.

Q5: Yes, after a high like that, it the perfect point to fluff it up.

Q6: Yes, I feel like the contrast of dark and light isn’t usually emphasized enough when Oblivion and Oathkeeper are together, but you did it pretty good.

Q7: Epic! It’s nice to see his powers evolving and I hope he and the others keep developing too.
1/29/2020 c56 6SniperWolf61
Q1: A bit dark and traumatizing, but it was well done.

Q2: It was too much! Please tell me that Prompto’s arm is going to get reattached back to his body in the next chapter!

Q3: I have mixed thoughts on this, I think it should be rebuilt.

Q4: I was very impressive!

Q5: Yeah!

Q6: Just like KH2.

Q7: I was surprised he could even do that!
1/29/2020 c56 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) it was pretty good for a fight heavy chapter, you know my preference but it was good. did NOT expect Genesis to kick ass like he did lol

Q2) Jesus, Mary and Joseph that was crazy! hes gotta be like Ethan from Resident Evil and just staple it on and throw some goop juice up there lol

Q3) pretty unexpected i gotta say.

Q4) INSANE bro lol i like that the fight was an even one unlike the sephiroth curb stomp at that one base lol(that fight was still cool tho)

Q5) Yes very lol

Q6) it aint no kh3 double form but still AWESOME

Q7) i mean idk it's cool but ive never rly been one for putting a special prefix in front of a pre existing term in rpgs. idk maybe im crazy lol

also dont think i didnt catch that cheeky Re:Mind thing with sora saying "My friends are my power!"(i know thats like his calling card but remind just dropped but I'm making the connection God dammit!) lol good chapter tho, i eagerly await the next!
1/25/2020 c55 Kenny9x3
PLEASE do more Rikku x Ven! I love it.
1/24/2020 c55 Guest-Questioner
Hello, Hello!?

I just got finished, reading this up to now, began earlier this month, just about,
pretty much the beginning of January honestly(I get very easily distracted)

It took me by my guess, as of the near beginning, two week's to get here.

I just wanted to say, that i hope to, eventually, see more of this story, its just that good!

I know, you may not answer back in any, way, but i just wanted to "say"
of how i felt about this story.

Also as of this message, The new K.H.3 DLC has just been released a little bit ago, last i recall.

As for answering the question's of this chapter,

Question-1, i just said it above.

Question-2, I almost believe, the reaction's of these women, for the "shota" sized Ventus.

Question-3, Well, i dislike it it in that, light-this, light-that, light-light-light, its ALWAYS, L-I-G-H-T.
or something representing the very WORD, that is light, There ARE other element's besides light,
that could be used, like say fire, because it IS a, "light" just as well.

Question-4, Ahem, what should, be possible, is not always so much, basically,
You should already have, a plot-line thought out, instead of relying on outside influence's,
to keep this story going, this is YOUR story, not anyone else's.

Question-5, Well, what about other, non-human character's, there are only so many human allies,
there aren't enough of the, animal cast & crew, even if, just as a support role.

Question-6, I've no idea!

Question-7, Well, FFXV already had their royal attire, which was not used yet so, maybe,
enchanted version's of those, The organization cloak's & keyblade armor,
were designed to ward of the darkness, so, how about a variant of that, for them,
in the design of their royal attire?

Question-8, Well, technically P.O.T.C had that with Barbosa, this was just a bit more graphic.

Question-9, Well, a GOOD story requires more then fight scene's so,
keep the general amount of fighting as is, but just, add in more non-fight, scene's , is that okay?

End Review.
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