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1/23/2020 c16 Guest
In kingdom hearts 3 they brought sora's dual wield ability
1/21/2020 c55 KakeruPB
Q1: Not bad, I like how Kairi can finally hold her own.
Q2: When did this happen?
Q3: Worth!
Q4: I'm still waiting for there Nobodies resurrection. By the way I hope you do something with Roxas and Namine last words to Sora and Kairi at the end of KH2 before the last fight with Xemnas.
Q5:... I got nothing.
Q6: Probably, from either Goofy or the guards. Goofy, has pretty good shield's and why doesn't he use Save the King? Same with Donald Save the Queen.
Q7: Of course they need a new wardrobe since they joined the Team.
Q8: It was bound to happen.
Q9: A little but you already set this one up so finish it. Then you can start the training, R&R, and Test for Sora. Oh yea, and fluff between Sora and Kairi can't forget that. Also don't forget Sora interaction with the FF cast talking bout old times when he met them.
Haven't played anything for awhile. Even KH3 just played a bit today and man I'm rusty.
1/21/2020 c55 5jikker jack
Q1: Felt a little rushed in places but you did say you were having trouble with it and we did practically beg for it so I don’t think anyone has a right to complain. The chapter was still solid as a whole and enjoyable to read.

Q2: No, it was adorable and had me cracking up like crazy! GIVE US MORE!

Q3: OMG! She could one shot just about everyone now. If it wasn’t so nice seeing Kairi actually dishing it out as much as she gets and how overpowers the enemies usually are, I’d almost say she was overpowered.

Q4: Lots of fluff to compensate for the massive amount of, admittedly awesome, fighting. Also it would be nice to see a few Mooguls (sorry if I spelled that wrong) since they exist in both games, but differently.

Q5: not sure but I am curious what happened to Cloud. The you introduced him, I thought he was going to have a bigger part in the story. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with how it played out.

Q6: Not a clue.

Q7: Yes, it would be nice for them to update their wardrobe.

Q8: No, it was awesome and made better be Prompto being there.

Q9: A little bit but I could still go for a few more chapters before it becomes to much.

Out of CuriosityThat is a hard one, because I might as well live in a GameStop with how many I have.

It’s probably a tie between Skyrim, and X-Com 2 W.O.C.
1/21/2020 c55 1keybladelight
Q1: it's was good also noct deal.

Q2: no only funny mama aqua need to see this and gladio will have to make sure she do not get her wrath rule of all men's even in other world never anger and woman.

Q3: good but i think it should be use as a shotlock.

Q4: sora vanish like in the game and save kairi and the re:mind dlc and noctis and luna wedding before the keyblade war begin.

Q5: no everyone is here except the ff 13 and ff 14.

Q6: huh i forgot.

Q7: no there are perfect but let them wear their kingglaives for ignis, gladio and prompto and noctis his king clothes for the keyblade war.

Q8: maybe.

Q9: nope.

R1: well mine was star wars jedi fallen order and kh 3.
1/15/2020 c55 1VashTheStampede0409
Yeah my boy Genesis! "I'll take the world with me!"

I think this chapter was awesome. Splitting the group up the way you did let us see a bit of everyone which i rly cool(except zack, the gull wings and yuffie but as you said theyre fighting elsewhere)

Hmmm idk... Whichever is best for you because i could go either way on that. The battle would be cool but seeing them all be super chill with each other and just relaxing and having fun seems good too. Idk whichever you think is best. Besides, no reason after the battle they can't have some well earned R&R and chill for a few days before the end.
1/14/2020 c55 5jikker jack
Not quite sure…

On one hand, I think the chapter is solid and I’m kind of curious to see how it goes.

On the other hand, there has been a lot of non-stop fighting lately.

In the end, I think I’d lean more towards the first option, only shortened a little rather then a full arc.

P.S. After that proclamation of being the king of fishing, I will be very disappointed if Noct doesn’t get a fishing rod Keyblade, some time in the future.
1/14/2020 c55 Guest
Please continue with this arc! Option 1 works for me! :)

You can do it! :)

1/14/2020 c54 KakeruPB
Well if he want's him... Let Sora take him on.
1/14/2020 c54 1keybladelight
So is this like a spin off ff x kh dissidia before the keyblade war begin.
1/8/2020 c1 Jokah
Can you start using " " instead of ' '?
When someone speaks please? Apostrophes ( ' ) aren't usually used to show when people are speaking. It's normally quotation Mark's. ( " )
1/8/2020 c53 5jikker jack
Q1Really likes it.

Q2Though Yen Sid was a little out of character, but that’s not always a bad thing with FanFiction.

Q3like the name though I couldn’t catch the meaning behind the ones for the Nobodies. Also surprised but not disappointed that the chick was small like the ones in “FFXIII” as opposed to the lager ones from “XV”


Q5Curious to see how the “FF” characters react to their counterparts.

Q6Really like. Though the battle with him on Eos was epic, it didn’t quite seem a fitting end for him, so I’m glade to see he still has more screen time.
1/7/2020 c53 KakeruPB
Now that I can believe. But who would've thought Ava was still alive, I can understand the rest of the Foretellers since it was explained, but her who knows. Looks like she's wandering and waiting as well.
By the way you should have them watch the war but not interfere. Maybe throw in a few quips for humor.
Q1: Not bad
Q2: As expected, dudes a hard ass.
Q3: Eh, Im fine with it.
Q4: Well considering Aqua is her master it makes sense. Sora would probably get a board while Riku would get a bike.
Q5: I have no clue this is new territory but I guess, if anything soon the reborn Namine and Roxas!
Q6: It fit's
Q7: The Gullwings but not fairy form.
1/7/2020 c53 1keybladelight
Q1:The baby chocobo was cute master ava appear in front well some union cross as appear at least the rest of the foreteller will appear in the epilogue and whaaaat ardyn is alive a vessel of Xehanort well this keyblade war will be more interesting than the canon but di a favor make sora vanish like in the game to save kairi and maybe go to the remind dlc.

Q2: well i know they have broke the law of the world order so i think any keyblade master will be very upset and disappointed to their students or fellow master.

Q3: hum I'm lost to that question literally lost

Q4: both like: only if is a formerchange hate: because it broke the all kh timeline.

Q5: i want to see noctis and luna wedding and WAR! The keyblade war.

Q6: ho ho ho ho (evil laugh) me like me want to see round 2 but only noctis vs ardyn in the war.

Q7: all the ff characters that appear in the kh games.
1/7/2020 c53 1VashTheStampede0409
Oh man this next arc is gonna be SO COOL!

Q1)Oh wow this chapter was great! The debate with Yen Sid was VICIOUS! About the perfect length too. Great job all around!

Q2) He was great. The debate between the guardians and him tho... Be like havin Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos in a debate with each other.

Q3) I obviously know the ones for the nobodies so i wont say those. For the chocobo bartz and koko are from ff5

Q4) its pretty cool. Didn't rly see enough of it to have an opinion on it but it seems cool. Maybe we'll see it more in the future.

Q5) a plethora of things. Too many to name lop

Q6) more ardyn is ALWAYS a good thing lol

Q7) id really like to see Red XIII and maybe even Irvine and Zell even if it's just a brief cameo.
1/7/2020 c53 ObsidianUnknown66
Oh, snap Ardyn's become a Xehanort vessel wonder how that will affect his powers and what his new "weapon" looks like. Let's see Radiant Garden is under attack by the darkness what has the organization sent to attack the world and is one of their members their leading the attack?

I can't wait for the next chapter.
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