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12/20/2019 c49 4Haxorus knight
Q3: yes! Free him
12/17/2019 c48 1VashTheStampede0409
Whew im finally back in top shape. Dunno what i had but it was givin me the dickens! Anyways, review! Im confident everyone will like what you have planned! Most will anyways.

Q1) Really cool! Good character development for prompto and kinda kairi too(maybe¿? Idk not used to writing these after a week of death lol)

Q2) Really well done! 2 characters with their own insecurities having to overcome them and keep moving forward. Good ol anime/kh stuff!

Q3) Meh kind of indifferent. More so like than dislike tho

Q4) What exactly do you mean?

Q5) that thing was INTIMIDATING. Good night of livin i was intimidated just reading it. A hell of a lot better than *sigh* immortalis.
12/12/2019 c48 5jikker jack
Just a thought. Since Ravos was technically a Heartless before he died (R.I.P.) could he still have a Nobody alive a kicking.
12/12/2019 c48 1keybladelight
Ohh the you said your are doomed does this mean that soranort will appear.

Q1: it was good and i see that their boss fight was a clone of luna i think i see the version of the daemons version of the light novel dawn of the futur in this chapter and kairi wield oathkeeper that cool.

Q2: good.

Q3: like but still keep the destiny embrace as main keyblade.

Q4: cindy's little journey or the organization 13 conversation in the world that never was or keyblade graveyard dark meeting.

Q5: was good the fight was good.
12/12/2019 c48 ObsidianUnknown66
What happened to Verstael?
12/12/2019 c48 KakeruPB
Q3: Oathkeeper a whip... I don't how to feel bout tht considering what that keyblade stands for between Sora and Kairi.
Now as for confrontation with Sora... get ready to get burned.
12/12/2019 c48 Mauricio Cunningham
Just in case no one has read chapter 48 yet, you have to go back to chapter 46 and click on chapter 48 to read it.
12/8/2019 c47 1VashTheStampede0409
i feel that hoss. Christmas decorations are a pain in the ass to say the least... hanging Goddamn Christmas lights off the edge of the roof... like i got nothin else better to do with my time...

On Dragon Ball Z!

Yes Immortalis is trash

Q1) Pretty good. great character development... and showing ardyns newfound mortality

Q2) Great! these are 2 characters with big insecurities having to face said insecurities in their respective ways and i gotta say it was really well done!

Q3) Well i mean, Aranea has a bigger role in the second half of the dlc anyways so it makes sense.

Q4) Nope! Diamond Weapon?

Q5) i have no clue lol

Q6) seeing her, with her own insecurities and issues, having to put that aside and comfort him through his was pretty good and kinda sweet.

Q7) Noctis, blessing left with bahamut so therefore so does ardyns curse. badabing badaboom.
12/8/2019 c47 1keybladelight
Q1: love it.

Q2: kairi c9comfort prompto it was good.

Q3: yes.

Q4: verstael?

Q5: maybe to created their own clone and try to harnest the light to transform it into darkness after all a princess of heart never add a darkened heart.

Q6: they know their pain and there a good friends.

Q7: maybe because the light is getting back to eos.
12/4/2019 c46 KakeruPB
Q3: Yep!
Q4: I just want karma to come already and gives these baddies the but kicking that is far overdue.
Q6: Tag along
Q8: Considering what she wrote at ending in Kh2? Probably something similar to that.
12/4/2019 c46 Guest Isa
Way late review.

Wasn't expecting the return of Zack Fair, I suppose that's fair game for the future since Nomura confessed that the Final Fantasy cast is phasing out from KH. Ugh...

I'll confess last chapter was interesting, wasn't expecting Horned King and Genesis with Maleficent and Pete. But let's face it if HK isn't used in that capacity, they'll have wasted him.

Q1: Ignis has his sight back! Somewhat. But still, I'll take it!

Q2: As malevolent as ever.

Q3: Sure.

Q4: Oh yes indeed.

Q5: Not bad at all.

Q6: Let's see what she can do to provide aid to our heroes, shall we?

Q7: That fight in particular was refreshing to see.

Q8: Hmmmmmm….
12/4/2019 c46 1VashTheStampede0409
'preciate the shout out!

Q1) Pretty good. albeit a little long.

Q2) ardyn was great as always being his swanky suave and smooth self.

Q3) yeah id say she could use more screen time.


Q5) they were good, im not super big on fights but they were pretty good!

Q6) TAG ALONG! She has been sidelined by ff15 way too much.

Q7) it was pretty good!

Q8) Typical generic over emoting anime robot kh nonsense is my guess lol
12/4/2019 c46 1keybladelight
Q1: good.

Q2: good as always the the villain mastermind compared to Xehanort he as taken is plan for a long time.

Q3: yes.

Q4: oh yes espacely kairi and areana teased kairi with sora.

Q5: good.

Q6: tag along she is a princess of heart so she a target of Xehanort and noctis is her guardian of light.

Q7: oh yes love their fight at least prompto get some action against adagium.

Q8: yes I'm curious.

Have you ever play code vein can you make a story that is not related to ff x kh just a kh 3 after riku could be the main character he go world to world to located sora after he save kairi and abused the power of waking and vanish and leave kairi in the destiny island for sora sakes that he go find him alone if you saw code vein and see a girl name Io then you gonna know why i see her in a good pair of romance with master riku. Or into another game or anime but riku only.
12/4/2019 c45 Guest
Q1: Sure I did!

Q2: Yeah. I like too.

Q3: It was fine.

Q4: I think I would like to see the Master of Masters make an appearance in future chapters

Q5: Don't really know.
12/1/2019 c45 6SniperWolf61
Q1: Of course!

Q2: Sure I like to see more!

Q3: It was interesting and okay at the same time.

Q4: I think I would like to see the FFXV gang fight in the Keyblade War besides people are talking about this for months! And I probably see Noct somehow wield Way to Dawn.

Q5: Not sure.
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