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11/30/2019 c45 Guest
Q1: Yeah!

Q2: Sure.

Q3: It was okay, same as the original.

Q4: Noct and the gang being part of the Keyblade War.

Q5: I don’t know.
11/30/2019 c45 1keybladelight
Q1: yes.

Q2: yes want to see more and when kairi see noctis and luna flirting she get sad and remind him with her and sora and maybe noct want to get sora back more than ever to pay is debt for saving luna.

Q3: good.

Q4: maybe sora turning to soranort.

Q5: i don' maybe getting is eyes back?
11/30/2019 c45 1VashTheStampede0409
right there with ya pal. the cold has been KILLING my head. Sinus headaches out the ass all day.

as for what riku did to him? oh i dont know *shifty eyes*

a lack of action doesnt rly bother me.

Q1) yes very much i loved seeing Noct and Luna being sweet on each other and seeing that Prompto cares about the gang more than any of the others do.

Q2) Yes i loved them bein sweet on each other and id love to see more

Q3) Seemed fine to me. better than kh3s...(btw new remind trailer confirmed to come out and show the release date at some point in december!)

Q4) Character development for those that need it. Id Est: Luna. I really like you expanding on her character.

Q5) Hmmmm... not sure *shifty eyes intensifies*
11/30/2019 c45 4Haxorus knight
I would like Sora back in action and not against his real friends.
11/27/2019 c44 1keybladelight
Q1: yes but her appearance in the keyblade war.

Q2: good.

Q3: no i love that there are in human size.

Q4: no keep tormenting ven so that blue mom know who she is going to get her wrath but keep him tormenting in the what they ecchi moment.

Q5: huh genesis ff 7 and horned king don't know.

Q6: humor that ven get all the pretty girls and aqua big sis/mom sense are tingling.
11/27/2019 c44 4Haxorus knight
And by the way, when is Sora is coming back?!
11/27/2019 c44 1VashTheStampede0409
Oh my God bro I'm weak rn lmaooo Ventus: King of the Waifus lmaoooo. oh man this gave me a great laugh or 10 lol. great work with this chapter and the character interactions.

Q1) Kinda. never was REALLY crazy over her but her fading away in 358/2 days made me tear up at least.

Q2) Friggin perfect bro you nailed it!

Q3) Nah nah. it made for perfect comedy!


Q5) Genesis i know. and hes totally badass and awesome. as for Horned King i have no clue. lol Skeletor? i have no idea.

Q6) It was PERFECT!
11/24/2019 c43 VashTheStampede0409
Everything i hoped for and more! this is awesome! these are the character interactions i love so much! Make sure Cid drinks his GOD DAMN TEA!(please tell me you get the reference)

Q1) it was awesome! seeing the others was so cool!

Q2) Id like to see more of zack. and hear Cid tell everyone to drink their GOD DAMN TEA!

Q3) In general or in the kh universe? in general Ardyn, in the Kh universe Cloud just cause he's one of the ones we've seen the most of.

Q4) Character interactions.

Q5) nah not really. i mean id like to see Genesis but i really dont need to.


Q7) Maybe... idk... i feel like their would be no tension seeing as theyd be so freakishly strong.

Q8) The sweet southern Belle was amazing as she always is.


Q10) Not at all!
11/24/2019 c43 KakeruPB
Q1: Pretty enjoyable honestly and it's hilarious how innocent Ventus is with Puberty FINALLY kicking in.
Q2: You already introduce some good ones and is there a restriction with FF characters?
Q3: Don't got one
Q4: Both
Q5: Bring back the Gullwings but not as small fairy's
Q6: Not me
Q7: YES!
Q8: Ehhh
Q9: Hilarious! Lol!
Q10: A little
11/24/2019 c43 1keybladelight
Q1: it's was awesome.

Q2: cindy talking to ff 7 cid she so confused why he as is grandpa's name.

Q3: aerith.

Q4: yes but dod more of the cindy axel and mickey and ven little adventure and maybe hope that cindy go to the keyblade graveyard by accident and meet the lingering will or see some vision of the past terra amored as the lingering will.

Q5: i think all the ff characters that appear in kingdom hearts franchise is ok no need to have more of them.

Q6: no

Q7: yes.

Q8: it's good i will call it final fantasy xv episode cindy.

Q9: poor guy ven is like a millennia years old of the union cross era so i think puberty as hit on the right time.

Q10: no.
11/22/2019 c30 5jikker jack
If I were part of the Crown's Guard, my weapon would be twin brodswords and my talent would be me hooking them together and extending them into a doble bladed scythe and essentially going into a raging blitz mode.
11/20/2019 c42 KakeruPB
Q1: It's a keyblade it'll get the job done. Although, it's one stronger ones since it allows him to use armgier. Below Ultima that's for sure.
Q2: Why not, although I just skim now since i'm still waiting for are boy to make a bad ass come back.
Q3: I like it! We needed more girls seriously. That and she still hasn't met Sora properly yet! Also can't forget girl talk with Kairi, definitely can't forget that.
Q4: To be honest I kind of skim that. So it's ok so far. I jst dnt know Iris character that well
Q5: Hmm, tough question right now.
Q6: Good
Q7: Eh it's fine the way it is.
Of course! We need bloopers! lol
11/20/2019 c42 1keybladelight
Q1: it cool but need a drawing to see better other than the description of noctis keyblade.

Q2: It was good to see hope to see more od noct and luna.

Q3: at least she going on a journey other than staying in the same place.

Q4: yes want to see more.

Q5: cor and Cindy.

Q6: good.

Q7: as there siblings yes.
11/20/2019 c42 Guest

Q1: It's fitting for Noct!

Q2: Yes!

Q3: This is reminding of FF Versus 13 in a good way! :)

Q4: Iris and Riku were good! I love their bond connection! Yes, more please! :)

Q5: Donald and Goofy side of their stories about their journey with Sora!

Q6: The lengths of the chapters are good to work with! :)

Q7: Yes, to show how Sora influenced their lives for the good and better!
11/20/2019 c42 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) Its got a cool design from how you described it

Q2) Yes they were adorable together!

Q3) YES she has to come along. her clothes kinda reminded me of Sarahs from the terra wars quest.

Q4) Yeah! Maybe they can face time on the boat and train!

Q5) Theyre all good on screen time now! minus sora but im sure we'll see him soon.

Q6) I like chapters around this length tbh

Q7) Idk i think they made up pretty well here.
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