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1/13 c29 ooshpie
Gonna be honest, I'm so glad you had namine say that riku's past should be told by him alone. Had a discussion about that with a friend when MoM came out. Also, the introspection with aqua and gladio was adorable! Your xigbar is on point, too, which is really cool. Overall great job on the chapter!
1/11 c97 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) great chapter!

Q2) a really good adaptation for this story

Q3) Insanely ginormous lol

Q4) only made sense he'd do an official one

Q5) the tradition continues!

Q6) kokos gotta be the size of the fat little chocochicks from ffxv by now lol

Q7) makes sense seeing as there's no way they're gonna break up lol

Q8) seemed... odd?

Q9) Yes actually. but I'm intrigued that Noct and Sora are having like ptsd from the fight against the verum rex trio.

Q10) to see a certain someone that disappeared in the 10s or 20s of this story...
1/10 c97 donnelld764
Seeing them with their children but all in all this is the greatest crossover I've read in my life
1/10 c97 4jikker jack
Q1: Aahh, nice slice of life chapter.

Q2: Nice.

Also never doubt Ignis’ cooking.

Q3: that was very nice. The bit between Roxes, Naminë, and. Xion still felt a little weird but the rest of the chapter was amazing.

Q4: It’s about time! I’m willing to bet everyone would have forced him to propose if he hadn’t.

Q5: This will always be my favorite running gag for this story.

Q6: Sorry, but I don’t get that reference.

Q7: If I wasn’t very clearly a dude, I would be squealing like a little girl right now.

Q8: My reaction was a little bit like Lea’s. I actually though she was trying to summon a weapon using the Lucii magic at first. I greatly approve of this decision though.

Q9: The double edged sword of all stories, but it’s going out on a good note.

Q10: I’m a bit of the romantic type, so I really enjoy the epilogue when everyone’s got kids of their own, getting read for their own adventure.
1/10 c97 Night lock117
Very excellent chapter, very heartwarming indeed. I have to ask thought, with the inevitable kh4 coming out will you make a sequel to this story? I would honestly love to see that
1/10 c97 1keybladelight
Well what a great chapter I hope that you can make the next chapter the wedding that his my question are you gonna do the wedding of noctis and lunafreya like in dawn of the future light novel.

Just hope to see the wedding has a special chapter and a notes boy funeral all guy do a party before noctis get married so his the girls do a girl funeral for Luna.
1/2 c28 ooshpie
Well, I really liked Aqua's new outfit! I'm really glad kairi just went for it and talked it out with sora too. Don't want her hanging on the same thing over and over again. The whole chapter was nicely put together and I liked that it felt like they just had a day off. Great job on it!
12/28/2020 c27 ooshpie
Hey! This one was awesome! I thought the fights were really well paced, and yes, you are doing justice for gladio. The heart to heart they had was really adorable and eraqus was spot on too. You've really gotten into a groove with the characters and I think it's a clever idea to get into themes with the keyblades. Really enjoyed it!
12/15/2020 c26 ooshpie
Wow! That was a super good look into Aqua's psyche and gladiolus' determination! I loved how detailed everything was and how well it all tied together. Also, not gonna lie, the way you write these two is adorable. I can't wait to see how they're gonna continue to grow together!
12/13/2020 c96 keybladelight
I hope the next chapter will be noctis coronation for his accession has king and his wedding.

You better thrown the biggest wedding party that you have ever written with all the heroes characters of both franchises.
12/13/2020 c96 4jikker jack
Q1: First moments back and the first thing Noct does is go fishing. I guess some things never changed.

Q2: Makes the most since to me, given how little we know about the Final World.

Q3: Wonderful.

Q4: Finally a good foam bat to beat depression silly.

Kinda surprised Kairi just got up and started walking again though, after a year in a coma.

Q5: An Olympic sized swimming pool of pure fluff.

Q6: Sure.

Q7: Yes.

Q8: Yah, I’m kinda curious if that little teddy bear is gonna come back or, you know, be stuck in basically limbo for eternity.
12/13/2020 c96 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) Was good. A little slow and it mostly being sora and noct wasn't rly something I liked. overall id say it was good tho.

Q2) Perfectly kingdom hearts

Q3) I did really like that. the reunion with noct and the brosluna was great.

Q4) A little bold of sora to say he's not complaining about her in her undees lol

Q5) HM


Q7) Yes actually

Q8) Yes, Im very curious about chirithy.
12/12/2020 c59 daniele583
Make me understand: Here Rikku is no more the little fairy of kingdom hearts 2, right? She is high like all the other people?
12/10/2020 c95 VashTheStampede0409
Q1) Really liked it. their lives 1 year later was SUUUPER good.

Q2) the wayfinder guys living in RG

Q3) it seems fine from what I can tell

Q4) Oddly friendly... HMMMM INTENSIFIES

Q5) perfectly believable considering how little they understand the world and how childish they would be

Q6) Kinda? could be a good short

Q7Xion's super awesome list of things to do with Kairi and Naminé"

Q8) Perhaps lol

Q9) it's certainly different to picture. I think terra with long hair like a samurai type works well tho.
12/10/2020 c95 4jikker jack
Q1: Wow, I wasn’t expecting such a big time skip. Also, didn’t they already get a replica body for Naminé?

Q2: Probably Xion and Roxas, thought it was pretty interesting seeing Luna and Ignis dealing with the political BS in Insomnia. I know I would love to see them plotting something and then wetting their parents when Naminé busts them.

Q3: Nice.

Q4: Interesting match.

Q5: Sorry but I’m afraid the scene was so flawless that I went blind partway through.

Q6: That is and intriguing idea and maybe a chance to visit some of the more under-appreciated Disney worlds. Treasure Planet anyone!?

Q7: Just when I think my eyes have finally dried out, you pull this beautiful and sad scene.

Q8: Yes! And seriously, who has been taking care of the chocobo chick for a whole year.

Q9: Not bad.
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