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11/16/2019 c41 1keybladelight
Q1: love it and that you have make noct became a keyblade wielder.

Q2: it's was beautiful eraqua put a back up plan that sly fox can wait for ardyn and xigbar faces.

Q3: it's good two old generation be friends.

Q4: very existed.

Q5: yes.

Q6: don't know angry ot earger to have is fight with noct the battle of kings.

Q7: it's was ok but i hope they reconciled.
11/16/2019 c41 Guest
I like to know what happens to sora
11/16/2019 c41 2KookieMan20
Talk about a contingency plan. Master Eraqus, That Sly fox.
11/16/2019 c41 1VashTheStampede0409
bu-RUH you perfectly showed just how integral sora is with this chapter. that hes the glue that holds EVERYTHING together. really well done chapter!

Q1) Really good! things have gone to shit and seeing how they're starting to deal with it is really cool!

Q2) It was pretty cool. more of eraqus is always rly cool.

Q3) Yes very much! it was cool to see them be on such friendly terms. Regis is a character that needed more love.


Q5) In what way do you mean?

Q6) I think he'll be glad to have a good fight. Given how freakishly powerful ardyn will be with the blight.

Q7) I really like it! Riku feels guilty so he doesnt wanna see her. or talk to her. hes stressed so hes easily set off. He thinks its his fault that sora was taken and thats why he was hesitant to be the one to tell kairi hes gone. not just because Soras gone, but because he thinks he couldve done more to save sora.
11/16/2019 c41 KakeruPB
Q1: Pretty good
Q2: I can see it.
Q3: Eh
Q4: Nope, just want are boy back Kicking ass and taking names
Q5: Nope limit's are pretty much Sora thing considering he can easily synchronize with anyone he meets.
Q6: Not happy
Q7: It's to be expected since Sora was the glue that kept the three together.
11/16/2019 c41 ulquiorra.schiffer.1291
11/13/2019 c40 Guest
You're welcome! :)

Q1: After what I saw from Episode Ardyn. Yes, Ardyn and Bahamut deserve this battle!

Q2: Yes, Ardyn has his right to do so, after all of his suffering.

Q3: Yes and no; Yes, because she barely survived a fatal death and hearing Sora was taken from her is killing her emotionally. No, because this is her chance to get stronger and believing in herself that you will save Sora.

Q4: Absolutely! :D

Q5: Give the characters like Iris being with Riku and same Luna and Noct. I'm honestly hoping the heroes including Kairi save Sora! :)
11/13/2019 c40 1Michael Chen
Q1: ardyn was well deserved that so yeah i enjoyed
Q2: wait a god damn second, so ardyn can still using the armiger and the crystal power? if yes, that's pretty ffor Noctis and Luna.
Q3: nah, you're doing good on that since sora got a harsh in KH 3 for losing Kairi so yeah now it's her turn.
Q4: oh hell yeah, you got 2 more dlcs to go, it's prompto and arenea (if you had read the dawn of the future).
Q5: like i said, you're just doin good at there.

P.s to answer your lastest question that you asked, Ardyn can just make a their replica keyblade by just using his daemon power to create it but not powerfull as it's original one but it can be used to mock them at least, after all Ardyn was a well damn jackass jester.
11/12/2019 c40 1keybladelight
Q1: love it after what bahamut did play fate with ardyn.

Q2: after all that happen to ardyn i think he deserve it but please don't corrupt sora and became soranort or maybe let him become sora-Xehanort.

Q3: yeah that was really harsh.

Q4: oh yeah you should make soranort appear in conference room in the Nifheilm like a the star wars ep 4 movie. And make iris take care of riku sadness he need to let it out and cry he don't need to have all that inside is heart make a iris x riku moment to comfort our poor keyblade master.

Q5: make noctis sleeping some moment having a nightmare then sora arrived in is dream to save him and tell me to not give up if noctis as lost is royal then maybe he could use a different power that gonna be temporary he could use sora's power is keyblade kingdom key let noctis use sora's keyblade as a temporary for him to save hin first as a debt for saving luna and to make him return to kairi that could be noct temporary power having sora's keyblade because is heart is inside noctis ro help him sora always help is friends even when he was in darkness he still help them.

If you make soranort appear i suggest that you go to google images and tip "kh3 soranort" you gonna find many good thing that could make to make soranort appear.
11/12/2019 c40 Guest Isa
Q1: Magnificent!

Q2: Indeed. Hoping they manage to best him for good eventually!

Q3: Kairi's in the fight, actually in the fight. There's bound to be a bit of suffering, but it builds character. I'm gonna be disappointed if she appears in KH4 without any guilt for becoming the damsel in distress, AGAIN, that Sora has to sacrifice himself for, AGAIN.

Q4: Hell, yeah!

Q5: Getting back on their feet, training in new types of magic, I mean Leon, Cloud and the gang can fight on their own, Goofy-Donald have their magic weapons; Figured that's how Prompto, Ignis and Gladio fought, but that is NOT the case...

Long overdue, but if Ignis had to go blind, at least he was a badass doing it.

Erm, I'd rather you focused on this story and finished it without adding a Christmas version, if you please.
11/12/2019 c40 1VashTheStampede0409
oh yeah sadness and sorrow chapters! I love the dark stories... fuckin ardyn bro! just wow! a really cool chapter! i got some real Loki vibes from ardyn smiling and saying "Where do we start?"

Q1) A totally badass curb stomp!

Q2) I loved it! but i have a bias...

Q3) Meh. whatever doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger


Q5) Oh i can only imagine *shifty eyes*

im so on board with the Christmas chapter!
11/12/2019 c40 4Haxorus knight
Q3: yes you are
11/12/2019 c40 KakeruPB
a bit harsh? Dude! give those 2 a break already! anyways I hope Sora survives his ordeal. cause I'm really not happy of what u have planned for him
11/9/2019 c39 Guest
Guest: My name is Shock17. I was the guest that gave you the nice comment about your story and concerned about chapter 38 being down Anyway, time to answer your questions

Q1: That was insane and awesome! :)

Q2: Xigbar and Ardyn were portrayed well for their combat team work. :)

Q3: I was hoping Ravus would survive and teamed up with the group after Altissa ended. He did have redemption in end. Which I was happy to see. :) / :'(

Q4: Having everyone (Iris and Luna too ) regroup at Hammerhead or Lestallum about the Eternal Night. Rescuing Sora especially, Kairi will do everything to bring him back to her :)

Q5: MY GOD! I miss him before he got taken! Why him!? Don't let Sora succumb to darkness. :'(
11/8/2019 c39 1keybladelight
Q1: love it.

Q2: there were really good to have them in a dark team up. Ardyn as the ring what will happen now.

Q3 a great sacrifice for a great man who return to the light of is heart.

Q4: noctis healing and having noctis x luna romance moment and riku getting comfort for iris and kairi wake up. A organization 13 meeting.

Q5: yeah gonna miss him just hope he don't became a seeker of darkness.
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