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10/31/2019 c37 3Justaguynobigdealallright
very good chapter, intense, good battles they were planned out very good

yes I did like nocts limit break of some sorts

the bow was unique and I loved how you used it with flowmotion

well episode Ignis wasn't my favorite but I'm excited non the less

it really made the scene intense

very good job way over my expectations
10/31/2019 c37 1Michael Chen
i gonna swear to god this is the god damn cliffhanger, please let luna live or at least let her be revived by bahamut just like the dawn of the future, i will be damned if luna is dead again.

Q1: very intense and well damn good and god damn cliffhanger.
Q2: 100 arms that's new and great.
Q3: thumbs up
Q4: damn right, i have been waiting for this.
Q5shurgs' dunno bout that.

P.s plz don't let luna die again, i will be very damned bout this.
10/30/2019 c37 1keybladelight
You mother cliffhanger i hate when author stop at the best moments of the story. Please tell me kairi is alive after all she need to be strike down by xehanort in the keyblade war so that sora get real motivation ardyn is like a little taste of despair that he will put Xehanort what he did.

Q1: beautiful.

Q2: oh yeah love it.

Q3: cool but until we see the canon oathkeeper form change in the remind dlc it will be cooler than your.

Q4: oh yeah mostly master riku.

Q5: oh yes it was displayed very good i think ardyn would love to unleash rage form again maybe try to control sora's darkness form after all rage form is strong maybe make ardyn like want to have sora join is side so that he can unleashed again.

Is the ff xv characters going in the keyblade graveyard and Xehanort call them honored guests to see the keyblade war is still in the idea list.
10/30/2019 c37 KakeruPB
Q1: Not bad and the battle was believable. Sora was exhausted sadly and wasnt able to fight at his best against terranort but still better than those who were exhausted could.
Q2: Not bad, but who was that voice though?
Q3: it fits Kairi although I was expecting a light form like in the dlc
10/30/2019 c37 1VashTheStampede0409
GOD DAMMIT CLIFFHANGER?! REAAAAALLY?!(im not actually that angry im just over exaggerating my rage for comedic effect lol).Kairi, Sora, Namine, LUNA?! WHAT HAPPENED GAHHH! Fine God Dammit questions!

Q1) it was great but wow dude way to turn on the troll my guy.

Q2) It was great! done just as it was in the game

Q3) The bow was pretty minty bro!


Q5) Yes absolutely. BUT DUDE... WHATTTTT?!
10/30/2019 c37 4Haxorus knight
And where is Sora and Kairi!?
10/30/2019 c37 ulquiorra.schiffer.1291

Who died-
10/29/2019 c36 1Michael Chen
Q1: Thumbs up for that.
Q2: i didn't expect that she would became that, so idk whether i agree or not about that.
Q3: Damn Right, it's Episode Ignis hope you add anothe ending which lead into verse 2 ending.
Q4: Ardyn Lucis Caelum the god damn jester (still feels bad to saying him like that because he's just a victim to Bahamut).
Q5: you don't need to know again, of course.
10/28/2019 c36 3Justaguynobigdealallright
I'm so excited this part way my favorite part of the whole game so I'm hoping you do very well on it
10/27/2019 c36 1VashTheStampede0409
OHHHHH YEAHHHH! Shits about to get REAL in altissia! Something tells me Accordo will be in even worse shape than it was in ff15 in this one. God knows this will truly be amazing. 'Preciate the shout out!

Q1) Yes it was really good! The dialogue felt organic and not like choppy kingdom heartsy dialogue so you TOTALLY nailed it!

Q2) Yes of course because lets be real. That girl that looks like Stella in Verum Rex is DEFINITELY gonna be a princess of light.

Q3) Episode Ignis!

Q4) Honestly just Noctis and Luna.

Q5) Usually im more pumped for character interactions but YES absolutely! the fights are about to be AMAZING in this i can tell!
10/27/2019 c36 1keybladelight
Q1: love it.

Q2: yes but the title is call princess of heart no princesse of light.

Q3: ravus.

Q5: yes and hope you can change the event of luna's death this time save her but sora save luna so that noct pay great debt after all sora is the one that save terra and brought back roxas and xion so sora save luna like all happy ending he give and noct could be grateful.
10/27/2019 c36 KakeruPB
Q1: I'm sad it wasn't in better circumstances.
Q2: Yes, If she survives definitely.
Q3: The Mayhem Sora will wreck on the empire showing them why he is such a big threat. Even though Xigbar didn't mention it to them. A bit surprised really, u think he would at least give credit where credit is due.
Q4: Sora, Noctis, Luna, Kairi and Namine. Seriously, these are there chapters! They need the spot light for this fight!
Q5: Hell Yeah! I've been waiting for Sora to finally cut loose! Seriously, who else can say they can cut down building's and air ships like Swiss cheese besides Riku?
10/25/2019 c35 Guest Isa
Q1: I'd say so, yeah.

Q2: Glad, though I felt he didn't make too big an impact on the original story, I liked his character nonetheless.

Q3: Hell yeah! Though when Riku asks Cid that Cidney just blasted off 'into space', you might wanna edit that out, Cid isn't supposed to know about other worlds and Riku shouldn't know that he knows, y'know? Unless I'm mistaken...?

Q4: Erm, Iggy getting to keep his sight...? I mean if Cor's fate can be changed through KH3 'meddling'...Plus with ALL the other out-worlders present, ONE of them has to have Ignis covered.

Q5: Ugh, fine. No. ;)

Q6: You're a genius! For a second I thought Jack would use the Leviathan as a temporary replacement for the Pearl till he managed to take it back.
10/24/2019 c35 DactumB
I have a question Sora will have new invocations? If so, I would recommend that you have Bahamut not the FFXV but if any game in the saga
10/24/2019 c35 KakeruPB
Q1: Yep! Woo Leviathan lol! Seriously, does in KH3 starts making little sense to me when it comes to his attraction rides. Now calling on his baby Leviathan lol! Man Jack u aren't wrong one bit.
Q2: Not bad, at least he's alive all things considered.
Q3: Hmm, why not, but not a whole chapter. Only to see what's going on there end.
Q4: Sora fight and Sora and Noctis tag team fight against Leviathan! It's going to be awesome!
Q5: Only if necessary.
Q6: Of course lol! He's Jack Sparrow! Sora brother of the Sea and fellow captain!
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