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10/17/2019 c32 KakeruPB
Great chapter! I like how adventurous Namine is, never knew she had it in her. Then again she is also Kairi other half so I guess that's to be expected. As for Noct knowing bout the final battle... I can't blame him for thinking that. Seriously, Let's be real here if it wasn't for Sora going Ape shit on the entire 13 darkness side they wouldn't have won.
Now before anyone's flames for something I said I want to point out a few points of why I think this. First, Aqua she has been trapped in ROD so long and lost her keyblade so she's for sure pretty damn weak after the fight with Sora and Vanitas. Second, Vanitas... he's been asleep for more than a decade enough said. Finally, Kairi and Lea... that's just finished training and Yen Sid think they are ready for a war? I'm sorry that just sounds like plain Suicide to me. Literally, the only comptent fighter's they had before Roxas show's up were Sora, Riku and Mickey.
Q1: I think it's cute! There like best friends, although it looks like u are trying to make the sister's.
Q2: To many damn agendas.
Q3: Nope! Can I have a clue?
Q4: Figure's...
Q5: As long as you don't nerf Sora again and have everybody pull out the stop's. Limit's, Form Changes, Dual Wielding etc. I want Sora show why he was able to take out people like Ansem, Marluxia and the Organization. Even having Sora using the enemies weapons! After all if you remember Kh2 he was able to use a scythe and a claymore.
Let me drink this and I will make you an even better one.
Ultima Form Sora for the win!
10/14/2019 c31 1Michael Chen
Q1: Not bad.
Q2: I was enjoy to see such a detail fight. it's good
Q4A happy ending, like Dawn of the future one, i don't want Noctis and Luna to die, and I don't want Ardyn to die miserably. and hope you add ignis dlc story too coz there're about two endings in Episode ignis so yeah it's gonna be a long story but i know you could do it.

anyway nice chapter.
10/13/2019 c31 1keybladelight
Q1: Cool I like the most is her spell is like the spell ultima when Mickey did with Xehanort against is stopza.

Q2: i enjoy it.

Q3 : all the dungeons.

Q4: namine and luna but the most is the master of master appear but this time i want him appear in front of lunafreya.
10/13/2019 c31 KakeruPB
Q1: They were awesome! Though i feel that you haven't been doing Sora justice lately. He feels weaker than he was when he first arrived. Still not showing his full potential, as if he is subconsciously holding himself back. Seriously, Sora should've been busting out his form changes as if they were going out of style making short work of the fodder and the stronger ones struggling a bit to keep up with his diversity before they go down.
Q2: The fight was great but like I said earlier it's just been Sora who has been shafted lately.
Q3: Haven't played game so no comment.
Q4: I have no clue. I'm just enjoying it in general.
That's tough, they all have there own quirks and baggage.
Kingdom Hearts 2 hands down, no question about it.
10/13/2019 c31 1VashTheStampede0409
Wowza that was quite a read! Great chapter though with the best written action so far! Im totally fine with chapters taking 4 to 5 days if they all come out this good! Top to bottom this was awesome. Great interactions and great action. Truly one of the best chapters so far! 'Preciate the shout out! Cant wait to see what our villains are up to and how Luna and Naminé are doing. Q1) Im really digging the weapons they had! Aqua, Riku, and Kairi all have such awesome form changes. I wonder what else Riku will get in the future... Q2) It was great! Maybe a tad too long but it was entertaining so i won't complain. Q3) Daurell Caverns ftw! Q4) how vastly different the altissia part will be with an extra 6 people! Bonus Question 1) Iggy all the way. 2) Kingdom Hearts 1. Again this was a great chapter! You did an awesome job on this one!
10/11/2019 c30 1Michael Chen
hope you add a story about ardyn's beloved (aera mirus fleuret), and about the royal arms, i prefer ardyn's rakshasa blade.
10/8/2019 c30 1VashTheStampede0409
great development in this chapter! some may hate the romance between gladio and aqua but i think youre doing it right! aqua has no experience with this so it makes sense to be a little awkward and weird at times. i love the interactions and the fight scene was good! Im all for character interactions over fights anyways! Q1) The EXTREMELY well done character interactions between everyone. Q2) I guess Cor Leonis but he has reason to be MIA. Q3) absolutely. They'll be at the fallgrove anyways for costlemark so why not? Plus who wouldnt wanna see the party of 10 get competitive in some chocobo races! Q4) What do you mean episode? like the dlc episode? of the chocobros probably ignis. all and all ardyn. Q5) Iggy and Riku. Iggy is just being the best as usual and you're doing a great job of showing that Riku is in fact a human that enjoys fun lol. the games make him a bit too angsty but you're showing a different side here and its great. Q6) in terms of favorite to use, Trident of the Oracle in terms of stats Sword of the Father. and ive no clue for either bonus question. great job on this chapter!
10/8/2019 c30 Guest
That's not a bad idea using the choocaboo ranch will you add the battle with dead eye
10/8/2019 c30 1keybladelight
Q1: prompto arrived in the bad moment of aqua and gladio kiss amd maybe hope he as take a photo to for sora and riku to teased her non stop.

Q2: ravus and young Xehanort.

Q3: yes want to see kairi gushing the baby chocobo and having chocobo race and iris to the party for the race.

Q4: episode ignis.

Q5: sora and noctis.

Q6: sword of the father and ultima blade ff xv noct sword i like to call it "the sword of the truth". Here is the description that i like to name it it give the weapon of a true king a royal arm.

Royal arms: Sword of the truth (ultima blade)
A king that had endured pain and sacrifice to ascend as the chosen king of kings and shone blessing of the light upon all and give is life to save his world. This was is sword, it grow stronger with every foe it slays.

There is my description to noct sword ultima blade.
10/8/2019 c30 KakeruPB
Anyways for the chapter it felt cringy to me since I cant see the pairing happening. Other than tht it was ok.
Q1: Sora and Kairi moments, there wasnt enough in KH3 especially for Kairi!
Q2: I've got nothing.
Q3: hmm, it could be interesting.
Q4: havent seen them
Q5: U need to ask? Sora, Kairi, Luna and Namine! Oh and the dog!
Q6: which is the most broken? Whichever it is tht one.
Sora for master, fellow student Namine she needs more love and rival hmm cant think of one
I'm not sure since I never really fought before.
10/8/2019 c30 ulquiorra.schiffer.1291
Is it wrong of me to want to see Lunafreya still die at the Hydreon? Her death was a major moment of character development for Noctis.
10/4/2019 c29 ChunkyFunkyMunky
I'm cringing at the thought of Aqua and Gladio. I still think inter-world relationship is messy.
10/3/2019 c29 keybladelight
Q1: aqua and gladio is ok.

Q2: it's cool that gladio as the first kh shield of hollow bastion.

Q3: it's was good.

Q4: yes it should be reference noct.

Q5: prompto and ignis.

Wow i never thought i will ever see a piss off luna it is scary and cool enemies to fear her even xigbar should know she can be turn into a heartless she is a princess of heart she is one of the new seven hearts is there a chance that young Xehanort could appear in front of team noctis and team sora please put young Xehanort to antagonize the heroes.
10/3/2019 c29 KakeruPB
Q1: To be honest I'm literally ignoring that pairing it just feels so weird to me.
Q2: To be honest I didn't think Goofy still has his old shields. If he did I'm wondering why he and Donald aren't using there stronger weapons.
Q3: Cute and I love it!
Q4: Up to u on this one since he has never been mentioned in the KH series.
Q5: Nope!
ugh tough I like all the characters so it's hard to choose. Nomura did amazing work with them.
Probably, whoever fixes machines. After all there the ones who have the tools to do it safely.
10/3/2019 c29 1VashTheStampede0409
that was a good laid back chapter! help set some things up for the future. i think if theres one thing you absolutely nailed with no issue at all its the hang over part. when the light hits your eyes when you have a hang over you feel like a vampire in the sahara lol. one things for sure if kairi hadn't casted cure they would NOT have removed the pillows and quilts from their heads until their head stopped imploding. of course everything else was done well too but the hang over was captured perfectly. Maybe now they know not to get shit faced! Q1) Yes, from the hangover to the inner thoughts that we all have in similar situations where we know we need to stop thinking about it but every road your mind takes leads back to it. Q2) defender is awesome but what would be REALLY badass is if he could load up one of his little magic grenade things in it and shoot it like the defenders do. There's a great combat idea on the house my guy! Q3) Great interactions from characters you wouldn't expect to meet each other. Q4) Yes i think so. like Noct starts to doubt if his dad would be disappointed with how they've handled things to this point then goofy assures him that noct is doing better than Max ever would. and max is around the same age as noct too. Q5) Nope! i think they are all doing great on time!... what i cant believe is that we have gone 5 chapters without seeing the man of no consequence himself. oh well hes prolly off plotting his schemes as always. bonus question 1) Axel because i feel like hes the guy most likely to figure out a clever way out of the room and i feel like conversations would he hilarious with him. bonus question 2) The intellectual Knight himself Goofy. if theres one person who could help me in that situation its the Gooblus.
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