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9/9/2019 c22 KakeruPB
How is Namine there! Isnt she a part Kairi now? Anyways I'm loving Kairi she is adorable 4ight now in my opinion.
Q1: Havent played the game so I have no clue.
Q2: hmm, I dont know... but I like how they are acting right now.
Q3: I did! Woo I knew it wouldn't just be Oathkeeper they come in a ser afterall. But wat part didnt u like?
Q4: Up to u
Q5: Nope!
9/7/2019 c20 3Justaguynobigdealallright
please more Ardyn he's is one of the best antagonist in media
9/7/2019 c21 1VashTheStampede0409
the calm before the storm. great set up chapter. 2 off to taeplar crag, 7 to the vesperpool, 1 on guard duty and to get a little more cozy with Iris. interesting to say the least. i think you did well with gladio and aqua you showed gladios anger at the situation well and the dialogue between Aqua and Kairi was spot on to the kingdom hearts way(that meaning corny in the best possible way. As for Cindy going to other worlds. *southern voice* boy i tell you what she better strap her ass in shes boutta go for a helluva ride YEE BA!(im southern af so I'm allowed to make fun of dumb southern stuff lol) but i digress. Pretty excited to see them meet my favorite villain donald and goofy is gonna get weirded out when they hear Ardyn say "Commodore Aranea HIGHWIND". Q1) not really. Never really cared about Naminé she's always been about as interesting as dry wall to me. Xions story got a few tears out of me but i wouldn't say i miss her. Q2) Yes but when its appropriate. Id rather it not feel shoehorned in where it doesnt fit.

Now as for the elephant in the room: Assassins Festival. I dont think it can fit in this story right now. Its an all hands on deck get everything done as fast as no time to shoot the crap and chill seeing as they have a lot of shit to do and the marshal has been killed. They have to get Mythril, come back immediately to lestaullum, meet up with gladio and aqua then haul ass back to Cape Caem and book it to altissia ASAP. The assassins festival doesn't have much of a leg to stand on with as busy as they are. plus something so lighthearted i feel would be out of place here. Its like in ffxv originally noct was supposed to have a bachelor party in galdin quay but then his dad died but he was still supposed to have it. Creative Director Hajime Tabata decided to cut this on account of "The tone wasnt right for something so cheerful" i feel as if this is the same. If it's gonna happen i feel it needs to be in a separate continuity. Of course its your story you can write whatever you want. but thats my 2 cents on it. PS Gladios reaction to seeing how Cozy Iris and Riku are is gonna be interesting.
9/7/2019 c21 Guest Isa
The argument between Gladio and Noct went better than I expected. As I mentioned before, I prefer it when the FFXV quartet get along, but then it wouldn't be a good story without contention.

Aqua's lamenting adds to her character.

Gladio and Aqua going off together will make for interesting character development. Be interesting to see.

Q1: Hell yeah.

Q2: So long as it doesn't detract from the story, why not?

So Insomnia becomes another world to explore the cosmos, eh? Called it. Can't wait to see what that adds to KH3!
9/7/2019 c21 Guest
Good chapter!
Q1: Yes, I do miss those two! Especially Xion! :)

Q2: Yes, more Sora and Kairi fluff! :D
9/7/2019 c21 4Haxorus knight
For both questions, yes
9/7/2019 c21 KakeruPB
Q1: Yes! I do!
Q2: Of course!
9/7/2019 c21 1keybladelight
Next time on FF X KH Cindy's first adventure. the true keyblade master trial.

I want to say that i have no regret i hope that aqua and gladio return stronger and aqua's master defender keyblade is repair (please make it repair) yeah i miss naminé and xion, i think kairi and lunafreya could talk and with luna's magic she could enter kairi's heart in the staion of awakening there they could meet naminé and maybe naminé tell kairi she better let riku know she better not be a two timer playboy (get the joke) for xion i think it could wait until roxas is return like in the game.

I want to see more fluff of sora x kairi.

Can wait to see ardyn finally meeting sora heck there even drawing of him title "ardyn vs sora" just tip it in google images and tell what do you think of the drawing.

Can wait for the next chapter.
9/6/2019 c20 Guest
Q1: Yes I think you should included it in your story.

Q2: Of course I like them!

Q3: Heck Yeah!

Q4: I guess so.
9/5/2019 c20 Guest
You should do it I would like to see the expression on sora riku and kairi face when the see the assassins creed festival
9/5/2019 c20 Guest
Q1: No, I would like to see the festival in a different story.

Q2: Yes, I love all of their KH3 outfits. Sora looks good with his KH3 outfit.

Q3: Yes, please. More Ardyn with him interacting with the Guardians of Light!

Q4: Yes, a little bit more is needed for Donald and Goofy.

P.S. I love the character development with Sora and Kairi! Keep continuing for them. Bring out Riku and Iris more too!
9/4/2019 c20 KakeruPB
Really nice chapter, definitely wat we needed after last chapter.
Q2: There KH3 outfits grew on me although I like kairi kh1 look better. Nothing u can do bout it now.
Q3: ... Nah!
Q4: ... Nah there fine its always been like this.
9/4/2019 c20 keybladelight
Cor die i just hope he is not really death he play a big role in the ff xv game i love the fluff romance of sora and kairi but we know that sora will not be abel to keep that promise luna know the world order and she know that kairi is a princess what is going on.

Riku and iris together was cute i think prompto saw it i just hope he can keep is mouth silence for no telling gladio (which i hope to see) it's seem the empire as now two princes noctis get it he he because is double problem.

I hope to see the next chapter about aqua but i really hope the keyblade master defender is gonna be repair that keyblade play a big role in kh 3.

I like sora's new clothes of kh 3 i think the assassin's creed festival should be included in the story to give them some calming moment before they meet luna and heck there is even fan arstis that put kingdom hearts characters in their own assassin's creed clothes just tip in google images "kingdom hearts assassin's creed" and maybe you can let donald use is magic to use it for sora, riku, kairi and aqua so the festival in the story I'm ok but only if you go see the kh casts in the assassin's clothes.

Ardyn appear yes but only to test sora's power of light and the keyblade's power.

Yeah donald and goffy need more moment.
9/4/2019 c1 1VashTheStampede0409
Ah yes. a much more lax chapter with great character interactions. awesome. one of my favorite chapters yet! Q1) The assassins festival should maybe be its own thing outside of the continuity seeing as the situation is kind of dire and the tone isn't right at all for something so light hearted. Q2) I prefer all the KH3 designs for them. kh2 sora is still badass though. Q3) Yes, more Ardyn would be amazing. you can never go wrong when Ardyn is around. Q4) Yes they could use a bit more. Up to now they've just given a lot of exposition so i think they could do a bit more. An awesome chapter though! sounds like things are gonna get real soon!
9/2/2019 c19 Guest Isa
Yeah...Yeah I figured that's how a fight might go between them.

I certainly hope that's not the last of Cor the Immortal.

Think maybe if Gladio hears Aqua's full story he might ease up a little on Noct? There were times I felt Gladio was a bit hard on the poor dude, almost like he might punch him.

3 chapters at the most, eh? Well, that obviously didn't happen. (Gazes through the 19 current chapters)
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