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12/10/2020 c95 tl34lt12
Roxas x Xion are always cute

Well,so what parts of Memory of melody will you loosely adapt?

And what OG content will you plan do for a sequel?
12/10/2020 c95 1keybladelight
I just want to say one thing I hope its connected to kingdom hearts melody of memory.
12/9/2020 c94 4jikker jack
Q1: Well my nerves feel throughly fried now.

Q2: Not bad, especially since the other two have literally no character yet in cannon.

Q3: Sweet. And also glad Sora got to use that attack.

Fun fact. That move of Sora and Kairi’s is apparently based on a mythical Chinese bird called a Jian, which only has one wing and is helpless until it finds it’s mate and symbolizes marriage, even after death.

Q4: Oh it feels so good when the guys who have been moping the floor with the protagonist get totally wrecked. It truly never pays to piss off these guys.

Q5: Oh my goodness what a relief. The way you were talking about it I thought it was going to be serious, but all we have to do is wait for Sora to get back.

Q6: Can’t these pour guys catch a brake.

And seriously, how manny times dose this make where someone’s heart gets stuck inside Sora’s. It must be awfully roomy in there.

Q7: Nice to see them finally getting back on their feet a little.

Q8: I suppose all things must come to an end eventually.
12/7/2020 c90 hellsingsage
I love your story but can you stop bullying people I get there has to be steaks but when you make everyone on the good side twice as powerful as they are in Canon at a minimum and add an additional 4 people five if you count Luna to the good side and only added one real threat to the bad guy team there is no reason the win condition for the good guys should cost one more life as well as crippling one of the good guys permanently and putting another into comatose compared to the one death in Canon also in no way shape or form did you make us think xehanort's got any more powerful than he was in Cannon and Sora practically slaps him solo in Canon this doesn't ruin the story for me but it definitely gets me a bit frustrated and you might change it from what I've read so far I still have a few chapters to go until I reach for it is currently but in case you don't I would just like to say I would have understood if what aqua did made her far weaker afterward I think I would have been more forgiving if our spellweaver was restricted 1st level spells from now on but saying she's either going to die or never be able to wield a keyblade again ever it's kind of a fposition especially for a character you're kind of bullied at the beginning of the story and in Canon is perfectly fine after the final battle like I'm more okay with what happened the Kire her heart roommate was ripped out of her shoes critically injured and you can tie it in to a bit of the remind and memory delving Melody of memory is that where that's from either way my point is doubling the deaths or lost hearts or whatever the hell you want to call it putting Kyrie into a coma and nerfing Aqua I could have understood it's the retired or is going to die thing that's really throwing me off
12/7/2020 c25 ooshpie
Oh man, I loved that chapter! The bit with Cindy was absolutely hilarious, and I can only imagine how she's gonna react to seeing both Roxas and ven. The Riku and iris bit was cute too. I think it was a nice balance for them and I'm glad you didn't go further with that, as he'd need time to adjust. As for the kairi section, wow. The master is certainly a huge deal, and the whole memory thing was so good! I love how you're building everything, it makes for a more satisfying ending. Great job!
12/7/2020 c53 daniele583
How a damn done Kairi to don't noticing that she had a little chocobo on her hood for all the time? He was there even during the battle againts Ardyn?
12/6/2020 c94 17Spartan719
Are you going to tie in Melody of Memories?
12/6/2020 c94 donnelld764
I hope you have both sora and noct leave the final world
12/6/2020 c94 1keybladelight
Q1: i didn't think that you gonna make sora and noctis survive but at least sora and noct are in the final world.

Q2: did not see coming but we don't know what are aegis and magia personalities but their were OK.

Q3: they were both epic.

Q4: that was shocking.

Q5: well i hope her situation his from the Kingdom Hearts melody of memory.

Q6: well i was hoping that noctis will return to luna and sora stay in the final world alone but i hope noctis can return to luna he need to have his wedding but sora need to stay in the final world until riku or Kairi find him in the kh phase 2.

Q7: their objective are good cause.

Q8: yes but i hope noct be with luna and sora stay in the final world alone.
12/6/2020 c94 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) a really good final fight! chapter was very good

Q2) Nailed yozora and I think magia was faaaaaaantastic dude. aegis was good too but he wasn't as prevalent as Magia but magia was really really good I hope that's how he is in the cannon kh series.

Q3) Really really great! I think I preferred noct vs magia over all of them. that fight was just too good.

Q4) Was good... however... he's yet to use the rakshasa blade lol

Q5) Sounds like she's SOL til sora comes back lol

Q7) They were good as always. but the verum rex trio for sure stole the show with their abilities and personalities. I cannot wait to see these characters in cannon

Q8) No honestly. I'm still loving this story lol. but we got shorts next so ya know it's fine lol
12/3/2020 c24 ooshpie
Well done as always! The banter was so much fun between Sora donald and goofy. The giant heartless they fought was also really cool. The design was unique and I thought the powers it has were really well balanced. The inclusion of the master was neat too, gonna be interesting to see what you do with him. Great job!
11/30/2020 c93 4jikker jack
Q1: Are you sure your not a professional writer, because with how you juggle all the fight scene and emotional highs and lows, it feels like it.

Q2: Man those two are powerhouses. Seriously, these guys could topple nations single handed if they wanted to. The Nifs better hope Noct doesn’t hold a grudge when he comes back.

Q3: Nice seeing that twisted mirror version of him and the contrast between them.

Q4: Can’t say there’s any point in this chapter that stands out from the rest. I did like how Sora was so OP that he never even broke a sweat though.

Q5: What ending? I recall no ending. (eye twitches madly while holding back tears in denial)

Q6: I kinda saw that coming but I still held out a little hope till the end.

Q7: YES! Please give us that light at the end of the tunnel.

P.S. Question, how would Night Sky react in regards to the Royal Arms when Noctis enviably kicks the bucket. Dose it still count as a Royal Arm or will his decedents not be able to just grab it like all the others?
11/30/2020 c93 1VashTheStampede0409
'Preciate the shout out lol

Q1) Great chapter some of the best fights in the series so far. that noct one was AWESOME.

Q2) REALLY good. the evenly matched versus fight was DOPE.

Q3) REALLY great. nailed the seriousness and trauma that befell him. some of the events of versus weren't correct here but that's easily forgivable since most of what we know is completely out of context without anything to rly lay out a time line.

Q4) Versus Noct essentially saying "Eh feck it. I'm done"

Q5) A nice cliffhanger. can't wait to see the next chapter of it.

Q6) His goodbye was great. knowing from the start this was his final trip but still helping noct was so good. as well as his reunion with luna one last time.

Q7) Indeed(huehuehuehuehue)
11/30/2020 c93 1keybladelight
Q1: i like the chapter and happy to see noctis and sora save luna and naminé.

Q2: both were cool but the xv noctis vs xiii noctis his now my favorite fight.

Q3: it was like of what Nomura will do if he has finished his Final Fantasy versus XIII.

Q4: well both girls returned.

Q5: well i was hoping that only Sora pay the price but since noctis has also use the power of waking then i guess it's ok.

Q6: it was sad to see him go but I guess he also deserved to rest in peace.

Q7: well has long noctis and sora meet yozora BUT i hope noctis returns to luna and his brothers but sora stay in the world of fiction and take also noctis place so that the kh MoM happen and to see the ffxv heros also appear in the KH phase 2 to sora's whereabouts.
11/24/2020 c60 hellsingsage
so I know I'm like 4 chapters late now forgive me I've been marathoning the story but holy sI need to say this now thank you for the Devil May Cry reference I've literally been thinking ever since I saw one particular video Kingdom Hearts 3 and Devil May Cry 5 both have a certain Flair for combo videos and when in the world would I ever be able to have a Devil May Cry and Kingdom Hearts crossover I didn't get that here but I did get one hell of a cameo I love the idea with prompto with a devil breaker. I don't think I can never unsee these pairings that you've created I flove them all. I do feel however you like the rest of the world really overestimate Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 7 adjacent characters and I feel as though you little bit underestimate and what other characters like gladiolus noctis and to an extent Ignace just a little bit but I love the way you portrayed prompto.
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