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11/23/2020 c23 ooshpie
Hey! This is turning out really nicely! I think your pacing is good, and you do a good job with your fights and utilizing everyone's skills. I do wish you'd describe the locations just a little more, as someone who hasn't played the game it's a little difficult to imagine what everything looks like. But I get that you can't spend a bunch of time on settings, so it's more of a preference thing, haha. I like the development with aranea, and how she gave kairi some good advice. Can't wait to see them develop bit more in the future!
11/22/2020 c92 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) was good. I'm really enjoying these chill chapters.

Q2) I probably liked riku and iris most.

Q3) I did NOT expect them so yes

Q4) Hmm... well next chapter I wanna see more of Nocts side but for the guardians, I'd say terra needs some fleshing out. given how AWFUL of a character he is in mainline KH he's got some room to grow here. maybe let him have like the ONLY bit with a guardian next story (other than sora and noct finishing remind). like Terra being the main one helping out around the ship, catching up on what happened the 10 years he's been gone and even showing that in raw power he IS the strongest one there in a sparring match or two.

Q5) Yeah it was neat seeing him. I'm certainly interested

Q6) Noct!

Q7) The deep dive into ffxv mostly. other than that, just having breaks from fighting

Q8) There's something truly disturbing about the design you described... I like it!

I can't think of anything from MoM
11/22/2020 c92 1keybladelight
Q1: I like it but I feel bad for aqua and riku. Poor cindy she got to deal with yuffie shenanigans with xion in it which she has learn I fear xion his getting bad influence to the ninja.

Q2: I enjoy both they all have their struggle and pressure which I hope when they save Lunafreya she go immediately to radiant garden to heal aqua she still has her Oracle heal magic right.

Q3: yes.

Q4: maybe Terra and ventus.

Q5: yes he was xehanort second in command.

Q6: both fight.

Q7: see versus XIII noctis vs XV noctis and ravus.

Q8: more like Soranort to me.

A1: well yeah it will be cool to see melody of memory arc IF you make sora vanish like in KH3 when he save naminé in your story so that it follow the same canon timeline.
11/22/2020 c92 4jikker jack
Q1: Why must fluff and sorrow walk hand in hand?

Q2: I enjoyed it, and my favorite was probably Prompto and him listening to Cindy trying to wrangle Xion over the phone.

Q3: Do Lea and Xion even know about Roxas’ other friends.

Q4: Honestly?…I WANNA KNOW WHAT THE CHOCOBO CHICK IS DOING! Is he just napping in there with Kairi or did they leave him somewhere else?

Q5: Yep.

Q6: We’ve never seen a dark Noctis before, so I’m kinda excited for that.

Q7: Probably the total invasion of privacy that Noct and Sora are preforming. It gives a nice bit of retrospective for them.

Q8: Kinda curious how a truly dark Sora will be, instead of just Sora in rage mode.

P.S. Haven’t played Melody of Memory, so no comment.
11/20/2020 c91 3Justaguynobigdealallright
Dude for the I really wanted Noct to see Ardyn's perspective for a long time and on how he would feel about Ardyn if he knew about it now because Ardyn is one of my favorite antagonist in media ever. I thought of his perspective like everythings coming together now I know his reasoning for attempting to take down the royal blood line. by Versus do you mean by Versus 13 or no? dude anything you do I will enjoy it. It depends if I want you to be done remind or not like will the story end or not I wouldn't know.
11/19/2020 c22 ooshpie
Yay! You included my girl!
Is she ghosty or does she have a body at this point? Also, ardyn was awesome! I loved the joking between Sora and noctis, and the way he talked about luna was very sweet. Lots of wholesomeness in the chapter and it was super enjoyable!
Lol, I'd say more but where it's concerned has already been written. Great job!
11/15/2020 c91 4jikker jack
Q1: I loved how it was obvious how Noct could just flic his finger and end the fight back there and he decided to let Ardyn fight instead.

Q2: That was nice and I really wish more people showed this side of him.

Q3: For once I’m happy to see Ardyn cut loose.

And for the record I did not cry one bit during that farewell…nope, not one bit (quickly leaves to bawl his eyes out)

Q4: Didn’t actually know much about Versus until recently. Kinda curious how your gonna take that and if it’ll connect to the larger FF universe as a whole.

Q5: Less depression and hopelessness hopefully (smiles happily in denial)

Q6: eh, 50/50 on that. I’m pretty good with the pace as it is, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a happy ending on the horizon.

No pun intended.

Q7: Wow, you finally broke her. I was starting to think nothing would shake Luna and her faith.

Q8: Let’s face it. EVERYONE is op by this point, and Naminé is still just as powerful as cannon from what I can tell.
11/15/2020 c91 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) LOVED IT! From everything with Ardyn to the Versus moment!

Q2) He was great. The same angry Ardyn til he got his vengeance then for a moment before fading away returning to the Wise healer. Only thing that could've been more perfect would be if when he was vanishing he sees Aera and says his final line in dawn of the future "Oh Aera. Pray, be with me always"

Q3) Loved ALL of it!

Q4) I wasn't surprised of course but I was HELLA excited.

Q5) To be answered in the DMs

Q6) Honestly, no. I'm REALLY enjoying remind and we're almost done sadly...

Q7) Really cool scene.

Q8) Not really. seeing as in dawn of the future she saw areas past WITHOUT naminé through the power of plot convenience it makes a lot more sense with naminé.

11/15/2020 c91 Night lock117
I gotta say mate, for winging it you did pretty goddamn good. I’m impressed with how you spun the stories web. Very well told and emotional. Not much advice to give
11/15/2020 c91 1keybladelight
Q1: no way versus XIII noctis vs xv noctis ok that his a plot twist ok now I want that you rush the next chapter the fight with sinus vs arryn was good and to noct finally know his family ancestors horror of what he has done at least arryn has finally have his revenge.

Q2: he was finally in peace and also call noctis king I hope that you make noct reveal the truth of the founder king.

Q3: yeah somnus was jealous of arryn so the perspective was right even after he sit in the throne he regretted his decision he was rash and impulsive if somnus was wiser like he said then none of this would have happened.

Q4: oh yeah I'm very surprised you mentioned versus XIII can wait to see it and happy that you respect Nomura first game design.

Q5: I want to see riku and iris romance and maybe gladiolus cockblock if they do their first time now that it will be funny to see.

Q6: yes so that what you will do in melody of memory.

Q7: they were ok I hope you make lunafreya adopt naminé like she said don't make her wear the Lucis black clothes, I hope naminé learn what it's like to have a mother and a father maybe little siblings when she his adopted.

Q8: no it was not OP to me.

11/13/2020 c21 ooshpie
Hey! That was really good for development in Aqua and gladiolus! I love How you captured their insecurities and fears. The parallel with sora was also very clever. Lol, not gonna lie, cindy blasting off was hilarious. She'll likely drop the price a bit after she gets all sorts of ores out in the lanes between, haha. You did a great job between noct and gladiolus, too! Great job!
11/5/2020 c90 4jikker jack
Q1: Don’t you just love it when the hero gets to be OP after getting skinning his teeth just to get by for so long.

Q2: I wander if Naminé will find it creepy, with Sora sifting through her memories like that. But then again, she basically did the same thing to him.

Q3: Nice to see more of Naminé’s character get flushed out.

Q4: Cute and fluffy scene. Check. Though Xion did seam to lean more on the innocent, child like side then I expected, though that isn’t a bad then though.

As for shipping…

(clears throat and starts sea shantywell I’ve been out at sea for many ē years…”

Q5: Looking forward to Noct and Ardyn.

Also, got another prompt for you. With Halloween just out and Christmas around the corner, why not have the guys pop by Halloween Town in the side stories.

Q6: Very intriguing. Especially if it means the guys finally catch a brake from all the doom and gloom.

Q7: Why am I having visions of the ship in disarray and the remains of popsicle sticks lining the floors.

Q8: I wouldn’t be against it, though at this point, there aren’t many who would be much of a challenge.
11/4/2020 c90 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) I liked it right good. the short but good sora fight and the naminé and luna stuff was really good ESPECIALLY the thought of her calling luna old...

Q2) Very solid all around.

Q3) Like lunas, very good.

Q4) They were amazing. I feel like you CAN'T be a kh fan and not ship them to some extent

Q5) Riku and Iris, and more of Nocts stuff

Q7) Indeed I am.

Q8) Using that word extremely lightly lol however they're asleep so that'll keep things under control lol

Q9) Eh yeah I guess he kinda needs it. his remind does need a final boss
11/4/2020 c90 1keybladelight
Q1: I like the chapter especially the one with luna and naminé interactions.

Q2: I like it.

Q3: it was ok.

Q4: dude i ship them since the kh 358/2 days of course i ship them.

Q5: I don't know maybe riku and iris.

Q6: uh yeah what kind of stupid plan got axel will do.

Q7: its gonna be hell yuffie his almost roxas and xion age I think mama aertih got the job better.

Q8: the organization XIII again I think since he has travel through time.
11/3/2020 c90 tl34lt12
Well there is some levity here with the cast

Also the Roxas and Xion pairing is my favorite. They have very good chemistry and are cute together
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