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8/29/2020 c13 ooshpie
So far so good! Poor Kairi getting sick, but thankfully Sora was able to help her. The stuff with Riku and Gladilous was hilarious and I think he'd pick kk up pretty quickly. Xigbar was a nice twist and there is a lot you can do with him. Looking forward to the next chapter!
8/28/2020 c82 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) SO. LONG. SO. MUCH. FIGHTING... sorry, but i may have only skim read the chapter... the fights are good, but i cant read fights for too long lol

Q2) Was good, i liked how you had all replicas fighting differently unlike the game where almost all of em have the same animations

Q3) eh. maybe, but it wouldve been hard to do with this crew.

Q4) it was good, nice to see someone from eos using magic that isnt a grenade lol

Q5) Sure! but uh, please if you do... have some dialogue in there. just a little to break up the fighting lol

Q6) Oooh i dont know... infinite possibilities~

Q7) This question has me scared lol
8/24/2020 c82 1keybladelight
Q1: love the chapter.

Q2: like the replicas fight.

Q3: yes a little mad you skip it.

Q4: love it.

Q5: yes.

Q6: the ligth triphum but i hope you make the final battle like the kh3 canon Sora vs Master Xehanort final power the X-blade and hope that you make his defeat like in the kh3 game of why did he do all of this and hope that you make sora be the one to save naminé and lunafreya when he use the power of waking.

Q7: live but Xehanort must be defeated by Sora it his fate for Sora and master Xehanort to have one final clash.
8/24/2020 c82 5jikker jack
Q1: so…long…

Don’t get me wrong, I love long chapters most of the time and I love the length for these ones, but man. I could never pack this much amazing stuff into a single chapter and do it well.

Also, nice to see Aqua finally bust out the armor.

Q2: Loved how you handled those.

Q3: No, though I am a tad bit disappointed the others weren’t a little freaked out by Sora breathing water. But given everything else they’ve seen him do, I guess nothing would surprise them no.

Q4: Liked that display of power very much. Also nice to see him mixing up the magic a little. A little curios if he actually died though.

Maybe I’m still a little in denial over Luna and Naminé, but one can hope.

Q5: Yes, I would like that.

Q6: Probably with Sora pulling another logic defying miracle out of thin air at the last minuet.

Q7: Still too busy crying over Luna and now Noct to answer that one.
8/24/2020 c12 ooshpie
Okay, has to read this one because you threw Riku in, haha. That was a way fun way for Sora to get them out of the city! I love that Noctis really opened up this chapter and the bit between him and Riku was hilarious. I can only imagine the faces of some of the guards. I don't really know who the other three are, but I look forward to meeting them. Plus by now it should be easier to split up. Enjoyed it.
8/24/2020 c11 ooshpie
Glad to see Luna in there! She's neat. Kairi's heart station was really nicely done as well, and the sparring match was adorable. The scale of just how different their powers was really shown in this one and I think it's cool to see all they could do. The setting was described nicely, giving enough of a picture without overdoing it. Great job!
8/21/2020 c10 ooshpie
Well dang. I can absolutely see Kairi exhausting herself to protect Sora. The summon was awesome and I'm curious about both the MoM and the voice noctis heard. I feel like the fight with Kairi did go on a little long, but I can understand why it happened like that. The plot is getting thicker and I'm enjoying the story!
8/16/2020 c81 1VashTheStampede0409
Sorry im late on this one!

Q1) was good. Rly liked the banter of the wayfinder trio plus gladio

Q2) Definitely the wayfinder trio

Q3) As well as kingdom hearts explanations can be lol

Q4) was good

Q5) im excited for whats BEYOND it...

Q6) what comes after wrinklenort~

Q7) Sure!
8/14/2020 c9 ooshpie
That was great! I'm so glad to get to see Luna soon and Aqua's anguish and anxiety was played very well. Its nice to see Kairi with a new blade, and that was a smart way for her to get the shrapnel out of Sora's back. Awesome, as usual.
8/13/2020 c81 Frostboi88
onward to what appear to be end game! great updates this last few chapters are really good. considering the amount of backup they got this time makes me assume things are gonna be tough
8/13/2020 c81 5jikker jack
Q1: I still don’t get how you’re able to keep pumping out such long chapters consecutively without frying your brain, and they still come out good.

Q2: Probingly Prompto and his group but it’s a close call.

Q3: I believe so, yes.

Q4: Is there really a difference between the two groups at this point? They all work so well together and know each other so well that they’ve all kind meshed together in my opinion.

Q5: Yes and no. Yes because we’re finally coming to the end and no because soon the story will be over…or at least the main bit of it.

Q6: Would it be possible for a Keyblade weirder to summon a giant chocobo for an attack. I realize this is a bit of a gag request but I’m seriously missing the big fluffy birds.

Q7: Please have her meet the Dalmatians. I don’t care how much glitter and rainbows I upchuck, it would be worth it.
8/13/2020 c81 1keybladelight
Q1: we are almost in the endgame i hope that you make Sora be the one to save Luna and Naminé with the power of waking so that he vanish for the remind dlc and kingdom hearts memories of melody.

Q2: love the bonding time.

Q3: yes.

Q4: i like it.

Q5: oh yes very excited for the climax.

Q6: the guardians of light vs the clones Xehanorts and the chocobros vs armored xehanort and finally the golden trio Sora Donald and goofy vs xehanort (X-blade).

You know it's was already a thing of xion love dogs in the kh 358/2 days manga and maybe in the game Nintendo DS.
8/11/2020 c8 ooshpie
Hmm. I'm intrigued to see how the MoM is gonna play into this. Since we don't know much about him. I'm liking the way that Aqua is interacting with everyone, and although I don't have much of an idea what all of the enemies look like, you describe it well enough that I really don't need to. Great job!
8/6/2020 c80 5jikker jack
Q1: Nice little brake from the fighting. Also sorry it took so long to R&R.

Q2: Yes it was, thank you.

Q3: I thought it was done well.

Q4: Maybe some bonding between Prompto and Xion. You know, since their both kinda artificially crated beings and all, it just seams like they’d klick in same way.

Q5: First insert a giff of a bird snuggling up to a moody cat. Then insert a giff of Spongebob perpetually crying. And that about sums up what I felt while reading this.

So all in all a heart-reaching and excellent scene.

Q6: Another excellent scene that I’m assuming took inspiration from the secret ending to KH.

Also why is it so hard to read tragedy but I have no problem torturing my own characters. Do you have that same problem?

Q7: Did you ever consider how the Light from KH exists in relation to the Light of the Oracle and Lucii? I’m just curious if they’re the same in any way or wholly different entities and how the Astrals fit into the mix.

P.S. Mostly I feel the most comfortable having my characters hanging out with each other, but this is mostly do to me not being very good at handling fight scenes. My favorite parts to write are when the characters meet for the first time during a crossover and it just turns their worlds on end.

Also yes, a series of shorts would be nice and probably help provide a buffer between the endless fighting.
8/4/2020 c80 FanReader29
I have to be honest while I havn't disliked these last few chapters it's hard to view this whole quest for the keyhole as anything other than filler.

I mean Xehanort has the Xblade and can now go for Kingdom Hearts unaposed how is there time for any of this? Even if we buy into the idea that the keyhole must be sealed why is noone going after Xehanort? Surely they can spare someone to keep him from enacting his plan.

And what the hell is Xehanort even doing? He didn't waste any time in canon so why does he seem to be dragging his feet now when by all accounts he should have already won?

I get that the purpose is to allow more character interactions and that's fine but naratively speaking it doesn't make sense that they have time to be wasting chasing after a keyhole to save one world when they should be focusing on keeping Xehanort away from Kingdom Hearts.
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