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8/4/2020 c7 ooshpie
I know I'm too late for this, but I want to see how you write Namine, since she's my favorite. This was a super sweet chapter and I'm intrigued to see who the stranger is. The flow of your writing is really nice although I did notice one or two times when you slip into present tense. This was a good spot for the flashback with the star shard, too.
8/4/2020 c80 1VashTheStampede0409
Sorry im a couple days late on this! Been playin so much ghost of tsushima but now... My power is out cause we got slapped with a hurricane. Greaaaaat. Nothin like wakin up and seeing power lines in your front yard. Anyways, enough being salty and mother nature lol

Q1) Rly good. I REALLY enjoyed having no fights in this one. Just the now very large party interacting with each other

Q2) kinda made more sense than terras(by kh logic)

Q3) was good. She had to ruin all of axels fun lol

Q4) Rakshasa Blade noct all the way

Q5) yes they were quite good. We dont see enough of noct and sora together... But that'll change soon~

Q6) seemed good to me

YES to the shorts!
8/2/2020 c80 1keybladelight
I hope to see the sora vs xehanort final battle or you gonna change something to make it your own version final battle plus remind dlc.
7/28/2020 c79 Frostboi88
Very nice chapter. Sad as heck but still. Namine was a great character. It's sad but necessary as riku is paired with Eris.
7/27/2020 c79 keybladelight
Why did you kill naminé and lunafreya i hope make sora use the power pf waking to bring them back but that also make Sora vanish when he abuse power of waking.
7/27/2020 c79 5jikker jack
Q1: Man you can sure make a desperate situation just progressively get worse and worse, but that just means the payoff at the end will be all the sweater.

Q2: Looking back on it now, I think the thing that stung the most was everyone fighting like hell to save them and actually succeeding, only for them to die in almost the exact same way.

In the end I just don’t think I’ll be able to give proper criticism on this until I see how it all pans out in the end. I’m just too into the characters and honestly I don’t think I would truly be ok with any of them dying permanently.

Q3: Nice inclusion though I kinda suspected it was her or something similar, what with the armor and Keyblade.

Q4: Nice and very in character for them, though I am surprised Gladio didn’t come out a little more banged up.

Q5: Maybe a sort bit from Xehanort’s perspective to see how he’s viewing this.

Q6: Really liked that. They do have quite a bit in common.

Q7: The fighting through all these chapters has exploded beyond what I was expecting so I really have no idea what’s coming but I’m excited to find out.

Q8: I thought it was handled pretty well.

P.S. I am terrible at balancing characters. I tend to focus down one or two and sometime even forget a certain character is even in the room when they’re all together and forget to write dialogue for them and some go too long without proper development. I do manage to offset this though by devoting sections of chapters or even entire chapters to the ones I want to focus on at the time.
7/27/2020 c79 Guest
So Namine was the one struck down. I did not see that coming.
7/26/2020 c79 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) Was good. Kinda forgot how much i missed it lol

Q2) i mean. I feel kike this question isnt rly for me seeing as- well nevermind lol i liked it. Especially for what it builds up too

Q3) Rly cool concept... Least she doesnt have that damn sealing move LW has or the mike terra punch...

Q4) A great fight! I rly enjoyed that one, only thing id change is 1) Id have noct use the Rakshasa Blade 2) Maybe make gladio a little less OP seeing as Noct is quite literally the king of light and a keyblade wielder. I like gladio but i dont rly think he should be sora level like he is to be honest

Q5) Rakshasa Blade Noctis

Q6) Was pretty good

Q7) Well i can. Dunno about others, but we'll see~

Q8) Nocts was pretty good. I felt like soras could've been a bit more heart wrenching but still okay.
7/26/2020 c6 ooshpie
Lol, I'm way too much of a terraqua shipper, but I could see her going for gladiolus or Ignis. The idea to get them out of the mine was really good. Even though it made a cute moment between sokai, I figured Aqua would share a room with Kairi. But no complaints here. :) the battle sequences are still pretty good, and I'm enjoying seeing how they combat each foe.
7/26/2020 c5 ooshpie
Awww, that chapter was awesome! I loved the interaction between the two and the idea of going underground was awesome. Breaking up the group is a good way to handle all of the characters you have.
7/17/2020 c4 ooshpie
That was a really nice chapter! The sokai was adorable and it was cute to see how everyone reacted to them in the morning. I like your sense of humor and the pacing is okay. Sometimes you need a chapter of downtime.
7/16/2020 c1 1chrisdiokno117
As someone who loves both 15 and KH, excellent work
7/15/2020 c78 4Haxorus knight
Q7: yes, purge the jerk!
7/15/2020 c78 5jikker jack
Q1: Man you are killing me with all the despair then hope then despair again.

Q2: I thought you did them well.

Q3: Yes.

Q4inhales deeply) I will reserve judgment until the story concludes. But if this doesn’t work it’s self out somehow then THERE WILL BE HALL TO PAY!

Q5: Loved it~

Q6: Yes and I have a suspicious about what what might have actually happened to her and Kairi but I won’t mention it here so as not to potentially spoil anything for those who read through the comments.

Q7: Depends, how many punches are we talking about here and can they be from Titan?

Q8: Noctis and the boys going into a berserker rage and carving bloody path to Xehanort.
7/14/2020 c78 FanReader29
Exciting chapter and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

In regards to Xehanort, it feels like you are writing him a bit too evil. By which I mean he isn't the kind of villain who laughs maniacally, he's more of a "smiles triumphantly" kind of villain. I also can't imagine him getting angry just because one of his plans fails. His back up plans have back up plans and he has so many ways to get that final key so I'm not sure why he'd get angry over this one plan not working out the way he hoped. Heck even when he finally lost in the game he was more in denial about his defeat rather than angry about it.
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