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7/14/2020 c78 1VashTheStampede0409
And so as foretold... "Darkness prevailed, and light expired"

Hospital? You okay bruv?

Q1) was good. Albeit i had to skim read it cause im hella busy this week.

Q2) Perfectly cruel and twisted!

Q3) I think the past 8 chapters of fights have been long enough lol

Q4) naaaaah. Its better than how the game handled it

Q5) he seemed cool. Ill have to come back and properly read it when i have time to truly see.

Q6) yeahhh Naminés not a fighter

Q7) indeed

Q8) hmmmm...
7/14/2020 c78 1keybladelight
For this one time not answers your questions since we will soon enter the endgame just hope to see the Sora vs master Xehanort and the dlc guardians of light vs the replicas xehanort.
7/14/2020 c3 ooshpie
Adding Aqua and Kairi. Neato. The star shard was a good way to get them there. It was cool to see the heartless possess the bodies of the soldiers. I can only imagine how that would be in real life. Haha, I hope Luna gets a little more justice in here than she got in the game.I'm excited to keep reading!
7/9/2020 c77 5jikker jack
Q1: I can say the quality isn’t being diminished. The fights are shortening a little but I can understand that.

Q2: They were both good and dang Luna can kick butt.

Q3: I did not see that coming. Again I felt like it ended a little quickly but it was still an amazing fight.

Q4: I KENW ARDYN DID SOMETHING! I am amazed that you somehow saved Kairi, only to make it tragic. Kudos to you.

And I am actually ok with this because she’s not actually dead this time and they still be able to do something about it.

Q5:How does any Disney Movie resolve this kind of problem. POWER OF FRIENDSHIP BS.

Q6: A tear stricken fight scene between Sora and Kairi…oh and I guess Sora will be crying too.

Q7: I wanna see some Limit Brakes between Noct and his boys.
7/9/2020 c77 3Taromaru
Sora. Sora, kill that old bastard. It doesn't matter if he gets the X-Blade, you tear that pretentious, psychotic, megalomaniacal bastard to shreds for doing this to Kairi. Don't even leave remnants of his heart left for Kingdom Hearts itself to receive and reincarnate in the future; he does not deserve it.

As for what I wanna see next, a combination of Ultimate form and Rage form.
7/8/2020 c2 ooshpie
That was awesome. I'm glad Kairi was able to get a hold if Sora and trusted him to get back when he could. I have to say, your fight sequences are really good, too. The action is condensed, but its still long enough that it doesn't feel rushed. I don't know too much about XV, but I also don't feel lost.
7/8/2020 c76 5jikker jack
Q1: Good chapter, sorry I didn’t review when it first posted but I didn’t expect it to be put so soon.

Q2: I’m kinda torn between Ardyn and Gladiolus’ fight with Terra at the moment.

I do feel like Xemnas’ fight went by kinda quickly but there have been a ton of fights lately.

Q3: I liked them.

Q4: Kairi and and Aqua finally busting out the armor.

Also Luna kicking some tail but the next chapter’s already out by the time I’m writing this so I’ll just have to see.

Q5: I would guess three or four more chapters of fighting at most, then the aftermath.

Q6: Not really.

Q7: I’m kinda indifferent to how it is at the moment. I usually prefer longer chapter but with it just being fight scene after fight scene, I’m good with how it’s going so far.

Q8: I didn’t have a problem with it.

P.S. The one rule I try to never brake is NEVER BE POLITICALLY CORECT IN ETHER DIRECTION. I don’t care which way you lean, the moment you make it about sending a message then it is no longer about the story and you loose readers, so I try not to play favorites or push anything too much unless it’s specifically to enhance the story I’m trying to tell.
7/8/2020 c77 1keybladelight
Q1: now this his a plot twist old man xehanort has always a backup plan didn't see that one coming.

Q2: love it and naminé warning luna but it was to late.

Q3: didn't see it coming but like it.

Q4: didn't see that one coming to kairi be a nort but why making her a vessel of xehanort?

Q5: hoff! This his gonna be the most painful battle for Sora and Kairi it's like this one game or movie i play or watch forgot the name but it's all the roxas vs xion all over again.

Q6: xehanort forging the X-blade.

Q7: the pain battle Sora vs Kairi-nort.
7/7/2020 c76 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) wasn't bad. another action heavy chapter tho but hey maybe we're reaching the end of those

Q2) Riku vs Ansem. just cause ive always enjoyed their story so seeing it end here even tho Ive seen it in the official game is still something special ya know

Q3) they were good again but these fightty chapters are getting ridiculous in terms of just how many there are lol but hey we're almost through it!

Q4) Re:Mind. Re:Mind all the way... and your grand plan to change something... but thatll have to wait til next chapter...

Q5) maybe around 10 to 15 more chapters?

Q6) nah not really. just mainly so many fights lol

Q7) eh I prefer em short but you do you!

Q8) it was fine to me.

haven't tried it. but I usually don't play a lot of mobile games. Ive just played dragon ball z dokkan battle (jp version) for like 4 or 5 years and only play that lol
7/7/2020 c76 II
Please don't let Kairi be struck down in this fic. I hate when that happens.
7/7/2020 c76 1keybladelight
Q1: i hate you .you have to end ot with a cliffhanger.

Q2: all 3 them.

Q3: love it.

Q4: the remind dlc and the final battle sora vs master xehanort.

Q5: hope it's super long chapter.

Q6: no everything was ok.

Q7: happy with them.

Q8: no .Mickey moment.
7/6/2020 c75 5jikker jack
Q1: I actually didn’t think it was that short but that might be partially because I wasn’t able to read it all in one setting today and so much happened at once.

Q2: Perfect. We finally have closure on that, I will admit though that I kinda wish some of Ardyn’s old self could have come back out as he was dying.

Q3: YES!

Q4: Still Luxord, because he was so different from the others.

Q5: loved that one.

Q6: Never, but alas, the plot must go on.

Q7: Of corse, as if you you even need to ask.

P.S. That’s bit of a tough one because up until recently I only did it as a hobby and never really planned on actually posting anything, so I’m still relatively new. I do plan ahead to a degree and have been doing more so as I get better, but mostly I just come up with it as I go.
7/6/2020 c75 1keybladelight
Q1: now this his a battle of kings.

Q2: love their fight and like you said ardyn has give a finla screw you to noct for the fate battle of sora vs xehanort.

Q3: yes so that he can see her sister finally be bride with his brother-in-law.

Q4: young xehanort and which of the 13 darkness was "your" favorite.

Q5: yes the weapon must be purified by the king of light.

Q6: oh yes I'm ready for the worst to come and that would be kairi be strike down by master xehanort.

Q7:yes i want to interact with the chocobros.

A: yes I'm excited for the kh memory of melody for kairi story.
7/6/2020 c75 1VashTheStampede0409
Q1) I liked it. the founder king. put to rest. only real complaint is i think Ardyn and Noct couldve had a bit more of a heart to heart

Q2) They were good but, as i said. couldve been a bit more towards the end.

Q3) we'll see~

Q4) tough question. prolly Luxord

Q5) cant wait to see what he can do with it!

Q6) of course...

Q7) suuuure... im excited for terras OTHER story...
7/5/2020 c1 ooshpie
Nice! The way everyone was paired up was really cool, and noctis's ability to use weapons was really cool. Curious to see why the heartless are after Sora, and the ending with the chocobos is a nice way to go back to the song from earlier. I look forward to getting used to meeting everyone.
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