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for My Abominable Monster Classmates Can't Be This Cute

3/15 c9 Guest
*correction: tall-european whites are pretty hot, kissing lessons with a tall-european blondes sounds quite nice
3/15 c8 Guest
Tall-white guys are pretty hot, no lie.
2/9 c18 Gilgamesh50
Great Chapter
1/18 c42 1W8W
Another great chapter.

Fight was really fun. Your assessment of matchup is reasonable. At first I was expecting Neon to completely fail in provoking Ruby (misunderstanding were hilarious) but motivating her to find her semblance was also good result. Especially with how excited is Ruby about it. Her calling it zoom-zoom is hilarious.

Branwen twins set up on their mission. It was fast but it is to be expected with portal to target and as a way out. Summer is incredible even for being imprisoned so long she care more about her daughters than freedom. Apathy is great Grimm to use as a jailer, you just need to remember to call them off from time to time so prisoner can eat and don’t wither. Still it didn't went without a problem as Raven had to use Maiden power and if she is right that Salem saw/sensed it she have big target on her back. Still what she did was best course of action for her because of the end.

Tai saw Ruby on TV. So far he only think that it is coincident but I doubt that it will hold after he see Yang as well and he will as he is interested in 4 vs 4 battle. He will figure out that Raven lied to him, saving Summer may be only thing that will stop him from seeing her as beyond redemption.
1/18 c42 FatedWait
Nice chap bro
1/17 c8 FatedWait
Lancaster is a based
1/17 c42 15SyfyGuy2
Hiya! Sorry this review has taken a week for me to send, I've been waiting for a very specific day on which to R&R this new chapter. But I'm here to give my feedback now! :D

Ah, the second Vytal tournament! :) I actually had a feeling almost as soon as Neon turned up and Ruby and Jaune were judging her speed that this chapter was going to see Ruby discover her speed Semblance. :) I was a little surprised at how antagonistic Flynn and Neon were to Ruby and Jaune with the banter, wondering if the Team FNKI duo were getting the adaptational jerkass treatment in this fic - until I remembered that Flynn in canon DID whale on Weiss solely for the actions of her father's company, and that Neon using trash-talk to try and rile her opponents up into making mistakes IS in-character. Maybe I felt Flynn and Neon were being portrayed as a bit mean-spirited because I was feeling more biased in Jaune and Ruby's favour here due to being more emotionally invested in them in this fic. When Ruby was matched up against Neon, I was anxiously fearing that her rage and her tasting Neon's fear could lead her to lose her hold on her human form without realising it and give herself away to Neon or to the audience, like when Yang almost lost her hold on her human form when Jaune cornered her after her first Beacon lecture with Qrow. :o

Tuning in to the Branwen siblings' subplot again made me chuckle with glee! :D During the buildup to revealing who Raven's extra connection they can portal to is, I was expecting it was going to be Ozpin himself - I'm almost sure that was my reading of 'Relic of the Future' influencing my thinking - before you revealed that it's actually a still-living Vernal. The reveal that Qrow and Raven are planning to go to Lionheart with Summer if they rescue her made me say "uh-oh" out loud, knowing what we do that they don't about Lionheart. :O :O The tension in the dungeon was thick enough to cut, and was wondering for a while there when "Operation Rescue Summer" was underway if Summer was going to turn out to be Evil All Along as a result of being so broken down by Salem and her despair, and she would turn on the twins mid-mission. I was delighted and almost TREMBLING at the Apathy's appearance from the security pools around Summer's cell. :O :D :D

I exhaled IN RELIEF that all three of S_RQ made it out, 'cos I was sure that they were going to be captured (which would weaken Summer's ability to hope again even further) - then when Raven got Qrow and Summer through her portal while the Grimm were closing in, I was wondering if Raven was going to, in a cruel twist, get captured by the Grimm before she could follow Qrow and Summer out. When Raven was having her panic attack in the middle of the bandit camp, I was wondering if it was going to drive her to portal out of there in a blind panic, leaving Qrow and Summer to deal with the bandits. That could've been an interesting direction, but I am proud of Raven for strongarming her way through her fear to confront Vernal. :) All things considered, "Operation Rescue Summer" went a LOT better than it could have for S_RQ. Though of course, there's still that S_RQ don't know that if they head to Lionheart at Haven, they'll be delivering themselves right back into the lion's den (pun intended). :o

Oh-ho-ho, I was CHUCKLING with glee at the scene with Tai when I knew what he was going to see on the TV. :) And even if he's brushed off Ruby's appearance and age for the moment, if he DOES do that look online at Team AWRY to kill time, and he sees (A) that another girl on that team looks too much like his OTHER missing daughter too, and (B) he see these conspicuously-similar girls have the conspicuously-similar names "Rosalyn" and "Yara" attached to them... :O :O Ooh-ho-ho! :D But if Tai then starts calling Raven's scroll looking for answers about the time when she apparently "confirmed" the girls' deaths to Qrow (presumably Raven has a scroll now in this AU since she isn't a hermit bandit-queen anymore), and if S_RQ get close enough to Mistral's CCT's range that the calls come through to Raven's scroll before S_RQ reach Lionheart... Well then, depending on whether or not you plan for S_RQ to go to Lionheart; Tai's calls alerting the twins that the cat is outta the bag on Tai's end might mean that S_RQ would have no reason not to stall informing Tai anymore, and they could just portal back to him immediately to get it over with and save Lionheart the trouble, not realising what a Salem-shaped bullet they'd be dodging. That is, IF Raven, and Summer in her current state, muster the courage and willingness to face Tai in this way. :o :o

Ooh, this was a delicious chapter, and I'll be patiently looking forward to seeing what happens next from here! :D :D
1/16 c42 theanimemail
Wow I just caught up, and I have to say that this was a really enjoyable binge read. Keep up the great writing:).
1/15 c42 Guest
Happy to see an update

This went from comical action to drama real quick
1/14 c41 Guest
Nice to see some lighthearted moments and references sprinkled in
1/14 c40 Guest
That was a brutal match
1/13 c42 RDDash
Well, they're in Mystral, sure, why not.
1/12 c39 RDDash
That's kind of dumb move by Ironwood arresting Winter
1/12 c37 RDDash
Yeah, sure, please go tell Lionheart about his unruly students like that going to matter.
1/12 c29 RDDash
Now it's Weiss turn to have emotional baggage, poor innocent Winter.
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