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6/17/2020 c6 Lost
Wasn't Miyako the one Rukia was attracted to and she felt guilty about it? I'm like 95% sure that was what was implied in the manga.
1/14/2020 c7 Guest
For hypnotized is it more easy To create a drug/kido that inverse colors,for example. Without knowing the details aizen would create illusions of normal world And People.
12/30/2019 c10 59marxbb
Love this! The slow unfolding of things is really nice, and it's fun to see Ichigo and Rukia both change and not change. Thank you for writing and sharing!
11/4/2019 c10 Guest
Thank you for sharing.
10/13/2019 c10 Anna
Love it!
9/12/2019 c10 BladeofRays
Really enjoyed this.

Hope it isn't abandoned
5/13/2019 c10 Guest
Hey, i really liked this. I notice that you seem to post in bursts when you start a story and then go quiet. I was wondering if you have plans for and were still working on this and your other works that you posted the first chapters to really quickly and were just having to slow down or if their indefinitely on hiatus.
Either way, I am excited about your most recent flash of inspiration, so thanks for putting out so many ideas.
4/28/2019 c10 Lucis Ambulo
I'm really enjoying this story. Please keep up the good work!
4/10/2019 c10 88Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet
I initially thought it was strange to have the Zanpaktous be human, but there was a reason for it, and trust me, their personalities shine through... It was definitely the best filler arc for Bleach, and the fact that they asked Kubo to design the characters himself does lend more credence to it. *shrug* Your choice, but you're missing out if you avoid it. Just saying.

As for the fic, I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Just didn't think it would be my cup of tea, for some reason, and now that I think back, I'm not sure why. Because this is great. If you update it more, I will look forward to it. :)

(IchixRuki ftw)
3/25/2019 c10 Guest
Love this. Was about to say that I missed Renji. Love that he’s involved and love that everything is coming together. Interested in where you will take this.
3/21/2019 c10 Emman214
Yo inloved this when will you update
3/7/2019 c1 Guest
3/4/2019 c10 Ururu
Love it ! Can't wait for new chapter :)
2/28/2019 c10 Guest
I really enjoy reading your story, it's not heavy on angst (yet?) and makes me feel good. Hope to see Ichigo and Rukia's relationship evolves soon, but the pace is allright for now.
Thank you for sharing your work with us!
2/25/2019 c10 1lordamnesia
Ok, I really liked this, and think that this might be what I wanted cannon to end up as. Keep up the great work!
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