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8/23/2020 c12 lighthouse160
Excellent story. I wish they would do something like this. Great job.
6/4/2020 c10 Guest
Hope you keep updating! Great writing
5/26/2020 c10 Guest
I love the development of Ben and ciara relationship. Hope you keep updating! Great work once again
3/16/2020 c9 2GGRoganTroryCory2017AYITL
Sara this is a very interesting take on something we didn't get to see go on. I love this one shot. Hope you update this as well as Living in Cin and Cinabun when you get time
7/4/2019 c6 36Only1ToniD
Whew! That was... whew! I bet poor Ben is gonna have nightmares about that one! Holy CRAP! Even knowing she was faking my heart clenched at the way she sank so low. Man! I don’t know if I could have watched that play out onscreen. Brava!
7/4/2019 c5 Only1ToniD
So soft. Your Hope is more obsessiveyour Ciara is more rebelliousfrisky, but I smiled my way through like 90% of this story! Lol So much adorkableness!
6/12/2019 c5 Jinxx1599
Keep up the great work sara
2/2/2019 c2 Only1ToniD
What a rollercoaster ride! The suspense, the thrills, the chills, the romance, the humor. What a story! You’re really creative to be able to create so many different high octane plots. I enjoyed it every time!
1/29/2019 c1 Only1ToniD
This was intense, but it also had a lot of cute moments. I like that Ciara dragged that shrew Crabigail. Probably just jealous that Ciara got to end up with Benshe got stuck with trash ass Chad.

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