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for Splatoon - One Shots

8/11/2019 c1 3JessicaK7
This is great work so far. I really like the descriptions you used, they really set the mood you were trying to convey.
I was actually wondering if you wanted to join a discord that a friend of mine owns. It's for writers to share their work, get feedback, and offer tips and stuff. You can actually promote work too, if you're good enough. I think they'd be happy to have you. Here's the invite, if you want to check it out.
7/10/2019 c2 5EverythingCovered
i'm not a critic, but i love idea and the execuion is great, and thank you for leveaving a review!
1/30/2019 c1 Guest
While the story so far is written well I think you should make an actual summary of what you’re writing.

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