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10/12/2020 c24 fiqacomel
Great OC! Great story! I hope you still continue this story..
4/1/2020 c17 3Mr. Meowington
Congratulations to graduating!
2/25/2020 c24 Yurilover0204
10/13/2019 c24 2Emrys315
Awe man I'm super excited to read more! Ima have to reread the whole story when you update lol all well its good enough. Anyway good job so far! She like Jugo? He naturally absorbed nature chakra and went on murderous rampages too didnt he? 10 bucks they are related! (I aint actually paying)

I love her snark and sass. I like that its a front for uncomfortable situations. She is screaming on the inside and on the outside shes babbling about milkshakes.

And Root was that you? I bet it was you that went full retard and attacked a innocent (as far as you can prove) girl. Shame on you!

Poor team 7 is gonna be so sad shes gone. I wonder if Naruto is going too look for her? He does consider her a sister. That would be adorbs.

Anyway I got to go and take care of my baby human.
9/11/2019 c24 2Manaliac
I really love this story! Arabella has an amazing power with talking to anomals! Please continue
9/4/2019 c24 4The-handprint-onthe-window
:3 snake sage! Shes going to be kick ass!
9/4/2019 c24 Kitchen Enthusiast
Yo, thanks for the update. Super excited to see where Sage Mode goes. Also, I love her and Kurodoku so much ;-;
9/2/2019 c6 AquilaPallas129
She can’t walk properly either? Did she crawl along in the forest?
9/2/2019 c5 AquilaPallas129
She was raised by humans and couldn’t speak the human language? There is only one common tongue in the Elemental Nations...
8/17/2019 c23 Guest
Oh so she is actually a . Few quibble -Wasn't she all about saving her innocence in earlier chapters but in recent chapter she said she has been sexually active since she turned 13. Again how long was she in forest - 10 months or years. There is severe confusion there.
A piece of advice when you plan to write a story, write charecterstic of original charecter, how you want to progress them integrate them in existing environment. For example, Someone with that level of sexual experience will try to seduce. The village will never leave thier genin unexposed. Kakashi's sharingan would have exposed her in minute. He is extremely ruthless opponent. He never lets his guard down. It is canon.
Your story flows smoothly.
8/17/2019 c17 Guest
Arabella is one of the most annoying bitchy lead. She is opinioated and says fuck way too many time. Also how old is this brat.
Konaha is traditional, naruto is tradition, this supplant spynds wannabe.
Otherwise your story flow is great.
8/17/2019 c23 piapie
8/17/2019 c23 The-handprint-onthe-window
! I can't wait for more!
8/17/2019 c23 Kurochach
Danzo, Danzo, Danzo... seriously, how ? Her unleashing this much killing intent should have alerted someone !
8/12/2019 c22 1SymKiriki
I love this cause Arabella’s personality hasn’t changed drastically since she met canon characters. Usually OCs with trust issues end up accepting and trusting like immediately and it always annoys me cause it’s not realistic. I also just love her personality in the first place. Can’t wait for the next update! You’re doing a great job!
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