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for The 49th Hunger Games

2/27/2019 c1 2InsertUsernameHereThanks
Super excited! Sorry I'm kind of late, I've been busy. Would you mind reserving District 7 Male for me? Can't wait for this story.
2/15/2019 c1 12Hawkmaid
I am so excited for this SYOT! Can't wait to read it!
1/30/2019 c1 Anna
Name: Lavender Raysitoll
Age: 12
Gender: Female
District: 11
Appearance: Lavender has dark brown skin and curly hair similar to Rue’s. She is small and agile and is not easily noticed. She is not tall at all and very short and tiny. Her build is petite and fragile.
Personality: Lavender is very quiet and shy around new people. When you get to know her you will find out she is very artsy and agile. She can climb trees easily and paints excellent camoflauge. Lavender is very sweet and caring and always helps when she can. She is always committed to her work.
Backstory: Lavender comes from a large family. She is the youngest in her family and many of her siblings have died. Her parents are both dead and her oldest sister has been taking care of her. Her life is very rough but she always looks on the bright side. She was placed in an orphanage for a while until her sister became old enough to adopt her.
-Luna and Spice Raysitoll: Lavender never knew her parents as her father died two days after she was born and her mother died in child birth. From what she has been told they were sweet and caring like their daughter.
-Poppyseed Eskeena, 30, Sister: Poppyseed is Lavender’s older sister and is hardworking. She lives with Poppy because of Poppy adopting her when she was finally old enough to.
-Baysill Eskeena, 31, Adoptive Father and Brother in Law: Baysill is a jokester and a hard worker. He wants to ensure a stable life for his children and sister.
-Pepper Eskeena, 5, Little sister and niece: Pepper is Poppy’s child. Pepper is mischievous but funny and adorable.
All her other siblings are dead. She had 3 in all that are now dead but never knew them as they died before she was alive.
-Apple and Lucy Yullei, 12, Friends: These girls all met together while in the orchards. They are all best friends are are hard workers. Lavender is homeschooled so she can’t see them a lot, only in the orchards.
Strengths: Hiding, climbing, running, camoflauge, using small, projectile weapons
Weaknesses: Hand to hand combat, leadership (She can’t lead lol), small size, using larger weapons, persuading others (cannot do it)
Reaped/Volunteered: Reaped
Reaction: Tears start flowin and she whimpers, but she wipes them away and smiles that cute little Innoncent smile.
Open to alliance/romance: No romance but an alliance. Probably with D7F.
Bloodbath strategy: Run. She’ll meet her allies somewhere
Arena strategy: Camoflauge, and stick with her allies. Mostly stay by water and food source.
Token: A lavender flower attached to a barrette from Pepper who hand made it for her.
Training score: Idk.
What they do in training: Trap making, edible plants and berries, shelter making, camoflauge, slingshot
Private sessions: Makes a slingshot and shoots it at a trap she created, showing how it works. Does a bit of camoflauge.
Reaping outfit: Lavender dress.
Chariot outfit: A long purple dress that drapes behind her with genetically engineered lavender flowers that grow and shoot out small purple fizzes and fireworks and sparks. She has a lavender headpiece with feathers.
Interview outfit: Lavender dress
Interview angle: Innoncent and adorable
Expected placement: She doesn’t have what it takes to win unless a miracle happens. It doesn’t matter.

I’ll send in my D7F in a bit. How many can we submit?
1/30/2019 c1 Anna
Name: Crown Openiol
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Gender: Male
Appearance: Crown has short blond hair that often has curls at the end. His eyes are a deep blue and his skin is a tan. He often wears athletic clothing and is muscular and tall.
Personality: Crown is very athletic and often goes for morning runs. He likes to be the leader and is very arrogant. He thinks killing is a game and that the more kills he gets the better chance of winning he has. He plans on killing his allies and he is very sneaky.
Backstory: Crown used to hate the hunger games and everything about it, but his parents tricked him into believing otherwise. They told him he could be rich and famous and that overcame his hatred. He always strives to get the approval of his parents.
-Laycie Openiol, 47, Mother: Laycie has always wanted the best for her son and she thinks money is the way to go. She is very self absorbed and rude.
-King Openiol, 47, Father: King is self absorbed and wants everything for himself. He always needs money, power, and fame. He hates his son and is using him.
Crown is very popular and usually hangs out with the popular and athletic boys in his grade, like Duke, Shimmer, Chiffon, and Golden. A few athletic and popular girls hang out with them too, like Duchess and Silvera.
Strengths: Leadership, running, using a machete, and seems trustworthy
Weaknesses: Gets ahead of himself, no survival skills whatsoever, arrogant, can’t use projectile weapons
Reaped/Volunteered: Volunteered
Reason: Chosen by academy
Token: His token is a small metal ball from his mother that is golden. It’s about the size of a scrunched for your hair and with touch identification (in a special spot) it activates to be a poisoned dagger. It was confiscated and the dagger was removed.
Open to alliance/romance: Careers and yes, he will flirt.
Bloodbath strategy: Kill.
Games strategy: Kill anyone who gets in his way and backstab allies at the final eight.
Training score: 8-12
What they do in training: Weapons and gauntlets. Mostly swords, spears, and machetes.
What they do in private sessions: Uses a machete and performs on gauntlets,
Reaping outfit: A lime green athletic shirt and indigo shorts to his knees.
Suggested chariot outfit: A king.
Interview outfit: Royal purple suit.
Interview angle: Fierce.
Expected placement: Well, please just don’t let him win. I beg you. :P
Other: He can be sort of the villain in this story to the tributes. He scares other tributes.

Hope you like him. :D Feel free to delete this and copy it into a word doc if you would prefer.
1/30/2019 c1 Anna

Okay can you reserve the D7F, D1M, and D11F for me? Omg I’m so excited! Are you at school currently? Or like is it lunch?

Welp anyways I’m so exciteddd! And the Reapings do drag on. For my next games I’m probably gonna do flashbacks or short reaping scenes so it goes quicker.

Oki byeee!

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