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for Ere we go, Pluz Ultra!

11/25 c18 9OmniGawker
Heh, fun little read
11/15 c18 Christopherprime22
This story is a helluva ride, it must've been painted red because I caught up in no time lol.
11/14 c17 NJred2000
Would be funny that orkzuku believe that by drinking orange juice his blood will be replenish, that way if He and himiko toga what to expirement with her quirk. I think they'll be beasties.
11/13 c9 Guest
Love All For One so far in this. Calm, collected, and *not* putting up with his disciples BS and called him out on it.

I would be interested in seeing how he might want The Waaaghhhh! From Izuku and then how the Mean Green Fighting machines in his head react to him trying to take it.
11/9 c1 0vrLrd71
hahaha, it's absolutely hilarious how in ork they are actually talking like sophisticated fellows but it doesn't come out like so
11/9 c13 Nullblaster
"Bootin' up Krumpin' protocols"
That fucking killed me, ha!
11/8 c5 Nullblaster
Bakugou's internal alarm had me cackling like a hyena. Defenestration is one of my favorite words.
11/8 c1 Nullblaster
This is... This is the funniest shit. I love it. I literally cannot stop reading Izuki's lines in a full blown Ork voice.
11/6 c1 Guest
Just found this masterpiece! All mights successor will be able to put up more a fight at first this time around.
11/4 c17 Guest
Chapter 18 has somehow been removed just now.
11/3 c6 Guest
I'm not the biggest into shipping so I appreciate slow burns if anything. With that said while there won't be IzukuxMomoxMei. I really hope that you will get those three together as a "Team". I.e they would form a group after graduation etc.

The amount of technological progress they could give the MHA universe...
11/1 c18 travisdodson401
loved it cant wait for part 19
11/1 c18 26SuperSaiyanDiclonius
Yeeeeaahhh, Shiozaki is not gonna enjoy the next round.
10/28 c18 21thepkrmgc
gotta pity shiozaki in her next match, vines are flammable
10/26 c18 Shin
Yeah, Momo went full Gundam in that panel lol! A lot of fics, especially ones with a slightly more comedic take have done that with her before...and now canon has given them all carte blanche to go full bore on that. As far as this fic goes I'm honestly waiting for Izuku and Mei to interact more just to see Power Loader weep more since he was so desperate for them to never meet. Between those two and Momo to give them materials to work with...villains would have a VERY bad time. Honestly as far as fics with triple pairings go...if someone is creative enough I get a smile when I see it's those three as the pairing just cause Momo is a quite enabler to Mei's inventing and Izuku's ideas based on his Quirk analysis. It's even better when Izuku and Momo are converted to the 'cult of boom' as I call it when it comes to Mei.
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