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for Ere we go, Pluz Ultra!

11/29 c8 Keithbear666
Not enough DAKKA. Need more WAAGGHH.
11/28 c2 Keithbear666
11/28 c1 Keithbear666
Snipe and power loader are dumb, the shoota isn't junk, they just lack the WAAGGHH to shoot it. They lack faith in the WAAGGHH!
11/26 c12 Dasgun
11/22 c12 1EliteShadow
i want more of this i so want to see what midoriya has planned for his teams tower please please make it happen i so want to read the next chapter!
11/21 c12 Guest
I miss this story getting updates. Immense potential wasted
11/5 c12 andrewwhiting96
The random jump was a bit of whiplash, its funny, but I'd rather keep the fort wars going than have the Ork's come out for no reason. At least until they show up in the story.
11/4 c8 andrewwhiting96
This is a very fitting way to give Shigaraki an absolute hatred of Deku. All Might and Bakugo really need more moments to commiserate together over Izuku. Eraserhead too.
11/4 c7 andrewwhiting96
Bakugo, All Might, and Eraserhead are going to have a lot of bonding after serious Orku comes out.
10/29 c5 GermanGrandson
I mean, ork "tech" being inconsistent is itself pretty consistent.
10/20 c12 A5707
I love this, it made my day.
10/15 c12 1Dr Gero
This has been a lot of fun! Looking forward to seeing more.
10/13 c11 kingthe13
Are little Green cinnamon roll just cock blocked slaanesh out of existence...
his is just the best
10/13 c8 kingthe13
shame he didnt take the entire hand but im pretty sure his quirk needs all his fingers to work...or would it
10/13 c4 kingthe13
I loved one story that had him fail because he got distracted by a girl so realizing he has a problem made himself do a pushup everytime he has a perverted thought and to actually train and it's funny cause by the festival he's a muscled finy guy and I'm sure he did other exercises but I just like the idea that he it was all from pushup heck I actually liked the version in it mainly because my problem with him was not that he had perverted thoughts but his actions such as groping and being a peeping tom
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