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9/19 c4 Guest
Mineta is a sexual predator, he should be in prison
20h c9 Fernizer
That's just such a good story. I've laughed all the way from first to ninth chapter. Only problem is that there are only nine chapters. I would love to read more. Thanks for hard work.
9/18 c4 BooplkanThePrimarch
So, the ork color believe is also here...wait...if that is allowed...and Mineta is partially purple...


Oh no
9/17 c9 12Isebas
Oh man I have been loving this! It's fun, quirky and hilarious! It's something I very much needed without knowing it. Keep up the good work!
9/14 c9 Wagh
this is pretty nice. definitely coming back for the next chapter.
9/13 c9 Guest
Great chapter and I love how we are getting more insight in how the WAAAAGGHH has affected our boy and hints of the different direction the story will go. Also as always, Magnus is wrong about everything.
9/13 c9 Marbled Gold
Seeing Power Loaders rant about Izukus Orky abilities and just overall WAAGGHHH power had me going like this, "First time?"
9/12 c1 1gibthegrey
writy humie don listen to dees gits trina tell you ow to do the writy bits, they're gits dat don know ow to enjoy good words
9/12 c9 gibthegrey
I love dis green humie, e's got da powa of a big stompa an e knows dat the colors makes da gizmos betta
9/12 c9 JKingSniper
A haha I knew Inko would have enough security with Ixuorc around
9/11 c4 JKingSniper
lol got Momo to acknowledge her quirk reality bend
9/11 c2 JKingSniper
I can't tell what Izuku is saying half the time but it's funny
9/11 c1 JKingSniper
Psychic energy Warrrrgg Izuku
9/10 c1 1MagnusFenrrun
The theme of Izuku and that he gains powers for free, is the same as Harry potter doing it Op, doing bad writing about a badly written character. It makes it worse, I know this fanfic is more like parodic, and I half understand it, but it still seems bad to mediocre, with moments that only leave you with the face of WTF? Seriously, I was expecting something funny, entertaining and more original, but no. A mediocre narration, meh story, poor plot management, mediocre characterizations. And finally Izuku, well, I don't like it, it's not like a very very sour lemon at all. I tried to give it a try because it was about WH40K, but no, honestly if someone else enjoys it well for it, for my part, it is mediocre. 5/10
9/10 c9 frostmornebane
Hi, been lurking on this site for decades now, figured it was time to start sharing my thoughts.

You keep finding new ways to milk everyone's reactions to Deku's insanity, and it hits EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

I'm fully aware that this is a WH40K fusion, but the way you describe how Deku's quirk reminds me more of The Mask; Deku's powers are like a cartoon mad scientist, rather than a general cartoon character.

I'm eager to see how canon gets more derailed in the sports festival arc, can't wait!
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