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3/8/2019 c2 1nadenagi
This had so many cute moments aaa I love the descriptions of Nadeshiko's house, and the pictures on the wall...and the way Nade's mom helped out was funny :D

I really like how Amu instantly became friends with Nadeshiko
(Kukai why are you so embarrassing)
this fic makes me appreciate the friendships in canon verse even more tbh!

I'm not sure if I'm ready for the pain and suffering .
2/28/2019 c2 5ObeliskX
Great development. I like that story still focuses on Nadeshiko as girl (something very rare in this fandom), and their relationships develop... maybe a bit too fast but overall believable. End part was sweet _
2/28/2019 c2 Guest
I'm loving this rewrite of "Dissonance in my Head" from 2012 and hoping it's got a happy ending. Anyways, Keiichi and the others have absolutely no right treating Nadeshiko appallingly and just because she's different.
Also, just an idea maybe once Tadase's friends (Amu and Kukai) know everything about what's happening to Nadeshiko? They'd could possibly transfer to Tadase's school within Bifuka (Hokkaido) and promising to protect Nadeshiko from everyone's harassments.
2/24/2019 c1 ObeliskX
Very interesting start. Hope to see more
2/6/2019 c1 1nadenagi
Gosh this story makes me so sad and it hurts and it's so bittersweet TT
(Definitely better than the original that had a lot of ? moments)
Anyway, so far this has such a good flow to it, I didn't even question the "falling in love in a day" thing. And this is going to be a strange thing to comment on, but I like your scene dividers a lot!
Good luck on your goal, too!
2/3/2019 c1 11Astridic
ohhhh my god. the shock i had when i looked at the shugo chara page for the first time in forever and saw an old favourite re-appear. i thought i set my settings to oldest - newest and i was so confused. it's nice to see you again omg!
1/30/2019 c1 33Pika-Thunder
wow you canNOT believe how shocked and excited I was to see your name in my inbox for a new story (and tbh, I was shocked that any author I alerted to on this website actually updated). I'm so glad you haven't entirely moved on from this fandom because I thought I was all alone :') (also I hope you remember me it's been a VERY long time but I hope you're doing well and I've missed you!).

But on a more serious note, this was honestly an amazing story. You portrayed the bullying really well, and you portrayed Tadase's struggle between fear of being a victim but also following what he believes in. I also thought his awkwardness to how to speak to Nade was very well done; I have been in that position before of being super awkward in front of my best friend who is transgender, so I can definitely attest to that. I would have loved to see more of Nadeshiko's side of the story, but from the interactions you did present, it was done really well. This is the first great fanfic I've read in such a long time, so that was extremely refreshing.

I actually have been wanting to write a Trans!Fujisaki story as well, although I was actually planning on doing it in the reverse and making it semi-canon (also rimahiko because I havent gotten over my ship 8 years or so later lmao). This fandom needs more non-cis or non-hetero stories!

Anyway, this is super long, but thank you so much for writing this (also for giving me a great break from schoolwork), and I hope to hear/see more from you soon

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