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for Silent Whisper

12/16/2022 c13 robin.nelson25
I just ran across this. I have to say this is a story I can't wait to read more of. I really hope you continue it.
5/7/2021 c1 isabel97811
Good ass story
11/16/2020 c1 Ss29
This is so good, please continue this!
10/31/2020 c1 Honeybee1496
Really enjoying this story! Ready for a new update!
10/9/2020 c13 peggy
thank you for the update, i enjoyed this chapter even if it was sad. hope your month gets better
10/10/2020 c13 Dafan17
I just found this story. I really hope you don't abandon it because it has been great so far
10/9/2020 c13 debpreato
Awesome emotional chapter. Beautiful job expressing Roza's anguish and hurt. Looking forward to Dimitri's getting his head out of his butt
10/9/2020 c13 russia2774
still loving it please lots more updates
10/8/2020 c13 Ashley Hanson
Omg that was so good! Cant wait for the next chapter!
10/8/2020 c13 2elephantwalks
i’m so excited your back! i have to reread !
7/15/2020 c12 ginabowman2005
Oh MY! Please update, like every day!
7/15/2020 c10 ginabowman2005
I am RIVITED! This story is awesome!
7/15/2020 c8 ginabowman2005
I was sad when they said Christian was a human. Hot hands and knowing stuff... hmmmm, what's going on?So sad Sonya's gone!
7/15/2020 c6 ginabowman2005
Moroi can only turn Strigoi if they kill another Moroi? That would make all Strigoi former Moroi?

Is that part of your storyline or did you mean to write Moroi can turn themselves by draining another person? Whether Moroi, Dhampir, or human?
7/7/2020 c12 russia2774
Loving it please more updates
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