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8/9 c1 15The Ghostly Minion
Well, you served up some home truths in the one-shot. It sums up much of what I thought was wrong in canon.

Ups for Hermione to follow him out, not hat her loyalty to amnd friendship/or more with Harry could have let her do anything else. No matter what happens next they will face it together.

9/20/2020 c1 B53
I hope you update this story. It's definitely got a lot of potential.
11/26/2019 c1 hunzbookwyrm
Interesting story, would love to see more of this!
10/14/2019 c1 Butterfly
Love this very much. Please add some more chapters. Before I say anything I'm apologizing for what I am going to say ; I don't understand why the Harry Potter book series is the most sold book in the world when the content of the story is very dark. People like Dumbledore and Snape are honored as heros and the bullies like Dursley are never given any punishment. I wonder how a eighteen year old youth who was abused and kept in the dark for so long is capable of forgiving! Then again the boy who have seen so much death is willing to join Auror job and never ever gone under mental counseling.
8/29/2019 c1 Cybred
Harry seems to have forgotten that the other champions VOLUNTEERED to do this
7/18/2019 c1 AncientOak
Great speech, thanks for writing! We are entertained.
4/30/2019 c1 Guest
Great read, if this was a beginning you should have gone further making a story from it.
Otherwise a nice epilogue, he left losing magic or something, either way form a relationship with hermione don't matter if they leave or stay. (and dump the weasleys)
3/11/2019 c1 jkarr
it is nice that Hermione is backing Harry
3/7/2019 c1 1Snaggledog
What a great tale, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I only wish that it was a hundred times longer. I'm glad that you are back after 19 years better than ever. I hope that you continue to write and share more of your work.
2/18/2019 c1 3alix33
I love, love, love that your narrator just referred to that disloyal git Ron Weasley as Harry’s former friend.
I love, love, love every syllable of Harry’s rant thus far (and I’ve only gotten as far as reading “backstabbing”).
I love, love, love the mental pic I got of the stare Harry is giving Ron there while Harry said “outright lies being spread around here”’.
Still loving Harry’s rant and the second round of glares Ron Weasley is getting.
2/16/2019 c1 108Scififan33
Go Harry! he really should have confronted them more over their treatment of him.
2/9/2019 c1 Slytherin66
A great story.

A very good sum up of each house, Harry own are very fickle and often little or no better than the Dursley’s using Harry as a scapegoat, family indeed.

Ron slithered very apt.

That is the thing Ron waited until after the task to apologise, Harry could have been hurt or killed. The Weasley family also let Harry down they owe Harry after what happened with Ginny yet nobody supported Harry. Mr Weasley could have spoken to Harry, Charlie could have given him help. Even a letter would have been a comfort. Yet it’s not the first time the family can be petty look at Mrs Weasley and the small Easter egg for Hermione.

Remus also let Harry down where was he in 4th year.

Well said about all the books written about Harry, they were a con and it always bothered me Harry was never paid or had any say in what was written about him. People know all about Harry before ever meeting him, Hermione included. This does not help Harry’s reputation or ability to make friends.

A good point about Harry’s wealth too.

I wonder what will happen next. Dumbledore’s plans are in ruin as they depend on Harry being willing to sacrifice his life for a people and society not worthy of the sacrifice. I hope Harry does what Dumbledore’s brother suggested and flee leave the country. Harry’s fame is too great in the UK. If the prophecy orb can be destroyed before he becomes the chosen one all the better.

Book Harry would be very disillusioned by the magical world I think.

Thanks for posting this.
2/8/2019 c1 Xon the Archaic
Wow haven't seen or thought of Reign of Fire in years.
Nice use of a scene from that movie though.
I more than get why Harry would be mad at the events, I would too.
Anyway I really enjoyed this one-shot and thanks for sharing it.
2/4/2019 c1 ILoveGeorgeEads
i loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved it.
2/4/2019 c1 tattoodaffodil
awesome and powerful. wish it was like this in the book
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