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3/27/2019 c22 Guest
That was a great and beautiful Petrie and Ducky romance story you made than the original version and it was beautiful when you made the romance with Chomper and Ruby. Also with Littlefoot and Cera. And I just want to ask you something. Do you think you might make a Chomper and Ruby romance story or Littlefoot and Cera romance story?
3/27/2019 c22 6AllegroGiocoso
Nice to see the deserved reception Ducky and Petrie got and their response to it. Happy to see that this time they found a way to ensure they could keep using their special spot into their adulthoods. Love how pristine they’ve managed to keep it as well! Nice to see Pink Forest finally made a comeback as well, and sweet to see Sparkle’s romance as well. Very pleased to see Chomper continuing to live in the Valley and find alternative ways to satisfy his dietary needs. Very happy also to see Littlefoot and Cera together, and also the effect of their ultimate significance of their being together for the entire Valley. Good description of Ducky and her mother as well, and nice to hear about Spike and his continued closeness to Ducky.

Love seeing that despite their growing, Ducky and Petrie retain some of the most adorable aspects from their childhood. Good to see Pterano is back, and neat now that he is basically an only child. Finally, no more Donnie to bully him! Love to see Pterano fully redeeming himself to the best that he can. Nice capture of the challenges to egg stealers, again, love to see Chomper protecting the valley from eggstealers! So fitting for his character, especially given how eggstealers were such a critical component of his first moments of life. Nice, descriptive mixture of Ducky and Petrie with the children! Very nice name also celebrating his dual heritage beautifully. Waterwind’s got a lot of learning to do, but with Ducky and Petrie as his parents, I’m sure he’s going to have a lot of fun all the while! Very nice to see Waterwind’s interactions with his grandparents as well, and love to see Pterano getting another chance with Waterwind. The dual speech quirks are also a very cute touch as well. Wow, after seeing Waterwind, I completely forgot about the second egg! Very nice to see that they’re naming her in honor of Judy. The sentiment here is very sweet and richly explored, especially with Ducky’s evolving reaction. Happy to see Papa Swimmer’s reactions to them as well. Just truly adorable to read! And love seeing the first parent-child moments in what is sure to be one wonderful journey.

This was a delight to read! Honestly, I’m torn on which of the two versions I prefer. The trial from the previous edition was really neat in that it was an unconventional climax centered entirely around Ducky and Petrie’s love. On the other hand, in this version, your emotions and descriptions have gotten even better, and your use of suspense and unpredictability were truly amazing. Really love reading this, and thanks so much for writing this remake of this all-around wonderful story!
3/25/2019 c21 AllegroGiocoso
Very harrowing description of Petrie’s total despair in this moment and all that he went through. Poor Chomper too, if being hurt isn’t hard enough, translating the Sailback’s cruel words is even more agonizing. Petrie’s father being murdered by the sailbacks is a nice twist and makes the matter all the more personal. Love Petrie’s response! The ultimatum is also really suspenseful, and sadly, there seems to be only one choice where Petrie can live with himself. On the other hand, why would the sailbacks keep their word and not eat all of them anyways? Come on Ducky, where are you? Love the others’ encouragement and how it is really firing up Petrie. Really brave speech he gave, excellent for the climax, and love his effective stalling tactics as well. Delighted to see that everyone is set free with the rock now! And wow, how did little Ducky push such a big rock? Very relieved to see that not everyone was killed in the frontlines beforehand, and love to see everyone contributing in their unique way. Now this is really fun, seeing that the tone has shifted from slaughters to rescues. Love to see Topps finally noticing that Ducky and Petrie would do anything to save Cera (and Tricia), which can only make him more sympathetic. Now where are Ducky and Petrie going with the sailback?

Very happy to see some more Ducky-Petrie interaction. Good description of the vengeful fury of the sailback and showing how powerfully motivated he is. Love how they’re trying to get the sharptooth out of the valley to keep the others from his wrath. Nice way of making this very tense scene cute and fun to read as well. Really love the jump-fly combo Ducky and Petrie came up with, really showing their deep connection, along with it being very nicely described. Ooh, really great climax too … Love the resignation here, indeed I’m very curious as to how they could get out of this mess. Their last words to each other are really touching. Love you tie their final move back to Petrie’s original at Black Rock, and how incredibly risky it reads. Lucky the sailback isn’t fully aware of his surroundings! That was really, really tense … AND OH MY GOODNESS! I love how you tied this back to the LBT1 ending with Petrie and Sharptooth. Whoa … That was really brave. The fact that Petrie managed to save Ducky here is nothing short of a miracle. But is Petrie all right? I’m feeling hollow now, as I’m sure Ducky is as well. Ducky’s grief is really heartwrenching to read. Really powerfully describing the death scene as I let the tragedy fully sink in …

Wow, Petrie escaped! Yay! Love Ducky’s rejoicing with Petrie’s return … You really are playing with my heartstrings! First he’s dead, then he’s not, now he’s dying? So glad that this time, there is something Ducky and the others can do to help out. The ER situation here was something I truly did not expect, and is very tense to read. Very creative with the bloodsucker idea, and nice mention of Petrie’s father being at peace. Glad to see they’ve resecured the Valley now. Poor Wingfoot… Kinda remarkable considering all they’ve done, how low Ducky and Petrie are still feeling. Glad to see that Topps is hesitating though, certainly something he wouldn’t have done before. Very happy to see Topps’ gratefulness overcoming any prejudice he may have. Love seeing the detail and huge difference Ducky made when she disappeared. Still amazed she was able to move that rock! Love the praise that they’re getting too, it’s seeming more and more like banishment is off the table. Very nice display of Topps’ internal conflict, and so glad to see he ultimately came around. Love the very in-character way in how Topps relented, and the proud way he complemented them. The grin on Topps’ face is a very nice touch! Very happy to see Grandpa lifting the ban, and nice initial refusal about Cera with Topps with Tria’s subtle cajoling suggesting otherwise. So nice to see Ducky and Petrie can finally be together without worrying anymore! Love Topps’ awkwardness too, very funny to read. I’m so happy for Ducky and Petrie’s mothers too considering all they’ve endured throughout the whole ordeal. It’s almost as much their victory as Ducky and Petrie’s. Love the celebratory interactions with the four of them! Brilliant feeling, all this relief coursing over me. At long last, both of Ducky and Petrie’s worst nightmares are over!

Just love to see that at last, Ducky and Petrie can reward themselves so delightfully. So happy to see the rest of the gang waiting for them, and love to see the gang’s interaction. Delighted to see the intimate moments as well after all this! And nice to see them thinking to the future already. The way they talk about this is so cute as well! Really nice summary at the end … Could this really have only been nine days? Hard to believe, considering how much they’ve grown. And the song is a really nice treat! The lyrics are very cute and in-character and really capture the story well! I can’t help but smile as I read these adorable moments. Nice for Mama Flyer to get a chance to see it so naturally as well. So happy to read and imagine every one of Ducky and Petrie’s thoughts and actions in this time, and really beautiful ending! Can’t wait to read the epilogue!
3/25/2019 c6 39OwlsCantRead
Role reversal, I see? I recall that Petrie's mother was more apprehensive about this turn of events in the original, but that role is taken by Ducky's father in this re-imagining.

Ducky's outburst that her parent would hate her for her tryst is actually startling accurate to some real-life kids who have estranged relations with their parents. Needless to say, I felt quite uncomfortable as their argument came to a head, but at least it ended amiably this time. :)
3/24/2019 c20 Guest
Will Doc be in the next chapter?
3/23/2019 c20 hadiginga
how many chapter are left ?
3/23/2019 c20 6AllegroGiocoso
Like the short, jarring sentences to start things off. Really shows a nice shift in tone. Petrie’s panic is very well-captured here, as well as his impossibility in letting go of Ducky. But I wonder, is putting Petrie back in his nest with at least one hostile sibling truly safe? I can easily see Donnie betraying Petrie to the sharpteeth at this point, perhaps more easily than I can with even Topps. Good thing Mama Flyer is being very clear with her warnings though. Very relieved to see Wingfoot there too. At least he should keep Donnie in line. Seeing Mama Flyer flying off to what could be her death is really tragic. Feel really sorry for Petrie and all he’s going through right now. But I’m not entirely convinced Petrie will keep his word, particularly if he senses Ducky is in danger.

Concerned with Ducky’s parents being on the frontlines, especially since they have fewer defenses in either strength or speed than most others in the Valley, except if there is water nearby. Good thing the others are giving them good caution. Especially sad seeing it from Ducky’s perspective, with her plaintive cries telling them not to fight. Ducky trying to follow them is so brave, and I can’t imagine her happy staying idly by, especially since her boyfriend is the main target.

Very fortunate the sharpteeth can’t understand leafeater, making it easier to talk and send messages. The ominous stillness of the sharpeeth is very eerie as you can tell they’re waiting. Whoa, a stampede of sharpteeth! Those devils. Alarming how the sailbacks could recruit such an army so quickly. Perhaps the idea of feasting on the unreachable tantalizing treats nearby is just too good to resist from their perspective.

Glad to see they have what looks to be an effective strategy cooked up, and seems like an effective barricade … But is it enough? With all this anticipation, I’m feeling a little sick reading this … Alarming they’ve got the Great Valley denizens outnumbered, it looks like a miracle at this point for Petrie to get out of this unscathed, not to mention all the guards. Startling skirmish to start with ... Ugh … Come on, guards!

Relieving to see the threehorns decisively disposing of some of the horde, but their sheer number still remains alarming. Though Topps has his faults, he sure is effective at keeping the Valley safe, an importance that cannot be overstated. The persistence of the mob and the casualties we’re seeing already are very disheartening, and at this point, it seems like only a matter of time before they’d be knocking on Petrie’s doorstep. I can’t imagine the guilt Petrie will feel when he discovers all this! Love seeing Topps’ thought about Tria … And I wonder at this point whether Sparkle might appear in all of this.

The massive number of biters continues to be extremely alarming, as are the character deaths, even though to this point they are all still unnamed. Glad to see the flyers finally taking action, as their use of the skies is something that fortunately the sharpteeth do not seem to have. Love seeing Topps saying he wants to help the children instead of just Cera … Might he be including Ducky and Petrie too? The Tria-Topps dialogue is really nicely done and passionate too.

Terrifying to see the sailbacks making it to Petrie’s nest, and as relieving it is to see how the others came, it is shocking how depleted the defenders’ numbers are. I hate to say it, but at this point, it is hard to see how it can be anything but a total massacre.

As if it can’t get any worse, it’s even more alarming to see the gang personally in danger. The fact that the sharpteeth still don’t seem to be running out of steam is very disheartening, as is the ominous language and shouts of pain. Seeing everyone at the mercy of the sharpeeth now is just too much … And where did Ducky go, and what is Petrie going to do next?

Well, I’ve got to say, the extent of the carnage here is far worse than I anticipated, with the Great Valley as we know it no longer in existence, with the background cast seemingly all deceased and all the main characters in immediate peril. I’m still wondering, where is Sparkle in all of this? And how do you intend to finish this story in only a couple of chapters, with so many loose ends? Certainly my head is spinning to say the least.
3/23/2019 c20 GZDW
If this ends up bad, I WILL go insane!
3/22/2019 c19 AllegroGiocoso
The melancholy from the seemingly impending exile really comes back through Ducky’s bittersweet thoughts after the sharptooth interlude. Things are so sad for her right now, and could only get worse considering she doesn’t know the special peril Petrie is in.

It truly is surreal to consider that the hearing is still going on where by now every elder knows that banishment at this point is essentially a death sentence. The combined sadness and fears of humiliation, exile and being attacked, and even a small tinge of guilt, really gives Petrie far too many problems, and I can only hope he and Ducky can manage to deal with them. He really needs his mother’s support and I am glad she is giving it so effectively. And now with Petrie seeming to have prophetic night terrors, it is no wonder he is deeply afraid. The apprehension Petrie has in going to the hearing is very palpable, so I can really feel the bravery he has to muster in ultimately going.

Pleased to see that the Valley is not going on with the meeting now. From a purely selfish, sacrificial, or cynical perspective, I can see someone just chucking Petrie out to the Mysterious Beyond to the sharpteeth to stop the invasion. The fact that they seem preparing to fight seems to indicate that perspective is fortunately off the table. Love seeing Petrie’s concern for Chomper, even with so much on his mind already, he always is really devoted to his friends. Hoping maybe Petrie could help the Valley in a way to earn some goodwill to allow him to stay. A tall order, but I can dream, right? Glad to see Petrie gets to see Ducky now. After all, considering all he’s going through, this is just what he needs now.

Interesting how similar Ducky and Petrie’s sleep stories are. Seeing Ducky come to terms with the news of Petrie’s danger is perhaps even more heart-wrenching than it was him, especially considering how the reality of this situation is a terrible and total shock. Very glad that Ducky’s not having the hearing now, it would be far too much for her to deal with considering the earthshattering news she just received. Alarming to see the full extent of Chomper’s condition as well, feeling very worried for him. And nice, emotional perspective with Spike at the end.

Seeing the full extent of Chomper’s injuries really scares me and makes me feel truly alarmed. Brutal, powerful imagery to describe it and really show how hurt he is. Really am getting emotional with Ruby’s deep concern for Chomper, and her shift in tone really caught me off guard! Chomper’s apologies are very heartfelt and like Ruby’s introspection. The budding romance seems to flow really naturally too, like how it starts with very couple-like interactions and subtle, physical gestures before becoming explicit. Wow, seeing this sudden development is sweet and heartwarming Like the exploration of the evolution of their relationship too. At least Ducky and Petrie aren’t alone now too! Now if Littlefoot and Cera get any ideas …. ;)

Nice detail into Petrie’s guilt, and again, love seeing the insights with Spike. Really nice gesture from Mama Flyer and Swimmer to go out with Ducky and Petrie. I can only hope it doesn’t come to that! Love the references to the LBT theme song too. Infuriating to see Donnie being such a bully even in such trying times for Petrie. Love seeing Ducky standing up to Donnie, he really had that coming, and pleasantly surprised to see her siblings backing her up! Again, love to see Pearlwing developing that voice of her own too. Like to see her showing her true feelings to Petrie, and trying to comfort him in the hard times. Really heartwarming to see Petrie fully realizing how Pearlwing really cares for him. Hopefully the middle two will come around too, as for Donnie, well, he may just be a bad apple. And then after all that …. Ugh … And so the battle begins!
3/22/2019 c19 GZDW
I personally believe it would be great for Littlefoot x Cera to explode during the final trial just to rub in Mr Threehorn’s big ugly face. But that’s just me.
3/21/2019 c19 Guest
It was so cute and romantic when Ruby kissed Chomper and finally confessed her feelings for him. Thanks DiddyKF1 for bringing a ChomperXRuby romance moment.
3/19/2019 c18 Guest
I really hope Chomper is alright ,though I am impressed how he told Ruby to run and stood up to those sailbacks and stall them. Chomper is my favorite character.
3/19/2019 c18 AllegroGiocoso
Normally I would take today off after reading two chapters yesterday, but after all the trauma from the previous chapters I feel compelled to find out what happens next as soon as possible. Honestly, I can completely relate to Ducky’s nauseousness as I feel nauseous myself as I read! The chapter title is also very intriguing and leaves me uncertain as to where this chapter will lead.

Well, that was a tense start. Not sure how long the Valley’s going to remain in peace at this rate.

Love the perspective with Chomper and Ruby, and happy to see that they have been forewarned of the sailback’s invasion. Hopefully they’ll be believed! But considering the surrounding drama, I’m afraid they might not be. Like how Chomper gets to talk to the sharpteeth too so he can find out their true motivation. Very rich dialogue and love how Chomper was able to so quickly figure out that it was Petrie. Trouble is, will the grownups even bother helping Petrie now? Can’t imagine the terror Chomper and Ruby are going through now, this new crisis suddenly there above all others. The urgency is captured very nicely. I hope Chomper is all right and Ruby can get there fast enough!

Very, very happy to see Littlefoot’s reaction to the tragedy, and satisfying to see his unbridled indignancy. The introspection is very nice, combining his devotion to his friends and his frustration with Mr. Threehorn nicely. Still can’t help but feeling Littlefoot’s grandparents’ words are a bit empty – if only it were that easy to take care of everything. Nice capturing of Ruby’s panicking, and can’t help but notice the phrase ‘her Sharptooth’ … I just hope Grandpa leaves out the detail that Petrie is the one desired to Mr. Threehorn … For that could just make the decision to exile him all the hastier. Very tense!

Love seeing Chomper’s loyalty in action, and sad seeing how hurt he has become. Good to see his good thinking in leading them away!

Mr. Threehorn makes you really roll your eyes. Amazing how shortsighted and conspiratorial he can be. Ugh, I just wish Grandpa didn’t say one of … It would make it much simpler if Topps thought it was all the children so he could focus on protecting Cera. Fortunately he does appear to be considering that possibility rather than know who is really in danger … Poor Mama Flyer, her reaction is very vivid and tearjerking to read. Incredibly horrifying reading Topps’ extremely hostile reactions. Seriously, at the rate he’s going he should be banished. Just love Mama Flyer’s subsequent reaction and rant, and the others clearly displaying themselves in agreement.

I hope Chomper doesn’t have to keep this up for much longer! Glad the others came when they did, certainly saving Chomper’s life in the process. That they were unable to permanently defeat the sharpteeth now and the promise of a bigger invasion certainly bodes ill for Petrie though, and it makes his case that much harder now that the Valley would basically be harboring a fugitive. The one good thing about this is at least for now Topps is preoccupied in dealing with something else, buying Ducky and Petrie more time. Truly heartwrenching to read Chomper’s injuries. Pleased to see Topps’ agreement to the delay, pleasantly surprised he’s not going for two birds with one stone. Very encouraging also to see that he may have the slightest of doubts developing in his head.

God forbid Donnie and the older sister, you two seriously need to stop. Good details with Petrie noticing something else was wrong besides the banishment, and love the exploration of Mama Flyer’s relationship with Petrie. Petrie’s panic attack is truly haunting, and the anguish he is experiencing is emotionally unbearable to read. Very nice seeing the motherly love at such a trying time.

Whew! The timing of their arrival was something that quite bewildered me, although I am pleased that it might have finally awoken Topps to the unjust harshness of his actions. It will be interesting to see what happens next!
3/19/2019 c18 GZDW
Petrie NEEDS his father to come back to life.
3/18/2019 c17 AllegroGiocoso
Well, that was a giveaway chapter title! At least I fully know what to expect. Nice to see some Ducky-Spike interaction to get the day going, and will be curious to see how the talk with Hyp’s father goes. Love how gently Ducky’s siblings are questioning her about her relationship. Really comes off more as curiosity than any worse intentions, and I’m sure they would rather hear it from her than through Hyp’s blabbermouth. Pleased to see that their reaction is more of concern and fear of others finding out than anything else. If only Petrie could be so lucky! The promise is reassuring, and I get the feeling that it won’t be them who will break the secret. In retrospect, I’m sure Ducky would be thankful that she ultimately confessed before the news spreads. A desperately needed bit of good news before the prior and subsequent tragedy.

The night terrors really showcase part of Petrie’s panicky nature well. Interesting how psychic Petrie seems to be about the sailbacks, and alarming how accurate his insight is, and with its recurrence, it is easy to see how Mama Flyer is getting worried. Trouble is, I’m sure that Topps would be completely unreceptive to the idea of sailbacks seeking revenge based on a sleep story, even I would be skeptical. Very happy to see Petrie wanting to spend time with the others too, for what could be their last time together in a while. Quite frankly I’m surprised Ducky hasn’t told Petrie yet about Cera’s acceptance yet, as she has had ample opportunity, but it does make for a better reading experience to show not tell. Nice to see some individuality between Petrie’s siblings, and that at the heart of it, only Petrie’s eldest brother doesn’t seem to care about him. Pearlwing’s slap and outburst to Donnie was just delightful to read. Pearlwing really nicely stands out in comparison to antagonistic Donnie and the conflict-averse middle children, and makes me really like her already. Petrie would be stunned to find out about Pearlwing and the middle two’s true feelings about him!

Really happy to see the Go7 together again! Glad to see Petrie can finally stop worrying about Cera finding out, as it looks he’s got much worse to stress about, and like her reassurance to Petrie and reminder of what she values most. Still also love Chomper’s passion here and feel certain we haven’t seen the last of it! At least we’ve gotten some nice, carefree golden moments in here!

A little afraid Mama Swimmer and Flyer’s attempts to punish Hyp may backfire completely, and am startled they aren’t seeing the risks here. Still, can’t deny it’s satisfying to see Hyp getting what he deserves. Can’t believe he had the nerve to repeat what he saw after Mama Swimmer and Flyer’s previous threats right in front of their faces, and although Hyp’s father does yell too much, in this case, it is very justified. Glad to see they got Hyp to apologize … And oh great, just when that’s settled, here comes Ducky and Petrie’s grim reaper. Outrageously bad luck … Amazing appreciative, though probably out of fear more than anything, of Hyp’s attempt to backtrack to Topps. Though predictable it is nonetheless terrifying to read the ferocious intensity behind Topps’ read. He does realize that Cera would probably never speak to him again if he carries out the banishment, right? Continue to be pleased with Hyp’s father’s siding with Ducky and Petrie’s mothers. Also very pleased with Tria’s reaction, emphasizing her concern with Ducky and Petrie’s well-being. Love seeing Mama Swimmer and Flyer defend their children to the death against Topps as well. Really appreciate Tria’s supportive gestures as well, especially considering who she’s married to. Hopefully the longnecks can do something to help out … And hopefully this will be enough to finally spur some kind of change in Hyp.

Oh my god … Poor Petrie when he’s gonna find out … Seeing the drama slowly unfold is very painful, and seeing Petrie finding out is heartbreaking to read. Great imagery to capitalize on the horror of this situation, and so sad reactions from Petrie, I’m bawling along with him … And now it’s time to go through the same thing with Ducky … The frighteningly intense reactions encapsulate this dreadful situation perfectly.

Seeing Mama Swimmer’s reaction was even worse than I would imagine. The injustice here is just incredible, and makes me really weep for Ducky. Could this really be the end? And seeing Ducky’s final reaction of what happening was also very hard to endure. Painful to read for sure … I am pleased to see however that Mama Swimmer can take care of Ducky while she still can. With the world closing in around them, I hope Ducky and Petrie and their families can brave this seemingly impossible to overcome storm. Well, I am glad to see that Tria and the longnecks halted the matter from banishment, but the outcome does still seem very bleak. Poor Mama Swimmer in trying to reassure Ducky, a truly impossible task at this time…

Love seeing Mama Flyer’s protective attitude. Still, I don’t blame Petrie for running away. The odds seem near impossible, and I wouldn’t blame Petrie for just wanting to avoid it all. His panicking in the face of such long odds is very vividly and well-displayed. I hope Grandma and Grandpa Longneck, Mama Swimmer and Flyer, and perhaps some others could do some help in attempting to get the Valley to allow them to stay. Glad to see Petrie has a chance to see Pearlwing’s true feelings before he may be exiled. And really sweet, passionate talk at the end that is making me crying … I love them so much! And really great ending, highlighting what’s amazing really about them.

Well, I hope the meeting goes better than expected. While their opinions may not matter to the eyes of the others, I personally really want to see some action from the rest of the gang in all of this, especially from Cera and Chomper for the same reasons as explored in other reviews and Littlefoot for his keen sense of right and wrong and willingness to go above and beyond for his friends. All we can do now is wait.
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