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7/11/2019 c1 2PotterNGranger
I'm very torn on your introduction my friend. I think the " Hermione will not be the bossy bush bucktooth know it all" is definitely a mistake as this is a major point of growth for her character that helps define who she becomes. Unless what you mean is she wont remain that way... but then thats really not a departure from cannon either so I find the comment confusing.

Hermione is not that person by the back half of the series, in fact a lot of that drops away after Halloween of first year. After that it's not bossy as much as just pressing Harry ( and MoRON unfortunately) not to fall into being the slacker he would be if he just kept following along with Ron, without her doing so. You never see her being that way with anyone else though after first year.

I find people really don't understand her Character. It's the same with everyone who goes on about her strict adherence to school rules which isn't a thing by end of year one, mid year two at most, I mean founds the DA directly in spite of school rules.

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