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for Revenge of Ancient Prisoner of the Gods

9/2 c1 1ines1808
There are so many grammar errors that I can't even read this.
2/25 c2 9thunderofdeath97
Percy shouldnt forgive them, he should destroy and rebuild olympus better, also maybe make this a percy/ chaos fic or percy/chaos/nyx lol
2/23 c1 charlottegaby
I neeeeed moooooooooooore
4/7/2019 c2 Lycaon1096
epic ending to chapter 2
3/23/2019 c1 Demigod208
I have one thing, and one thing only to say to Percy:

3/12/2019 c2 Klincher
Everything is a little, too, blunt, idk what to say, but if you slow down the story a little bit then it could be a lot better. The chat with Chaos, getting out of Tartarus, talking to the demigods in camp half blood, it was all a little too fast. He just blatantly tells them that he is Chaos’s champion. There is a way to tell it better, and that way would be a bit slower. Like, draw out the conversation. I would think of having him be a little bit more of a softer shade of resentment, and not full out laughing evilly and shouting at them for the whole conversation, which is about 10 seconds long, and then just leaving
2/2/2019 c1 Lycaon1096
nice start to the story
can't wait to read the next chapter

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