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12/6/2022 c34 1Ace Kate
So much angst. I gotta take a break and cry for a minute. Excuse me. You’re such a good writer.
1/9/2022 c1 2Arnesis
Although I did not finish the story so far, I would like to leave few words. I hope they make sense, if they don't... feel free to delete it.

First of all, I thank you with all my heart for writing this story. It really means a lot to me. I have been feeling down lately, since I have noticed how dead this fandom really is. There are barely any new stories and as a writer in this fandom, I know that neither it gains many readers. It made me feel very demotivated in my own work. But then I stumbled upon your story and it lifted my spirits immensely. I am so happy to see another writer here, it feels less lonely. I know that I am not the only one, who did not part with this fandom yet. I only feel sorry that your story won't gain the attention it deserves.

The quality of your story is amazing. The plot is great. The characters make sense and develop nicely. Your descriptions are long enough to bring the picture to life in my mind, yet short enough to not get too difficult to read through. Murtagh's emotional turmoil feels very real and believable. Your OC is also very likeable. The only thing I might not be a fan of is that... she cries a lot. Eventually, the crying loses its exclusivity and seriousness, so later in some scenes it loses the emotional impact it should have. But take this with a salt of grain. I might be the only one with such opinion and you are the author afterall.

I wish to tell you that I appreciate your time and effort you put into this story and to encourage you for any future stories there might be.
1/3/2022 c48 Dream Plane
This ending was awesome and so touching. Looking forward to the next fic!
12/26/2021 c48 SuperSaiyajin4Vegeta
Awesome. I had forgotten about this story.
8/18/2021 c47 Young
So is a sequel not happening?
10/28/2020 c47 Young
This fan fic is not forgotten! I hope you're still planning to write a sequel!
7/24/2020 c1 Besserwisser
I sit at my desk and work on my boring term paper suddenly my mind wanders back to this fan fiction I was obsessed with last year. And I wonder how the story of Murtagh and Hal continues. Damn, I can't continue writing about German grammar now, I'll have to read this fanfiction again until I pass out at 2am...
3/27/2020 c47 Besserwisser
Hey, I'm still here and your story is stuck in my head. I can't wait for part two. Please, take the time that you need to write. I just wanted to tell you, that your story is not forgotten. :)
1/24/2020 c47 Young
Is January 2020! ((((((( I came back after finishing in October. I NEVER do that with a book lol. PLEASE continue, this is amazing work!
12/1/2019 c47 K
A superb story. I so look forward to the sequel, or next part of the series.
Unlike many that I read, apart from the fact that it is an extension of another’s story, it would make an excellent book, or one of a series in its own right, and I feel confident that it would do well if it could be published.
There are a few grammatical faux pas, particularly the odd change of tense part way through a paragraph, which isn’t a good idea, and the odd spelling mistake, but nothing that a top class proof reader couldn’t put right.
I applaud you, a fantastic effort on your part, and an extremely worthy result. Keith
11/28/2019 c47 SlimJim201
This story was amazing! Im really looking forward to part II
11/5/2019 c47 Dream Plane
Awwwwww, what a lovely ending! Thanks so much for writing this. :)
11/4/2019 c47 SuperSaiyajin4Vegeta
That felt like a proper book 1 ending. Can't wait to see what comes next.
11/4/2019 c46 Dream Plane
Noooo, don't leave Hal! Anyway, it's cool that she's (potentially) the leader of the village now. The kids were so funny! What did she teach them?!
10/22/2019 c45 Dream Plane
Oh dear, this will hard for everyone to get over, especially Hal.
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