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9/6 c44 Irish.lee
Holy shi- i was busy b4 and re-reading some
Parts tht i just paced through b4 and...

... holy guacomole you just put ‘Reborn is Aria Dad’ huh? Finally, my ship, at least sail in one of this fanfictions trope XD
8/18 c48 Suzululu4moe
Lol the True twist of the chapter. Hahi!
7/10 c47 James Birdsong
Cool chapter of course
7/9 c47 Irish.lee
Now i want to know who silvia reincarnation now...

... and im should be continuing my animation for my thesis and final project but...

...i think i need log out fromm ff for now, thx for an update to, it kinda cheer me up a bit
7/9 c47 4sylversylvan
Good luck with applications! Especially now. Also, great chapter
7/8 c47 Suzululu4moe
Awww baby reborn. Good thing Tsuna wasn’t eating anything otherwise he’d choke on the food.

Good thing she never took a bath with cute baby reborn. all the senshi would go berserk if they knew .
6/1 c46 James Birdsong
Good two chapters perhaps
5/26 c46 Suzululu4moe
I find it hilarious that it took more effort to win over his manservant than his bride to be and all those very powerful sister in law figures .

You know the eye thing reminds me of those Fates from Disney’s Hercules . A bit creepy . Hmm I wonder if he will ask usagi to heel the tree . Or mamoru since it’s an earth tree or Makoto since Jupiter has flower powers

Though how can spade and mukuro exist at the same time?

Good thing for Tsuna and co. They didn’t get a notice from a cerevello about battles being postponed.
5/12 c45 Guest
I just wanted to say that I throughly enjoyed your story. There isn’t a lot of stories with Hotaru as the main character and even less so with her just being able enjoy a regular life. Once again we’ll done!
4/27 c45 Melany shiro
I wonder how they will react when they know that Hotaru is seilor saturn
4/27 c45 Suzululu4moe
Lol his own laziness ended up as his undoing.

If he had bothered to like get the cervello to state the fights like in the next town or somewhere not in her walking distance.
4/11 c44 James Birdsong
Good two chapters
4/8 c44 Suzululu4moe
Lol takeshi’s teasing guardians .

Good thing she didn’t ask if shamal wasn’t also Gokudera’s father . He’s certainly good looking, talented in mafia stuff and horny enough to be a high school mafia baby daddy.

'You're a destroyer of family, who robs sons and fathers from their family.' You know if this fic was yaoi instead it would have had a whole another meaning . With his uke like looks he’d be like the yaoi version of Helen of Troy. Drawing in men like Winnie the Poah to honey n ruining their familial relations .

Though it begs the question why he is protecting the vongola instead of the Gigolo Nero . staying away far enough for byakugan to do a hostile takeover even .

Hmm Mamoru... Aria’s twin given to adoption? Googled the sailor moon crystal image of him and he kinda looked like the anime version of Aria . With checker face assisting in the birthing enough to fool reborn and the attending mafia doctors
3/18 c43 2YourHomeGirlJen
Honestly Hotaru deserves to be in the know she's got so much to deal with so she shouldn't have to worry about whatever the boys could be up to. Poor kawahira deserves to go to sleep and eat right, eating just ramen is so unhealthy he should be dead by now although I can relate ramen is the best, I literally had a dream last night where I went out to get some spicy miso ramen, delicious. I hope ur not quarantined and have enough toilet paper at home cause ya ain't getting any these day cause some people think corona virus is Armageddon. Love ya (and we need more tsuna and Hotaru time! They're so cute together)
3/18 c43 Suzululu4moe
Lol gokudera hitting a landmine . Well at least she was the only senshi present . If more of the girls had been present I wonder if he’d get a heart attack.

Though I wonder why reborn isn’t prepared to have their healer on call. sure there is shamal but his healing takes time .
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