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3/27 c52 James Birdsong
Good chapter
3/27 c52 Suzululu4moe
A box weapon?

Ouch. Destroying ring

Hmm though it begs the question why archeon still let the other rings system function now that the sailors are alive n the vonglola set destroyed.
3/5 c51 James Birdsong
Good fanfic
2/5 c51 Suzululu4moe
Nice povs. Other than the illusion fight this is probably the most magical fight hotaru has seen her friends do.
2/5 c51 Gold1992
This was a great chapter, the fight was interesting and Kyokos inner thoughts were a treat to read. Same for Chrome and Basiles thoughts.

So future Arc after an interlude?
Will the interlude include a reason why Xanxus seems to be on better terms in the Future? (In my eyes the manga never really gave a good reason)

How will the Sailor Scouts be involved with the Future Arc? Only Hotarur, more of them? Or none of them at all?

See you next chapter.
12/20/2020 c50 James Birdsong
Nice three chapters. Yay
12/8/2020 c50 Suzululu4moe
Hmm I wonder how the sailor soldiers got a gender change in history .
12/8/2020 c49 2V01dSw0rd
I wonder how Birds would react to the song ‘Surfin BirdBird is the word.” And all that...

For a moment, i read “Fujiwara Nagi” as “Fujimaruand was thinking of ‘Taiga’...
10/21/2020 c24 MissNoir11
RebornAh, yes, a new source of entertainment."
10/8/2020 c49 Suzululu4moe
Nice game analysis by Kawahira.

Irony is those babies are older than them.
9/6/2020 c44 Irish.lee
Holy shi- i was busy b4 and re-reading some
Parts tht i just paced through b4 and...

... holy guacomole you just put ‘Reborn is Aria Dad’ huh? Finally, my ship, at least sail in one of this fanfictions trope XD
8/18/2020 c48 Suzululu4moe
Lol the True twist of the chapter. Hahi!
7/10/2020 c47 James Birdsong
Cool chapter of course
7/9/2020 c47 Irish.lee
Now i want to know who silvia reincarnation now...

... and im should be continuing my animation for my thesis and final project but...

...i think i need log out fromm ff for now, thx for an update to, it kinda cheer me up a bit
7/9/2020 c47 4sylversylvan
Good luck with applications! Especially now. Also, great chapter
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