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12/4/2019 c14 Night-Stryder
Ok first I like the story kinda basic but not bad tbh tho the protagonist is kinda an idiot fair enough with telling Hermione but by this point if this weren’t fic he would’ve been doped up on veritaserum or had his mind destroyed by legilimency I mean sending letters to Alastor moody anonymously BS and quite frankly why would you tell anyone about the RoR especially just for a prank I mean god not gonna carry on cause this seems like I’m going on a bit just gotta say it is good rough but entertaining tho do try to avoid Americanisation of certain concepts and words it comes through on a few moments
12/4/2019 c7 LesbianScientits
Three words.

Partial. Animagus. Transformations.

Now hold your horses and hear me out.

Octopuses can hold their breath for half an hour anyway. They survive on land quite well really.

But hybrid human-octopus? They might even be able to just live on land.

And... it's human sized. Small octopus are crazy fast on land anyway, when they're not conserving oxygen. But a human sized octopus? Probably fast as a horse! That's an amazing animagus transformation!

Plus Eight Wands.



One wand, that's inside of the user. Because where does the wand go when they absorb the wand? Inside of them.

So they can send out eight magical blasts being focused by a single wand and then channeled along eight tentacles.

And... tentacle porn when they get to 18 O_o... just saying.

I mean Hermione is already going to be 18 in seventh year because she's a year behind due to her birthday and he's already years ahead mentally.


So seventh year is totally fine.

And then there's the fact that canon Harry seems to be a metamorphmagus. He can regrow his hair, remember? So... if he practices with that for years... now hear me out... lesbian sex, plus he can later turn back into a guy if he feels like it. Four boobs for the price of two. The only thing better is eight boobs for the price of two, but a foursome with another lesbian couple could solve that.
12/4/2019 c14 Bob
That guy that went around stuffing bits of magical creatures, say wizards or dragons for example, into magical plants, say wood or vines for example, was a real weirdo and lunatic and deserves to be locked up and given a medal.

I mean... what kind of psychopath just chops living things up and sticks them in wood?

Was it a cooking recipe? Cut up this piece of meat and stick it in the wooden shell and then put it in the fire until the meat is cooked? But then the person waved the stick around while shouting at someone and accidentally blew something up? I mean... that sounds plausible... but.. still.

Psychopath. But give them a medal.
12/3/2019 c14 sandmanwake
Wandless is mostly a party trick? Wand or wandless are just styles of magic. There is at least one canon school of magic where they prefer wandless casting over wanded-over in Uganda if I recall correctly.
12/3/2019 c14 Guest
Is there any chance you can make your OC a bit more likable? I understand that he’s basically an adult and that dealing with simpler children all day has to get draining, but he comes off as a pretentious prick and it’s getting hard to root for him because he’s supremely unlikable.
12/3/2019 c14 Fast Frank
Good choice of inspiration.
12/3/2019 c13 Fast Frank
What an interesting turn of events!
12/3/2019 c14 Mimeomia
Shit, I already forgot everything about this story, back to the beggining I guess -_-
11/21/2019 c2 Guest
SO a freaking screaming made the light explode, but somehowm miracleusly the fkng overweight pig that beat the mc is fine and with no missing extremites, like head, arms, legs and so on. I SIMPLY call this plothole BS.
11/21/2019 c2 Guest
What a stupid idea.
11/19/2019 c12 NonSolus
... I seriously loved your Authors Note...
If youre gonna have them in the middle of the text; thats how you do it!
Also love the comment "Neville getting hurt by being Neville", I snickered for a while after reading it. )
11/19/2019 c11 NonSolus
hehe... hehehehe... HAhahahah AHAHAHAHAAHA!
11/18/2019 c11 Alucard1992
More ! I love it ! 3
11/18/2019 c11 MadnessInTheHeart16
So good, i love it, can't wait for more. Keep up the good work.
11/18/2019 c11 2acetwolf94
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