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11/18/2019 c11 Bellastalker
11/17/2019 c10 NonSolus
Nice chappie.
11/14/2019 c1 JerHat
There is no way he'd make that connection like that. If waking up in a closet with a strange feeling in your head makes you Harry Potter then I'm Harry Potter every Sunday morning. Sometimes Saturday and/or Monday, too.
11/10/2019 c9 Fast Frank
Having conducted classes myself, I have never liked the canon phrasing of the Bezoar question.
11/10/2019 c10 7Mischief Managed-Up To No Good
This fan fiction is a little odd, however I don't care and love it anyways. Thanks for another chapter.
11/8/2019 c9 4Padfoot'smyMan
I thought the hiatus was over. Please come back. I originally came into this fix sceptical about it being anything but hokey, but you have done a good job so and I would like to see it continue.
6/30/2019 c2 obscurereader
Meh, hits too many tropes way too early in the story. Self-inserts don't really work when they're written as fix-fics.
6/16/2019 c8 firewhiskeyP
most interesting twist to the traditional plot. good luck for your exams!
4/26/2019 c7 sandmanwake
If his animagus form isn't really an octopus but rather a tentacle monster, that'd be useful once he hits puberty at least, and moves to Japan.
4/19/2019 c8 NonSolus
Intro chappies almost over. Good ones too. Then.. let the Chaos... commence!
Damn glad to see more HP self insert. Not many out there. And this one is haping up to be good.
Good job, keep 'em coming!
Favved and followed.
3/6/2019 c8 Cassandra30
Good story.
3/6/2019 c7 Cassandra30
Excellent idea for Lycanthropy!
3/6/2019 c6 Cassandra30
Good for Harry!
3/6/2019 c5 Cassandra30
Good chapter.
3/6/2019 c4 Cassandra30
This Harry will be in Slytherin if he's not careful.
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