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9/29/2021 c14 yochan123
Hahaha he flattered Snape and got some good brownie points XD
It’s so fun to see Hermione reenact that scene but playfully XD
9/29/2021 c13 yochan123
Lol yes let’s go murder uncle algie
9/29/2021 c12 yochan123
Hahaha yes Harry helping the school and get one over malfoy
9/29/2021 c11 yochan123
Omg I LOVE THIS. Yes stick it to dumbledore right there and all of the flaws in this abysmal education pointed out

You can't understand anything in Defence class because Professor Quirrel stutters so much, and from what I heard the previous Defense professors were even worse. The caretaker makes it no secret that he doesn't like being around children. From what I hear from the upper year students, it's not much better there. The Divination professor has a track record of just one true prophecy, thank you very much for that. Muggle studies is at least four decades out of date, there is no equivalent to teach students who grew up muggle about the magical world. Let's face it, the teachers are completely overworked with only one teacher per subject teaching the entire school, student complaints are completely ignored, there's rarely anyone in the common rooms to supervise and the brooms used for flying lessons are in such a bad condition it's a small miracle there hasn't been a serious accident yet. Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, the corridor of very painful death. Very appropriate for a school to have something like that.

BEAUTIFUL! Yeah and dumbledore never placed any wards on the corridor either. He should have just taken off quirrel’s turban right there too lol
9/29/2021 c10 yochan123
Omg I love this hahah
Act normal - don’t think about voldy!

Honestly idk why so many SI are so fine with plot playing out like the first book cuz I would not be knowing quirrelmort is right there
9/29/2021 c9 yochan123
Oooh love this paragraph
he did leave me with the Dursleys and never checked on me. Either way he's far from the perfect person the wizarding public believes him to be, if a group of schoolkids have to save the day not just once, but seven years in a row, the adults in charge aren't as responsible as they should be.

Dude I think the exact same! Though I would believe him to be a manipulative evil mastermind too

Lmaooo Snape: where would I find a bezoar
Harry: *takes out bezoar*

Definitely the best I’ve ever seen
9/29/2021 c8 yochan123
Hahaha yes the stupid gryffindor slytherin rivalry that was always promoted and never lessened is stupid. Now they also don’t have to deal with stupid Ron

Pureblood traditionally Slytherin families like yours that supported Voldemort and bribed their way out?"

"What? My father was under the Imperius! He will hear about this!"

"I'm sure he will. Tell him that if he ever needs his master vanquished again, he can just send me an owl."
9/29/2021 c7 yochan123
Awww yay Hermione good friend established and helping him

Man he should start trying to get the others to invest some money into muggle companies…tho the best ones aren’t here yet like Google haha

Well, looks like Sirius will have to sue the Ministry for reparations or get a job so that we can continue with employing Remus.
yes sirius definitely should sue eince he never got a trial!

Honestly dumbledore should have given his vault money to Harry since his parents died for their cause. The plastic surgeon and the time zones parts were BRILLIANT

LMAO that his form is an octopus omg hahaha…yeah a bird would be so helpful but lol a large octopus would definitely not be helpful unless he’s thrown into the ocean
9/29/2021 c6 yochan123
the Ministry of Magic is full of idiots who think it's best to leave children like you clueless until right before sending them to magical school."

THANK YOU! Man I so tired of time travel or SI fics never recognizing this

Lmao the joke about Harry walking out of gringotts with 37.35% ownership of hogwarts haha.

Man moody is probably making a toast to mr X hahaha
9/29/2021 c5 yochan123
Yay befriending Hermione! Definitely applaud learning occlumency cuz it’s the most important magic for him

Honestly getting Harry adopted was the best thing ever. Gotta somehow expose or just outright murder dumbeldore “accidentally” later too
9/28/2021 c3 yochan123
Oh this is beautiful! Honestly I’ve always hated the stories where someone knows the fucking plot, is Harry, or just doesn’t tell Harry cuz honestly I would have reported pettigrew immediately like this Harry did

Brilliant! Fuck dumbledore. Pretty sure the Dursleys could have killed Harry way before voldy ever did and he wouldn’t even care
9/28/2021 c2 yochan123
Honestly I would go set fire on the Dursleys ASAP in a fit of accidental magic

Yeah, my mother's protection and everything. Not that it protects me from Vernon trying to beat the magic out of me.

"Can you teach me magic? If the evil wizard comes after me when I'm at school I will need magic to defend myself!"
Seriously dumbledore fucking sucks
9/28/2021 c1 yochan123
Hahaha XD love it
Canon Harry nearly dies a ton of times and I don't think I can rely on plot armor.

Yes time to wreck havoc!
9/26/2021 c20 2JManM
Voldemort better be Forrest Gumpy after that attack.
9/26/2021 c6 JManM
That bit about the Gringotts trip was an excellent lampooning of a lame fannon trope. You had my interest, but now you have my attention.
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