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2/27/2021 c23 rarrarshark
Thank you for the chapter!
2/27/2021 c11 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee2
As a side note you probably know, it was made in 1993, 2 years in the future form this chapter.
2/27/2021 c23 scyfly
heh i've always thought it rather useless to know specific names and dates of history, especially considering the moral of the story eludes most ppl.

ask them why hitler did what he did and most 'll tell you because he was evil. yes satan fucked his mother and thus he was born evil and was then stopped by the holy expedition known as the allied forces.

but hey at least you know the date when it happened and surely it wont happen again :
2/27/2021 c23 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
yay for steampunk rocket nothing can go wrong there
2/15/2021 c22 pipib
Great story although I do miss Ron a bit.
2/12/2021 c22 chuyswife
Thoroughly enjoyed this. First couple chapters were a bit rough, but you definitely got into the swing of things and you pulled me right along. I ended up readng it in one sitting and regretting there wasn't more. The humor is quite enjoyable and there's fun original stuff. I hope life is treating you well and you can continue to entertain us with your writing. Thanks for publishing.
1/7/2021 c22 Griezz
Took me a bit to remember which film the pen was from, then I remembered: Goldeneye. Now, I can picture Voldy crowing "I am invincible!" If the hero heard that, he'd probably feel obligated to douse Voldy in liquid nitrogen. Slughead!
I'm not sure... was the diadem removed from the Room of Requirement of not? If it was, then would the curse on the DADA position be gone, meaning that Gildy would be the first teacher to last more than a year? That means... New Book Time! "The Case of the Collegiate Curse", perhaps? All about how the brave Gilderoy Lockhart ended the curse due to the power of his licensed hair products. The good would flow...
12/12/2020 c1 1D3StRuCtO
umm... what's this HPMoR?
12/9/2020 c18 TheLostArchivist
I actually guessed radiation once you mentioned the "curse." As mentioned, not very difficult. The math behind it was a lot more interesting, though, and I'm laughing at the part about the famous alchemists in his basement.
12/9/2020 c17 TheLostArchivist
Okay, I really liked the report card on the security arrangements. I would be somewhat concerned over making sure the Flamels have access to the Elixir, though, which doesn't seem to be a thing here. Even if Dumbledore wasn't lying when he said they were fine getting their affairs in order, I assume they'd still rather stay alive by some small degree...

Plus they know a lot and maybe could help refine the stone further.
12/9/2020 c16 TheLostArchivist
Okay, that's devious...
12/9/2020 c13 TheLostArchivist
That's a darker and more interesting interpretation. Believable, though. Nasty relatives are fairly common, and the Dark families aren't going to have a monopoly.
12/9/2020 c7 TheLostArchivist
It falls a bit flat if no one knows the meme...
Still, that was hilarious. I guess that works!
12/7/2020 c16 6ImUpToNoGood
Lovely chapter.

And Yay for the Acapella Science reference!

This is delightful, which I was not expecting with the self-insert tag. I love the SF and Fanfic savvy protagonist.
12/4/2020 c15 10Avalonemyst
Very much enjoyed your explanation about the troll.
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