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for You Might Call it War

10/1/2020 c9 ELinkA
Love this story
12/30/2019 c9 54DreamedSilverWings
Better than anything Kubo might even dream. Wonder what will happen now with Masaki. And, with that slowburn IchiRuki!
10/14/2019 c9 Anna
Nice! Interesting take on the winter war, with spot on characterization. Im very curious where it will lead and really hope you will continue this fic!
3/28/2019 c9 87Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet
Can we make this the new canon? These ideas are so much better than what happened imo. ; Well, now in any case. I mean, the end of the Arrancar arc was... well, weak, plot-wise. I think the Fullbringer arc would have been better had he waited a little while before going into it, because going back, it's fine as a 'rebuilding' arc. I won't touch the Quincy arc...

But the idea that Aizen would bring back Masaki somehow to use against Ichigo and Isshin, or to manipulate her powers somehow... That's terrifying... I love it.
3/12/2019 c8 Same Guest
Alright if you would reread my first comment again you will notice that I never talked about whether or not hollows needed to eat to survive. I only said they don't need to consume souls to survive. I am perfectly aware that souls with spiritual power need to consume nourishment to survive. And yes obviously consuming a strong soul can count towards that much needed nourishment. It is not a requirement though, if souls were the only valid food source than Shinigami would have to eat souls too. Obviously they do not, they eat spiritual food, and so do Arrancars.
3/11/2019 c8 JKArcanus
This was a great chapter filled with lots of enjoyable nuance. Even ignoring that, I think that the on the surface narrative is great, and deals with realistic events that fit the context of the scenario that most stories would ignore, even if some would say there is not a lot that actually happens here. I would disagree with those someones and would further say that keeping it at what it was lent it added gravity.
3/11/2019 c8 Guest
'Guest' is definitely a wrong on the hollows. They definitely still need spirit energy to live. It's established in the first or second story arc that having spirit energy/reiatsu means you'll get hungry, while souls that are powerless don't need food (perhaps able to draw enough from the rich air of soul society). At the beginning of the hueco mundo one of the characters (Ishida?) remarks how there are small hollows that are able to live on the spirit energy in the air of Hueco Mundo alone - pretty obviously suggested a need to eat.. and given the lack of plants and animals there...

The arrancars still need food (like any being with power) - they just don't need to keep eating constantly to avoid regressing back to a simpler form of menos, this is mentioned by Grimmjow/his underlings as the reason they wanted to become vasto lordes.
3/11/2019 c8 Guest
Hey so listen I really hate to say this, but don't take it too bad cause you're definitely not the first person to make this mistake, but Arrancar don't need to eat souls, technically no Hollow needs to eat souls. Hollows don't consume souls for sustenance but to ease the pain of their existence. Eating souls doesn't keep them alive, it is like a drug that temporarily erases their pain.

When Hollows become Arrancar they no longer have the compulsion to consume souls, as they regain their rationality. Although some do continue to eat souls, like Yammy, they do it purely for sadistic pleasure, not because they have to.

Also before you ask yes I am including Adjucus Hollows. While it true they must cannibalize each other to stop themselves from regressing. The thing they consume is the other Adjucus's power not its soul. As I am sure you will recall Grimmjow fed on all of his faction while they were still Adjuchas. Since they survived to become Arrancar, he couldn't have eaten their souls.
3/11/2019 c8 the.narr.master
Wow. This, THIS, made it all feel real. What aizen was, and what the fallout of the war would have been like.
I really liked that you didn;t shy away from implying the hollows' nature. Even , or perhaps especially the espada. Even Nell, as nice as she is, even if she is a genuinelly goood person, needs to be killed, just for existing.
Every hollow is a human soul that consumed even more human souls that are inside of it. And even the weakest espada was made out of tens of thousands of hollows. Just nell alone by merely existing is trapping and damning hundreds of thousand souls, never mind stark, who is likely conntaining millions of them.
And wow, what a cliff to end it with.
Thank you very much for such a potent chapter, and wish you the best. Tah.
3/6/2019 c7 Racenrise
This story is incredibly good, I cant believe that you only have 25 reviews for this story.
2/27/2019 c7 Bleached Guest
Man, your author's note almost gives a whiplash as to how I feel like I'm supposed to interpret this chapter. Like things are only going so well because you decided to "throw us a bone", and if you really wanted to do things "realistically", this would be entirely bittersweet with many people not getting what they want because "the only thing that counts in the end is POWER! Naked merciless FORCE!" (to quote general Ursus from "Beneath the Planet of the Apes) and "Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance." (Though treachery didn't work out too well for Aizen.) Or in other words, if they really wanted to, Yamamoto and the Royal Guard could really screw our human protagonists over. That and Urahara seems like quite the bastard for manipulating them, but for reasons we can understand.

I feel like the truth is a combination of these factors and perspectives, but I'm not sure where to start.

I thing the biggest thing to state right out of the way is that many "fantasy" oriented stories or fanfics are inherently supposed to be "escapes from reality". People have many things that go wrong or are outside their control, so seeing stories where things go for the better and they get what they want satisfies that.

Much of internet meme culture anymore is filled with irony and dark black comedy jokes about depression and suicidal thoughts (like "list of jokes - my life" or "being upset when the school shooter gets shot before he can kill you"). On a worldwide scale we have issues like war, famine, disease, poverty, pollution, overpopulation, population displacement, migration, attacks on minorities (minorities within given countries whose majority could be a minority in other countries), rapes, drug epidemics, internet censorship, etc. Look up topics like the morally gray-versus-gray War in Yemen, child soldiers and rapes in South Sudan, Chinese internment and reeducation of Uighur Muslims, the Pacific Ocean Gyre Garbage Patch, etc. And these are just things that are currently going on without looking at the many atrocities and tragedies of history.

So yeah, given all the depressing things that real life has to offer already, is it any wonder that people prefer idealism over realism in many fictional works? Why read them again in fiction? To remind us that "things could be so much worse so we should be grateful for what we have and work to ensure that things never get so bad for us"?

This is not to say that fanfics, let alone Bleach ones, can't get "uber dark and deadly". I believe the 400,000 word 66-chapter Bleach and Naruto crossover fanfic "Amenaza" by "The God of Pikmin" stars an "evil" Naruto that basically ends up killing EVERYONE to the point that shinigami go extinct, never to return. Whether this is realistic is hard to say, but what WOULD happen if folks like Yamamoto, Ichigo, Ichibe, etc. just decided to go all out and kill everyone?

I think this ties into why I like "time travel" so much, and why it is popular with others as well. One can get the "best of both worlds". A dark, gritty, and cynical future of deconstruction followed by comfort and reassurance of allies to avoid it in a process of "reconstruction" towards an ideal, and importantly "earned", "happy ending".

Well then, I suppose I should actually comment on the non-author's note part of this chapter itself. Aside from my earlier comments about your author's note implying that all the happiness seen here may be "forced as a token of good will to us readers", I am still nonetheless glad to be seeing endings like this as they are. While I get Urahara, Yoruichi, and Tessai preferring exile, is the Visored's distrust of the Gotei enough in this universe for them to refuse re-taking their old captain positions like they did in canon? Meanwhile if Mayuri gets to remain captain with all the shit he pulls off, why not retain Gin as captain? Poor Rukongai still remains, well, poor, but maybe they can at least get a better Central 46 or an alternative entirely this time around. Meanwhile (again) it is somewhat surprising that Rukia refused the "obvious" position, but you did say that you were going for "drama". Finally it's nice to see that there will be some measure of diplomacy with the surviving arrancar, even if again it's "we won't bother each other and will at least warn each other of attacks by parties other than us".

Regarding the Soul King and Royal Guard, I will agree that they and the Vandenreich were just simply poorly handled. I myself much prefer and highly recommend the fanfic interpretation of the Soul King and Royal Guard seen towards the climax of the "classic" Bleach fanfic "To Find the Heart" by "IIIIIIIIII" (the retired "barcode" author I mentioned). Keep in mind that this was written before we got what canon gave us, but considering just WHAT canon gave us, I actually rather prefer this author's interpretation. Their portrayals of Gin and Tousen (and I suppose Aizen) are also kind of nice and unique. Idk if you will check this story out but I believe it will be a good experience for you if you do.

There are other things I could go on about, but I think I will stop it here. I'm sure you'll have another story chapter out quite soon anyhow. Good luck with said writing and publishing and anything else you do, and see you later!
2/27/2019 c7 Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet
Well, that was actually an entertaining after effect chapter. And I did appreciate it. I especially appreciated Ichigo questioning as to whether it was rights to kill people like that or not. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of this aftermath and how it affects everyone. I love the idea they Ichigo is joining… or is being pressured to join one of the 13 squads. I did find it interesting that Rukia decided not to join that organization. I love how the captain commander just thought that she would automatically accept and she didn't. I'd really like to see what his internal thoughts were at that point. Lol

Can't wait for more! Thank you for writing this.
2/26/2019 c6 Bleached Guest
Huh, well it just goes to show that "seinin" heroes trump Hougyoku illusion hax deus ex machina Aizen. It rather makes sense that you would want to defeat a powerful trapped enemy sooner rather than later.

It does make me wonder about Gin though, in whether his betraying of Aizen "allowed" him to "channel the heroic seinin-ness" and cast off the "shonen villain bad luck". It seems to have at least allowed him to survive the contained rocked blast in a relatively unscathed manner more like pre-overwhelmed Aizen than surprisingly-still-alive Tousen (eh, maybe him or his friends will get some kind of closure and that noble he mentioned might get punished, but none of that will stop him receiving justice for his own traitorous actions).

(As an aside, I'll admit that I never really read the manga and watched the anime up to the early portion of Invading Soul Society before I lost track and did not resume until the Hueco Mundo arc - so I had no idea who Aizen, Tousen, and Gin were! XD But years of fanfic and Bleach Wiki have filled me in on the canon goings of things, at least to an extent that I am satisifed with. As for Wonderweiss, I guess I completely forgot that bit about Ukitake and Kensei and only recall Yamamoto kicking his ass. But I guess that's what years of time passing and fanfic authors barely covering such scenes will do!)

Regarding the surviving arrancar, good for them to "get going while the going was good", and once it became apparent that both they and their former "Lord" were in way over their heads in being outclassed. I do think it will be interesting how this Aizen did not betray them by cutting them down before he died, so they might still feel some measure of pity for him and extra vindictiveness toward the Gotei 13 (though this will be counter-balanced by a healthy dose of fear). The only thing I can hope for them is that Nel will be able to heal them and provide them a new sense of purpose/direction in Hueco Mundo. Might even make for a good side-plot in the next arc or sequel.

I feel like both sides will want to prevent a "winter war espada" situation from arising again. The question is, will the Gotei 13 channel their "genocide just in case to be sure better safe than sorry" mode and "kick the arrancar while they are down" in order to "finish them off", or with Central 46 dead and Nel having helped Ichigo, might they at least venture to forge some form of formal ceasefire neutrality "We won't attack you if you won't attack us" pack combined with "If any other arrancar want to attack you we won't stop them but may give you a heads-up". Seems like a fair initial diplomatic compromise for now.

As for whether you continue this story or do a sequel, I'm open for either one. To be honest, given the fast pace and fighting focus of this story, and the presumed drawn out slice of life slowness of another arc, it feels like you should do a sequel instead of attaching it to this one. If you do attach it to this one, then perhaps you could rename your chapters from "Chapter 6" to "War Arc, Chapter 6" or something as to give an indication to future readers unless this is too much effort for your liking.

All I can say for future arcs is aside from dealing with the arrancar, there of course will be matters like trying Gin and Tousen, disposing of the hougyoku, rebuilding the Gotei-13, formally exonerating the living world shinigami/visored exiles, dealing with Ichigo and his powered friends, Ichigo dealing with his powers and relationships (both with the shinigami, his friends whom he kept in the dark like Tatsuki, and his own father regarding the truth of his lineages including the Shibas with Kukaku and Ganju and Kaien), etc. Oh and the stuff I mentioned with the Royal Guard and the shitty conditions of Rukongai - after all, would they now view Ichigo as a threat too? All I can say is that while there will no doubt be "drama", I do hope that it can be counterbalanced by recovery and a more peaceful future across multiple spiritual races. At least until another threat shows up. :P

But all in due time. Good luck with what you do next and see you later!
2/25/2019 c6 Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet
Not gonna lie, I don't like the idea of reading a purely drama fic, but from a writing standpoint, it would make sense to make everything else into a sequel. If you do decide to go that way, I'll give it a shot, so make sure you update this and let us know. :)
2/25/2019 c6 the.narr.master
Holyeeeeee! This was awesome! It was beautiful how they utterly destroyed aizen.
And while I'd normally be down to separate this into a sequrl, I feel this needs more recognition on its own, and to get more reviews and such.
As for the pairing, will you follow your ichi/ruki trend or deviate? Because they got pretty shippy in this fic and I'm loving their interactions. And I loved your rukia, especially her keeping an eye on aizen. Hadn't been for her, they'd be screwed.
And if not ichiruki, then nell? One can hardly find one with just her as a pairing and not in a harem. I'd be down for some nellichiruki as well. And I'm just glad orihime just wasn't an option in this fic. She always felt like the Ginny of bleach to me.
Thanks for the chapter. tah.
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