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for Fate Made You Ours & Us Yours

6/7/2020 c20 Rei Pota
Oh I wish you a healthy recovery. Take your care and get well soon. Now this wonderfull story is finish and I love it so much. Waiting for your another fantastic new piece. Please stay safe .
5/16/2020 c19 Rei Pota
I hope more , however you do amazing job! Thank you for share your stories with us. You let me know that there is not thing wrong with mei don't know how to explain it in english, hmm). I am waiting for epilogue and your next story >
4/25/2020 c18 Rei Pota
you return! thank you
10/5/2019 c15 Rei Pota
It is amazing! Logic enough! I'm glad that you didn't change anything about Erik. Yep always waiting for you==.
9/7/2019 c13 Rei Pota
i love this chap and also your stories.
8/10/2019 c11 BatmanToast64
._. Is it really that right for Erik to be Asexual? I mean after all in the original Loyd Webber version he had written a whole song about 'the Joy's of the flesh'
8/9/2019 c11 Rei Pota
Oh how i love you. Coming soon. always wait.
8/9/2019 c1 Rei Pota
I love this story. And Erik is blind OMG! I know my taste is weird but i usually find some stories that Erik has lack of sight. If you know can you give me some. Please keep going! The way you lead your story is amazing. Can't wait for the next chapter. Forgive my poor English.
8/9/2019 c10 Rei Pota
i love this story very much. Please keep going! The way you lead the story is so soft and lovely. Forgive my poor English.
4/28/2019 c7 power214063
Do Christine and Raoul move to a different building?
3/2/2019 c3 1Lalaithion Haldirion
Nice chapter! I really enjoyed reading it! So, Erik isn’t a vampire, but he’s blind and potentially Raoul and Christine’s other... third? *shrug* Keep writing!
2/18/2019 c2 Lalaithion Haldirion
Ooohh... I thought he was a vampire too... Anyway, awesome chapter! I’m loving these! Keep writing!

Lalaithion Haldirion
2/3/2019 c1 power214063
Is Erik blind and if he is when will they find out?
2/3/2019 c1 Lalaithion Haldirion
Oooo intense! I haven’t read your stories in a while, so I’m excited. Hope tos ee the update soon!

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