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6/6 c5 clockworkbox
I just really love how natural this story feels.
3/20 c4 Crystalena
Well, that felt gpod!
3/20 c3 Crystalena
That was so cool! Poor Jasper lol
3/1 c4 YankeeGirlNJ
Wow! Just Wow!
2/14 c17 Sprig
awwww~ that was so sweet and adorable! and Bella was freakin awesome!
1/13 c12 clockworkbox
They are so cute!
1/13 c10 clockworkbox
I love Jasper’s grandparents; both sets. Having Charlie & Billy as actual family is fantastic.
1/13 c6 clockworkbox
I love the way you write Jasper & Bella. They’re fun.
1/13 c2 clockworkbox
I love Jasper’s grandpa. He’s a hoot!
1/12 c17 VryUnique
Thanks for the story. I did really enjoy it even if alice didn’t get what she deserved.
I’m glad jasper took some karate.
1/12 c16 VryUnique
Pretty good chapter except I didn’t really care for the fight scene, it didn’t make sense to me. I would think it would be at least minimum social suicide for a grown man to slap a young girl across the face in the middle of a party, no matter who she was. Especially when she never did anything to deserve it, she side stepped Alice in plain view. Than jasper isn’t even able to throw a half decent punch? I’m a little disappointed in how wimpy he is. To top it off Bella gives a kick to the face and breaks Mr. Brandon’s arm. A front kick or a roundhouse kick? Either one seemed a little ridiculous in a long gown. She broke his arm? That was definitely going too far. He was already down so he wasn’t a threat at that point, that is assault.
1/12 c14 VryUnique
I don’t know why Bella has aversion to heels in so many stories even if it was in the books. At least get a chunky heel.
1/12 c8 VryUnique
Jasper didn’t tell The Whole story. If I was bella I would have asked him why he’s working on a oil rig.
1/11 c6 VryUnique
24 is too young to date? That statement sounded absolutely ridiculous.
1/7 c10 2simmerk
This story is so light and happy! It's exactly what I needed after a stressful day! Great writing. Thank you.
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